Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara meets her mum

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Pandya Store 18th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara crying and praying at the temple. Arushi’s mum hears her and cries. Dhara says my mum left me and went away, I hate her and my son Chiku hates me, she has made my birthday a stain for me, I will never forgive her. Her mum says you still miss me, I will never come in front of you to trouble you. She collides with Dhara. She hides her face from Dhara. Dhara turns to see. A lady comes and talks to Dhara. Her mum leaves. Shiva says I will invite the girl and her mum in the party, you all can meet them. Dev says no, you can’t invite them, you have no relation with them.

Arushi says I will meet Shiva. She calls Shiva. She asks what’s up. He says sky and birds. He says its Dhara’s birthday, you can come in the party. She says wish her from my side. He says you come home and meet everyone, get aunty along to meet my mum. She says okay, great. Raavi stops him and asks what’s this, so many clothes, for who are you dressing up. He says you focus on yourself. He goes. Shivank hugs Raavi and consoles her. He says we have a happy day today, live this day well, everything will be fine. Shweta says I got a gift for Dhara, I m making a new start for the sake of my coming baby. Raavi says I m glad to see this. Shweta asks Raavi to give the cake to Dhara from her side. Raavi goes. He says you do natural acting. Shweta says very soon, Raavi will be with me.

Rishita teaches the dance steps to Natasha and other kids. She asks Chiku to come. he refuses and goes. Dhara goes downstairs. Arushi takes her mum’s blessings. She says you can do acting, I will still go. Dhara gets a birthday surprise. She asks them to wind up the party, they won’t celebrate. Rishita asks why, is this house only yours, we are very happy to celebrate your birthday. They all sing Yaadon ki baraat… and dance around Dhara. Dhara gets emotional. Raavi asks who are you waiting for. Shiva asks why do you ask me. Chiku goes and bursts the balloons. Arushi comes home. Shiva rushes to welcome her. Everyone looks on. Raavi gets angry. Dhara says I met this girl before. Shiva asks Arushi to meet Suman. Arushi sees Dhara.

Dhara says I will bring Shweta’s truth out and keep my promise to Krish and Prerna. Krish and Prerna say we are with you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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