Pandya Store 1st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara in trouble

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Pandya Store 1st May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Suman not to make the groom remove the sehra. Suman asks her to come soon. Dhara runs to stop Suman. Suman says we will have our Gujarati tadka in the marriage, Falguni Pathak is coming. Everyone smiles. Mahesh thanks Suman for giving him a beautiful surprise. Suman says Falguni is Gautam’s college mate. She asks Krish to remove the sehra. Shivank says I will go and make Krish remove the sehra. The lady sees Dhara and follows her. Shivank comes to everyone. Suman asks Shivank to show his face. Shivank removes his sehra. Suman says Krish, you also remove the sehra. Dhara comes and stops them. She says flowers will get spoilt. Shivank says no, I have also removed it. Dhara asks him to mind his own business. She says Krish has stomach ache, I will give you medicine and make you ready, Falguni is coming. They leave. Shivank thinks Dhara has hidden Krish somewhere, I have to find him. Anurag sees his family coming. Suman says Krish keeps eating and got his stomach upset. Mahesh says we will wait here and welcome Falguni.

Anurag calls Kajal. Dhara says I request you, I m thinking of some idea. Shweta scolds Shivank. Shivank says Dhara came and saved that guy. She says it means our plan is safe. Anurag says let us go from here. Dhara scolds him. She says please give me some time to think. Suman and everyone come to get Krish. Dhara says he will get fine in some time. Suman and everyone rush to welcome Falguni. Dhara asks Anurag and Kajal to trust her, she will get them married. She calls pandit and says get them here and don’t tell them that I got them there. She says I will fix everything. Pandit sprinkles water and makes Krish and Prerna get conscious. He says you got kidnapped, just leave from here. They try to recall. Prerna says give me my purse, I have to check something. Pandit asks them to first leave. Everyone welcomes Falguni. Suman says we all are your fans.

They take pics and dance. Falguni says please forgive them and let them change the animal costumes. Suman agrees. They all get happy. Shivank looks for Dhara. Suman asks for Krish. Gautam says he will come. Falguni and everyone perform on her songs. Dev welcomes Anurag’s family in the function. The lady says we have to find Anurag. Dhara greets them. They scold her and ask about Anurag. Dhara says I will call the police and see you. She leaves from there. Shweta thinks Dhara has hidden Krish, its time for my plan execution.
Krish and Prerna get married. Shweta says I will see how Dhara stops me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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