Pandya Store 21st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns the threat

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Pandya Store 21st July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Deven praising the Pandya family. He presents an emotional act for them. Pandyas all get surprised seeing the actors playing Pandya family. They all recall their moments. They get emotional and see each other. Shivank and Arushi look on. He says I will show them how to keep enmity. Arushi says we will show. The drama company men come. Shivank says you have come in good getup, you have to go on stage and play fake Pandya brothers. He says I will just show and check these arrows, you have to go on the stage. The Pandya brothers recall their moments while seeing the play. Everyone claps. Shivank adds the poison in the arrows and says I will see who saves you now. The boys see the guns. The Pandya kids take the guns kept there. She says these guns are useless without the darts. The boys see Shivank with the darts and go to steal it. Shivank says we have limited arrows, every arrow should be shot at them. The boy takes the arrows from him. Shivank asks the men to catch the kids. They Pandyas sing Yaadon ki baraat….and hug.

The lady sees them and smiles. Suman gets happy. The kids stop the boys. Natasha asks for the darts. She gets one and asks Mittu and Shesh to run. The men take the guns and asks them to run away. They go on stage and say we are Pandya family. They introduce themselves and point the guns at the actors, instead Pandya brothers. Arushi says they are pointing arrow at a wrong place, do something. Shivank wears a mask and goes. She asks him to hurry. Dhara asks what’s this joke, how did the guns come. Deven says this wasn’t in the act, there is some blunder. Shivank comes on stage and laughs. He tells the men to shoot the Pandyas standing with the family. The man shoots the sorrow at Shiva. Dhara moves him away. The men and actors start fighting.

Shivank runs. Dhara gets Shweta’s call. Shweta says we got late in coming, we are staying at a hotel, we will come in morning. Dhara says right, situation is different, stay there with Chiku. Shweta asks what’s the matter, why are you tense, tell me. Dhara says just take care of Chiku, I will call tomorrow. Shweta says fine, I will meet you tomorrow. Chiku hears this. Dhara says they are trying to do something. Arushi says no one is shooting the arrow. Shivank says I will ask them to shoot arrow first. Dhara turns to see. Shivank and Arushi run. Dhara says Arushi. She sees the arrow stuck on the chair. She sees its filled with poison. She says something is wrong, Arushi and Shivank are doing this.

Grown up Natasha handles the Pandya store. Suman sees her grandsons playing mobile game. She smiles seeing Natasha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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