Pandya Store 20th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara rescues the kids

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Pandya Store 20th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita telling about the kids. Raavi asks how did the kids go. Rishita says Dhara didn’t want to take the kids with us. Shesh asks Chiku to enjoy. Chiku says we won’t know where the truck is going. They shout for help. Galti se mistake…plays… Gautam and Dhara are on the way. Raavi says Mittu might be scared. Suman says don’t worry, Dhara is there. Raavi says I won’t lose Mittu. Rishita says my Shesh. Suman asks them to call Gautam and Dhara. She prays. They say Gautam and Dhara aren’t answering. The truck driver is listening to music. He doesn’t hear the kids shouting. Gautam sees the tempo. He asks the auto driver to just follow that tempo. The auto rickshaw breaks down. Gautam asks what happened. Driver says something is wrong, you can get down. Raavi asks why did you leave the kids alone, how can you listen to Dhara. She says you have lost Chutki because of Dhara’s carelessness and now I will lose Mittu. She cries.

Bhagam bhag….plays… Chiku gets an idea. He says mum has seen us, she will follow us, we will throw this wheat husk down to leave clue for her. They open the sack and throw the husk. Suman asks Raavi to stop it. She says don’t blame Dhara for everything, she isn’t careless, she has a mother’s heart, don’t increase hatred so much that relations lose humanity. She asks why didn’t Rishita take Shesh and Mittu with her. Dhara sees the husk on the road. She follows the traces. Chiku sees her and asks her to save them. Dhara asks them to hold the tempo tight, she is coming. She takes the auto rickshaw ahead and stops the truck. Gautam also reaches there. Kids get happy. Gautam gets them out of the tempo. Dhara slaps the driver and scolds him.

Driver asks how did kids come in my tempo. She says you were playing music on high volume, my kids are there. He sees the kids and says sorry. She goes and hugs the kids. Chiku says sorry. She says sorry all the time, come home.

Shweta sees Natasha hiding and catch her. Natasha says the boys went in tempo, I didn’t do anything, you will scold me. Shweta says I won’t scold you, come with me, I missed you a lot. She hugs her. Dhara and everyone come home. The kids get itching. Dhara asks who asked you to get into the tempo. Chiku says Natasha had thrown the marbles in the tempo. Suman asks how does Natasha appear everywhere. She asks them to come to her. Shweta shops a lot of things. Natasha asks is it Diwali. Shweta says no, it’s a big celebration, come. Shesh says sorry Dadi, don’t become a ghost. Suman scares them and says you will get punished, go out and run. Mittu says punish us later, we are having itching. Suman asks them run while itching each other. They run outside. Shweta gets Natasha there. Suman says we can’t spoil the kids, its imp to keep discipline. Dhara asks Rishita to call Shweta. Rishita calls Shweta. She says she isn’t answering. The kids have a talk. Shweta and Natasha come there. Shweta asks Natasha to come with her. She gets Rishita’s call. Natasha runs after the kids. Shweta says we have come. Rishita runs and looks for Chutki. She asks where is Chutki. Shweta turns to see. She asks where did she go, she was with me. Dhara says just tell us where is Chutki, stop this drama. Shweta thinks did she run away again. Rishita scolds her. Suman and Gautam ask Shweta to tell them where is Chutki. Shweta says she came with me, maybe she is outside, I will get her. She stops Rishita and says Chutki thinks I m her mom, let me go, once she comes to you, you explain her everything with love, okay, I will get her. She thinks to find Natasha.

Shweta shows the legal document. She says Krish and I didn’t get divorced till now. Rishita says just get out, else we will call the police. Shweta says call the police, I will tell the entire truth to Natasha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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