Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara solves Raavi’s problem

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Pandya Store 1st March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara saying you all didn’t think of Suman once, she waited for her sons for seven years, did your heart ache that you made her children away from her. She says I know my deeds, what you sow is what you reap, tell me Raavi, if Mittu’s wife takes him away from you, like you took Shiva away from us, how would you feel. Raavi says enough, I didn’t take him with my happiness, would you blame me if he took me away, Dev and Krish went by their wish, right, why do you hug your sons and just blame your bahus.

She says you didn’t scold me and say that you weren’t here for 7 years, it was tough for you to stay without us, you didn’t accept us ever. Dhara cries. Shweta and Natasha dance in the room. London thumakda….plays… Raavi says I was going to take Shiva and leave, nobody cares for Shiva here. Dhara says you never regarded us family, you stayed with us since childhood, you never understood me, Gautam and Suman, no one, if you understand then you would have not told that we did partiality. Natasha gets tired and asks for food. Shweta says their drama isn’t ending. Natasha says I will wait, its fine. Shweta says come with me, we will see. Dhara says I don’t need to prove that I care for Shiva, he is my child, that’s why I have arranged….. Shweta and Natasha come. Natasha says I m hungry. Raavi asks what did you do, if you did anything, then you would have told me. She goes. Rishita sees Natasha.

Natasha says we will go, bad aunty will put water. Dev prays. Shweta says bad aunty won’t put water again, right Rishita. The man asks do we have to keep the luggage or take it back. Prerna is still inside the chest. Dhara says take it inside. The men lift the chest and find it heavy. Prerna thinks he is calling me heavy. Shweta asks what’s inside this, wait, I will keep it in my room. Prerna covers herself with the sheet. Suman asks Shweta to leave Raavi’s things. Shweta doesn’t see Prerna hiding. Natasha says I m hungry, we will go. Shweta takes her. Dhara thinks I left Prerna outside. Shweta asks shall I come and help, where are you going. Dhara asks her to mind her own business. She goes out and looks for Prerna. She calls Prerna. Everyone hears the ringtone. Prerna switches off her phone. Dhara calls again and gets number off. She sees the kids playing with marbles. She asks them about Prerna. Chiku says I had seen her behind this truck. Dhara checks the truck. Raavi cries in her room. Prerna comes out of the chest. Raavi sees her. Prerna says wait, 2 mins. She shuts the door.

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Raavi asks what were you doing in the chest. Prerna says you love Shiva, right, I love Krish, how can I leave Krish with Shweta, I know my rights, I can’t lose. Raavi says I know Dhara did this, I used to follow Dhara before, and now I got a mind. She leaves. Dhara looks for Prerna. Raavi asks Dhara to go and handle Prerna. Dhara gets happy and says I was worried for no reason, sorry Raavi, I scolded you in anger, but you know I love you like a sister. Raavi says yes, that’s why Shweta is staying here. Dhara says don’t worry, I have arranged Shiva and your stay in the house behind Pandya store, you have to think how to take Shiva there, be careful, Shiva shouldn’t go away from your sight, he shouldn’t come home, its your responsibility, Shweta shouldn’t know your house. Raavi goes.

Dhara gets Prerna’s bags. She sees Shweta and hides. Shweta says whose bag is this, maybe Raavi’s bag. She goes. Krish comes to Shweta. Shweta hears music. Krish throws a gift and asks her to wear the necklace. Shweta sees the necklace and says welcome, my husband, what’s this way to romance. Prerna looks on. Shweta says this necklace is beautiful, I m so proud of you, how do I look. Krish jokes. She asks him to fix the hook. Prerna says my hero can get hooked, no Krish, don’t fall for the trap. Krish asks Shweta to fix it herself. He goes. Shweta says I look so beautiful. He asks Prerna what are you doing here. Natasha sees them and greets. Shweta hears her.

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Dhara says I got Prerna home, how shall I save her from Shweta. Shweta says I have Natasha, the day I see Prerna here, I will break all the relations in this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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