Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta finds Natasha missing

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Pandya Store 18th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Chiku to come. She says I will take Chiku if you want, I m ready to sacrifice everything for Chutki’s sake. They pray in the temple. Suman asks where are you taking Chiku. Dhara says we are going to give money sent by Krish, and Rishita wants Chiku to go with us. She hugs Chiku. Dhara says be careful, I want my entire family back here.

She prays for Chiku, that nothing wrong happens with him. Raavi asks Mittu to stay with her. Shesh says I will also come. Rishita says just come fast. They leave. Shiva comes and questions them. He hears seven years and recalls Shweta. He says Shweta ran away with Chutki, where is she. Raavi says she is here, you come here. Raavi pacifies him. She gets his medicines. Raavi says since Chutki went, Shiva is in this state, despite knowing he will get attacks here, I m here, with a hope that Shiva will get fine once Chutki comes back. Raavi says I will decorate the house well, who knows my life also gets fine. Suman says your life will get better, our lives will get better, everyone will come back home. She asks Shiva to help Raavi decorate the house, then Chutki will come. Suman cries. Shweta asks Natasha to stay in the room and don’t open the door. She locks her. Dhara and Rishita come there with the kids. Dhara says I got Chiku to keep your heart, I won’t risk him. She asks the kids to sit in the car. Rishita says if Shweta asks for Chiku… Dhara says I m Chiku’s mum, will you let Shesh go if the world wants, you are not thinking of hurting an innocent kid in order to hurt me, he came in the world as an unwanted son, now he is living as an unwanted grandson, you tell me as a mother, does an innocent kid deserve this, I didn’t give him birth, but I m his mum, if Chutki is your daughter despite being away for 7 years, then how isn’t Chiku my son.

She cries and says I m enough to love my son, I will raise him. Shweta welcomes Dhara and Rishita. She gets the money bag. She smiles seeing it. Rishita asks where is Chutki. Shweta says have patience. Chutki sees the kids outside the hotel. She says what are they doing here. She asks Shweta to open the door.

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Dhara says you can count the money. She counts it to help. Chutki goes out to play with the kids. Rishita asks Shweta to please say where is Chutki. Shweta says okay, give me 2 mins, I will get her. She goes to call Natasha. She doesn’t see her anywhere. Chutki goes to the kids. Rishita and Dhara come there. Rishita asks where is Chutki. Shweta says I told you, I will get her. Rishita handcuffs her. She asks where is my Chutki, tell me. Shweta thinks how shall I find Natasha, where did she go.

Shweta says I will take my revenge, 50 lakhs and Chutki also. Rishita asks will Shweta return my Chutki. Dhara says one side is Chutki and other side are my kids. Shweta threatens Rishita and gets freed. Dhara sees the kids going in some tempo and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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