Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara’s birthday

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Pandya Store 17th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi explaining Shweta with love. Shweta argues with him. Raavi says you have cheated us, but you got married to Krish, it will be Somnath’s wish that you both unite. Krish goes to Prerna and hugs her. He says we will unite, I promise. Shivank calls her out. Prerna hides Krish. Raavi leaves. Shweta says I think she was drunk, I won’t drink this soup. Shivank asks why didn’t you come to have food. Prerna says I don’t want to have food. He asks her to have her fav icecream. Krish gets angry hearing them. Prerna thanks Shivank. He says I worry for you, I feel I have a connection with your pain. She says relax, I m fine, all good. He sits talking to her.

Shiva asks what are you saying. Dhara says listen to me and understand, your marriage can’t happen, don’t ask me anything else. He says everyone is stopping me, why. She says don’t expect from me. Gautam says you got married to the store, we aren’t your enemies, we will get you married to a human, okay. Shiva says I can see who is my friend and who is my enemy, I will find a girl, I will not trust anyone. He goes. Prerna says come with me. Shivank asks her to say. She says the reports have come, I m not pregnant. Krish says why can’t I hear them. Shivank says we should go back to Canada. She says you go, I can’t go, dad is refusing, he wants to invest in real estate. Shivank thinks she is foolish. Gautam gifts Dhara a gold chain and says its your birthday gift. He wishes her. She gets sad. He says I know its not your birthday, I m celebrating in advance. She says I don’t like birthdays. Prerna eats the icecream. Shivank cares for her. Krish gets angry watching them. Prerna makes Shivank leave the room. Krish comes out of the cupboard and says I will break his face. Gautam says don’t punish me for your mum’s mistake, she has run away on your birthday, she left, but you love the ones you have. Dhara says my life got colourless, sorry, I don’t want any birthday gift. He asks her to keep it. She says I don’t think Shweta is pregnant, you have seen a wrong report. He says I have seen her reports twice. She says I don’t agree. He says forget everyone for some time and focus on us. She hugs him and cries.

Its morning, Shivank sees Rishita happy. She says its Dhara’s birthday today, we will celebrate it. Gautam says yes, I know. She asks why did you get sad. He says Dhara and Hardik became part of our family on this day. She says so what. Dev says she doesn’t celebrate it. She says she will like it. Raavi says she got angry on us before. Gautam says we lose when we fail once, Dhara has a right to stay happy on her birthday, we should plan a party for her. Shiva says yes, she does a lot for us. Natasha says I will choose the birthday cake. Rishita says yes, its her new birth also.

They make plans. Gautam says if she gets happy, then I will also get happy. He asks the kids not to tell anything to Dhara. He says we will start the preparations, everyone is final now. Chiku looks on. He goes to Dhara. He keeps a greeting card and chocolate for her and goes. She cries and hugs the card. Dhara goes to the temple. Arushi’s mum also comes there. Dhara prays and says my mum left me on this day. Arushi’s mum hears her and cries. Dhara says I hate my mum, who has made my birthday painful.

Shiva invites Arushi and her mom home on Dhara’s birthday. Dhara gets a birthday surprise. She says we won’t celebrate.

Update Credit to: Amena

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