Pandya Store 21st March 2023 Written Episode Update: The kids rebel against their parents

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Pandya Store 21st March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Suman asking what is Shesh saying. Dev and Rishita say Shweta has confused the kids. Suman sees Shweta and scolds her. Shiva asks Dev who is this little girl. Dev asks who. Shiva sees Rishita. She says he forgot me. The kids come downstairs. Shiva asks Suman what are the kids doing here, whose kids are they. Dev says he forgot the kids also. Dhara asks what are you saying, they are our kids. Mittu says my dad didn’t know me and now he doesn’t know anyone. Shiva asks who did you call your dad. He asks Dhara not to joke. He says you got four kids and I didn’t even know. Suman signs Dhara.

Shweta laughs. Krish says he went to get fine or lose his mind. She says I m loving it. She asks Dhara how will she handle this mess. Shiva says another girl. He asks Dhara about Shweta. He asks Krish who is she, is she his college friend. He asks Shweta to come downstairs. Shweta says its latest fashion. Dhara asks him to go and rest. She says I will tell you everything later. Shiva asks why are you tense, I m asking about the kids. Suman says he got more ill, he doesn’t remember the marriage also. Gautam says go to your room, Raavi will feed you the medicine.

Raavi asks will Shiva get fine. Doctor says his mental condition isn’t fine, you all have to take care of him, his mind can’t take mental stress. She says yes. He gives the medicines. Shiva asks did Gautam go mad, why will I have medicines by Raavi’s hands, its better I eat poison. Krish jokes. Shiva says we three sleep here on the cots, right, what room are you talking about. Gautam says it means you don’t remember. Dhara says Raavi won’t give any medicine, go and take rest. He says its storeroom. She says I have made it a room, take rest. Shiva says I don’t understand anything. He goes. Rishita says problems are coming. Dev says Shiva’s problem got high. Dhara and everyone try to get the kids. Shiva likes the room. He looks for his clothes. He sees the ladies dresses. He asks what are these clothes doing here, maybe its Rishita’s clothes. He removes the clothes from the cupboard. He sees Raavi and his pic. He says maybe its Raavi’s plan to trouble me. He throws the pic. The kids stay upset. Dhara and Rishita worry. Shesh says my parents are someone else. Rishita scolds him. Dhara stops her. She says they left the house, they can take a wrong move. The kids protest. Shesh packs his bag and says I will sleep outside, this room is of Mittu. Rishita asks him to stop. The kids go to sleep in Shweta’s room. Natasha comes. They ask her to lie down. Shesh says you have to be with us, else we will get upset.

She lies down beside them. Shweta smiles seeing the kids. She sings a lullaby for them. Dhara and Rishita ask where are the kids. They hear the lullaby. They go and see Shweta with the kids. Dhara says you can’t succeed, the kids are ours and will be ours, Chutki also knows that you aren’t her mum. Shweta says Natasha doesn’t know Rishita is her mum. Shweta and Rishita argue. Shweta takes Rishita and Dhara out of the room. She says you people have no standard. Dhara taunts Shweta on her standard. She says you had no money to pay hospital bill. Rishita says let us take our kids. Shweta says no, you heard what they told you, they want to stay with me, I have four kids now, this holi was fun, I have secured my coming 20 years. Dhara stops her. Raavi asks Shiva to take medicines. Shiva wakes up and sees her. She asks what happened, have medicines. He calls out Dhara and Gautam. He asks how did you come inside. He throws the glass. She is shocked. Dhara says kids know the truth now, you will lose, I will not leave you by morning. Shweta says we both are here, we will see. She goes. Rishita says do anything to keep the kids, don’t do anything that we lose the kids. She cries. She says I don’t want to lose my kids, Chiku isn’t your son, don’t forget that I have given birth to Shesh and Natasha.

Everyone looks for Shesh. Rishita is shocked. Everyone looks for Shesh. They read Shesh’s message and get shocked. Rishita cries. Dhara says we will go to police station. A man comes and tells about Shesh’s accident. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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