Pandya Store 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Suman gets mad at Dhara

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Pandya Store 18th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta saying Dhara is like a Devi, Dhara knew about Deven and the theft, still she didn’t tell that to anyone, not even to Gautam. Suman asks Dhara did you know this, answer me. Gautam asks Dhara to answer. Suman scolds Dhara. Dhara says Shweta is right, I knew everything, I thought Shweta should get a chance, loving isn’t a crime, its not her mistake that she loved a wrong man, Shweta wanted to get free of Deven, I just helped her, I don’t think I did something wrong. Suman says shut up, what do you think of yourself, who are you, you will decide for my sons’ lives, you have pushed Krish in this relation which has no future, you will do what you like, they regard you a mum, you snatched their happiness.

She says you ruined my family, look at them, they aren’t happy, why did you do this, Dhara. She cries. Shiva says let it be Maa, Dhara always does whatever she wants, Dhara will see what she wants, so she didn’t do anything knowing Raavi and Arnav are coming close, I think Dhara supported their relation. Raavi shouts enough, you have said a lot, yes, I was pregnant. Dhara and everyone look on.

Raavi says I got the abortion done, why do you care, Arnav and my relation is more than friendship, I know many people in my office, I have a relation with everyone, what will you do. Dhara says you don’t need to lie. She asks Rishita to explain Raavi, she will ruin everything. She asks Gautam not to believe Raavi, she is saying this in anger. She asks Suman not to believe Raavi’s words, just trust her. Raavi says no one has interest in knowing my truth, I will accept my crime to fulfil his wish. She asks Shiva to remember. She says if I wanted, then I would have proved my truth at the hospital, my innocence. Suman says then prove it. She asks Gautam to get the doctor. Dhara says two doctors were there at the hospital, I didn’t ask their name, but I will identify them. Shweta says check the file. Dhara says one doctor gave wrong report of Raavi’s pregnancy, senior doctor told about fibroid. Suman asks Raavi to call the doctor. Raavi says I don’t need to call anyone, I know my truth, its enough for me, if anyone wants to know, then he can call the doctor and ask. Dhara says don’t do this. Raavi goes. Dhara goes after her. Shweta thinks to go and call her parents. She goes.

Raavi recalls Shiva’s words. Dhara knocks the door. She sees Raavi packing her bag. Shweta calls Jankana. Jankana asks did you do anything. Shweta says no, Dhara has got Raavi’s abortion done, Suman asked Dhara and Raavi to leave the house, I m worried, if Dhara takes Chiku with her, then she will use his money, think something, Dhara will take his rights. Jankana thinks. Dhara asks Raavi to open the door. Dhara asks Shiva to stop Raavi. He warns her. She asks Suman to stop Raavi. Suman doesn’t listen to anyone. Suman asks them to leave the house if they have sympathy with Raavi. Rishita says I will just go and come. Suman asks Dhara to leave. She says you ruined lives of my two sons. Dhara cries and leaves. Suman asks Gautam to go after his wife, he worries for Dhara more than his brothers. Gautam goes. Krish asks Shiva to stop Raavi. Shiva cries. Rishita comes to the hospital and asks for Raavi’s doctor. She goes to Dr. Nitin. She asks for Raavi’s operation, was it for fibroid removal or fetus removal, whose sign is this. He looks worries.

Dhara and Raavi leave the house. Rishita takes a disguise and says I will find out the truth of the reports. She checks the cctv footage. She sees Shweta and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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