Pandya Store 1st December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara is alive

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Pandya Store 1st December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta saying I feel you are also involved with them, you are also trying to frame me, right. Gautam acts and scares her. Shweta says sorry Sir, I didn’t mean that, think with a calm mind, I had the house keys, Krish gave me the keys, how did Dhara come. Rishita says you got Dhara here by some excuse. Dev says she killed Dhara. Gautam says she has to go to jail. He takes her name in anger. They all look at him.

Shweta asks how do you know my name, I didn’t tell my name, they also didn’t tell you. Gautam says I know everything, a murder happened here, you have to go to jail now. Jankana says I also feel there is some problem with Dhara, I won’t make her Chiku’s custodian. Hari says I was explaining you. She agrees to sign. Gautam gets itching his face. Dev stops Gautam from removing his beard. He acts. Gautam says we will get the postmortem done and then decide what to do. Krish says he is entering his character too much, how will we get the team for post mortem. Gautam calls the constable. Rishita asks will Raavi come as constable. Krish asks how will she come leaving Chutki and Chiku. A man comes as Constable. Shweta thinks this constable is real, it means the police is real. Constable scolds Shweta. Shweta says I didn’t murder her, they all are acting, I don’t understand, I will call mom. She calls Jankana. Gautam signs Dev. Jankana is about to sign. She gets Shweta’s call. Shweta says Dhara passed away. Jankana asks what, how did this happen. Shweta says when I came back, I saw Dhara murdered, they all are blaming me, please save me. Jankana tells this to Hari. Hari says before they frame Shweta, we have to save her, you have to support her. She says I will support Shweta, I know she won’t kill anyone. Rishita says we have to rush with the plan. Gautam says I told the truth to the constable, he is helping us for the sake of humanity.

Suman and Shiva are on the way. Suman says its good we didn’t board the train, it derailed, call Gautam, he will come and pick us. Shiva says I don’t want anyone’s help, we will go home till he gets the car. He takes Suman home. Shweta says come fast, they will get me arrested. Jankana says make me talk to the police. Rishita asks Inspector how can he let a murderer call on police. Gautam shouts on Shweta. Jankana says we have to go there fast. Constable asks Shweta to come. She runs and says I didn’t do anything. Gautam tries to stop her. Shweta falls into the well. They all get worried. Rishita says get her out, if her parents come, it will be a trouble. Shweta thinks I did a lot with them, even then they want to save me. Dev asks Krish to jump in the well. Krish jumps in the well and saves Shweta from drowning. They all pull Krish and Shweta upwards. Krish says thank God. Gautam says such a big thing happened, but Dhara isn’t leaving her acting. Rishita says she will take an Oscar today. Gautam asks Dhara to get up. She asks Krish to pump out water from Shweta’s body.

Krish says I can’t do this. Rishita helps Shweta. Krish asks did anything happen to her. Rishita checks Shweta. She says she won’t die easily. Shiva brings Suman home. Jankana and Hari come. Suman asks what happened. Jankana says Shweta called and said that Dhara got murdered. Suman asks what. Gautam asks Dhara to get up. Constable says Gautam, you are a true man, so I supported you, I don’t want to get into this, I m going. Gautam says please wait for some time. Shiva asks what are you saying, this can’t happen, Dhara isn’t at home. Suman says fake news, who will kill Dhara. Jankana says Shweta called, police came here and accusing Shweta. Shiva says its fake news. They all hear Suman’s voice. Gautam asks Dhara to get up. Rishita asks Shweta to get up. Dhara gets up and asks did Maa come, where is she, its enough, I can’t do this further, if she sees me, then I will fall into trouble. Krish says you did such good acting. Dev says yes, we were scared for you. Gautam says I was scared and hugs her. Dhara says I was scared, the thief attacked me with a knife, I got scared, I kept the dummy in front at the right time. She tells him everything. Shiva asks Suman not to worry. He takes her inside the house. Dev says you did good acting, Gautam did overacting. Dhara asks from where shall I go. They see Suman and Shiva coming with Jankana and Hari. Suman sees the blood stains.

Gautam scares Shweta. Shweta says I didn’t kill Dhara, else I would have killed Dhara in the hospital that day, like I had made fake reports of Raavi. Everyone is shocked. Shweta says Shiva and Raavi got away forever because of that fake report, I succeeded in my aim.

Update Credit to: Amena

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