Pandya Store 18th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi and Shiva cry in sorrow

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Pandya Store 18th August 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Krish dropping Raavi to Prafulla’s house. He hugs her and says I promise you won’t stay here for long, I know you will come back. She asks him to take care of everyone. He leaves. Prafulla and Anita ask what happened, why did you come. Raavi says I will not go back to that house, don’t go there and question them. Prafulla says I will confront them. Raavi says it was my decision to come here, I can’t stay with Shiva. Prafulla says you should have got this sense before. Raavi says if you don’t stop questioning me, then I will leave this house. Prafulla asks her to go and rest. Rishita calls Kirti. She gets her call back.

She smiles and saying I felt so happy meeting you and mum. Kirti says yes, mum made your fav food today, she wanted to send. Rishita says Bua won’t allow her. Kirti says I miss you, will your family have any problem. Rishita says I will talk to Dev, there is some tension going on here. Dev comes. Rishita ends call. He asks who were you talking to. She thinks I can’t tell the truth, he may take it wrong. She says college friend. He says I m so worried, I feel guilty of Shiva and Raavi’s fight. Rishita says its not your mistake. He asks how long will they fight. She says its a big thing, he questioned Raavi’s character, its unacceptable. He says Shiva isn’t such. Suman calls Rishita.

Shiva thinks of Raavi. He says I m not the one you like, you did right to decide to leave me. He imagines her. She says you are right, I m happy now, we had no compatibility. He says right. Suman asks Rishita to pack Raavi’s things. Rishita says things will get spoiled in this sack. Suman asks her to seal the sack. Rishita says I don’t know stitching. Suman says I will teach you, come. She stitches and shows her.

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She asks Rishita to thank her. Rishita says fine, thank you so much, you taught me an imp work. Suman says I understood the taunt, you should know stitching. Everyone sits to have dinner. Shiva comes. Dhara asks Rishita to serve him dinner. Rishita says no, I don’t respect him, who is he to question Raavi’s character and insult her, does everything end for a girl after marriage, I hate this thinking, Raavi just left the house, if Dev did this with me, then I would have divorced him, you all are silent, it means you all know its Shiva’s mistake, else you would have scolded me. Shiva leaves angrily.

Dev says he left, he isn’t like you are thinking, he would have troubled Raavi because she loved me. Rishita says he knows you have no feelings for Raavi, you are his brother, but he did this by telling about her friends, he knew Raavi since childhood, how can he do this. Dev leaves. Gautam also leaves. Dhara asks do you also want to leave. Krish says no way, I m hungry, I will have food. Dhara says Rishita, I know Shiva did a big mistake, but getting separated isn’t a solution. Rishita says let them solve it up, they are not kids.

Anita consoles Raavi. She asks what’s the matter, tell me, what did Shiva say. Raavi makes her out of the room. She says stop asking me, else I will run away. Prafulla asks did she say anything, I will go and talk to Shiva, but he will hurt me, I will call him. Anita says you don’t know their problem, don’t call him. Raavi cries and thinks of Shiva. Shiva thinks of her. Ya rabba…plays… He think maybe this distance was written in this relation. She says life gets short if person doesn’t understand, I couldn’t understand you.

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Dhara brings Raavi to Shiva. She stops them from leaving. She asks Shiva to apologize to Raavi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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