Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Raavi leave the house

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Pandya Store 19th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara packing her bag. Gautam comes and also packs his bag. He says I know Raavi can’t cheat Shiva, she has no relation with Arnav, Suman and Shiva’s anger is justified after seeing those reports, I will also come with you, I promised to support you. She says we have to think of Raavi and Shiva’s relation, we have to find the reports’ truth. Dr. Nitin recalls he signed the papers. He says I don’t know any the signs, I m a junior doctor. He leaves. She says maybe its some other Dr. Nitin. Dhara says Suman’s heart is hurt, I have to leave, but you won’t come with me. Gautam holds her face.

He says when I can spend happy times with you, how can I leave you in sorrow, I won’t break my promise. She says I know, but if we both go, then this house will break, I want you to stay here as Raavi and my hope, for my sake. She explains him. He jokes. They smile. Ishq ye haye re….plays… They hug and cry. They leave the room and go downstairs. Dhara recalls her moments in the house. Chiku cries. Dhara runs. Suman stops her and says Chiku isn’t your child. She asks Shweta to take her Chiku. Dhara goes and gets Chiku. She says Jankana gave me his responsibility, I can’t cheat her. Shweta asks what about me, stay here for Chiku’s sake. She asks Suman to stop Dhara.

Krish scolds Shweta. He asks her not to get into all this. She thinks its good if Chiku goes with Dhara. Shweta says Dhara worries a lot for Chiku, take care of him. Dhara cries. Krish says you and Raavi won’t go for a long time. He hugs Dhara and Chiku. Dhara says someone from you four always stay at home, Shweta is new and doesn’t know much, take care of each other. Suman doesn’t bless Dhara. Gautam says don’t go. Dhara cries and leaves. Yaadon ki baraat….plays….

Raavi also comes. Dhara and Raavi step out of the house. They leave. Shweta thinks where did Rishita go, did she reach the hospital. Rishita looks for Nitin.

Rishita says this sign is fake. Dhara says two doctors were there, go to ultrasound room. Rishita takes a disguise and asks for cctv footage. She sees Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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