Pandya Store 19th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Krish becomes the fake bride

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Pandya Store 19th March 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara acting drunk in front of Shiva. She says I got this bottle to hide this from Gautam, he won’t come here in Raavi’s room to find it. He says if Raavi sees this bottle, then she will drink it. She takes him. Rishita does Krish’s leg waxing. He screams. He says you are taking revenge on me right. She laughs. He says don’t do this waxing. Dhara says I have no option now. She goes. Rishita trains Krish. Shiva comes to Krish’s room. Krish hides the lehenga. Shiva says Dev was asking about the playlist. Krish asks him to do, its done. Shiva asks what are you hiding. Krish says we have to give a surprise gift to groom and bride. Rishita says yes, go and think about it. Shiva says something is wrong.

Krish gets ready in the girl’s getup. He goes to washroom. Shiva comes there. He says sorry. He sees the gents toilet board. He says I have come at the right place. Krish starts acting. He leaves. Gautam hurries with the arrangements. He asks Dhara not to fee guilty, they are doing this for their betterment. Raavi comes there in drunken state. Dhara tries to stop her. Raavi sits there. She thanks Shiva. Dhara plays loud music. Shiva says she is saying something. Everyone makes Shiva dance. Raavi gets her mehendi designs. Dhara says look at her, she is so happy. Shiva smiles. He says yes, I get angry seeing her, I have nothing to do with her, how can she sit in someone’s place. Dhara says don’t think anything. Raavi shows her mehendi with Shiva’s name in it. Krish gets caught by someone. The man says you came to spoil the marriage, I won’t let this happen. Dhara and Rishita look for Krish. Dev sees Krish.

Krish cries. Dev scolds the man for teasing his Bhabhi. The man says he is a man, hear his voice. Dev says she is a girl. Krish says my drawstring broke. Dev asks from where shall I get it now. He gets a drawstring. Shiva says I don’t need to see my name on your hands. Raavi says you are so special, that’s why I love you. He says its Hardik’s marriage happening here, don’t make any drama. She asks what. Everyone signs her to get silent. Dev says Bhabhi has come. Dhara says my would be Bhabhi has come. Rishita says wow. Dhara takes Raavi with her. Raavi asks who is this girl, what was Shiva saying about Hardik’s marriage. Dhara says you also come and dance with us, its your Sangeet. Raavi asks who is that bride. Dhara takes her for dance. Raavi dances. Rishita stops Raavi from going to Shiva. Shiva asks where did Krish go. Rishita says I have sent him for some work. Dhara asks Hardik to go and sit with Krish. She says you love me right, go. Hardik says okay fine. He goes and sits with Krish. Shiva says we will go and talk to Bhabhi. Gautam says she is shy. Shiva says she can talk. Dev comes in front. Shiva looks at Krish. Dhara thinks if Shiva identifies Krish, then our plan will fail.

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Shiva says you are drunk. Raavi says our marriage plan is going on here, not Hardik’s. Shiva gets shocked. He leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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