Pandya Store 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara worries for Gautam

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Pandya Store 17th July 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi liking the new bed. Shiva asks her to put her mattress on the bed and sleep. He asks her to apply perfume, she won’t get spices smell from him. They argue. Hardik says I will build a room for Dhara in this house if you don’t make it. He leaves. Dhara says don’t know what happened to him, don’t worry, we don’t need a new room, I understand. Gautam gets sad and goes. Raavi asks where shall I put my mattress. Shiva says there is much place, sleep now.

She says the mattress is so heavy. She prepares to sleep. Suman asks Dhara to sleep in her room. She says I will sleep outside, else everyone will taunt me like Hansa, you can’t give good news if you sleep in the lawn. Dhara asks did you also feel bad of Hansa’s words, don’t worry, we will sleep outside. Suman says I want to take care of you, I want Gautam to pamper you, I wish to get your good news. Dhara cries. Suman says don’t you wish to give me good news. Dhara says I do, I have some work. She goes. Suman says I don’t want to sleep here, I wish to make a room for them. Gautam asks Dhra to leave her alone, Hardik already made him ashamed. Dhara says its not my mistake. Gautam says I m helpless, just go from here. He works out the finances. He says I have to get the land from Rasik, how shall I get money to build a room. Dev checks finances. He says I have to make a new sketch and give new budget to Gautam. Gautam says don’t know what’s Dev going to show. He calls up Dev. Krish says he won’t come now. Gautam asks him to sleep. Dhara says yes, talk to Dev tomorrow, sleep now. They go to sleep.

Its morning, Krish takes money from Dev. Shiva asks did you talk to Gautam about room. Dev gives more money and asks him to go. Krish asks them to say. Dev gets a call. Shiva asks whose call is it. Dev says its a call from the bank, we need Dhara’s sign to break the FD. Shiva says no. Krish asks Shiva to tell him. Shiva scolds him. Gautam, Dhara and Raavi come to the shop. Shiva asks Dhara to take Raavi with her. Raavi says I won’t go anywhere now, I will manage everything. Dhara asks Krish to go to college. Krish says Dev and Shiva were talking about a room, they were saying they will tell Gautam, tell me if you know. Gautam says I don’t know, just go.

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Raavi bosses around. Shiva argues with her. He says I have much work now, I will see you later. Dhara asks what are Dev and Shiva talking about a room. Gautam says it won’t work out. Dhara says I didn’t ask for it. He says Rasik called and asked us to get the land back, Janardhan is after the land. She says we broke a FD already. He says we have to break another FD now. She says expenses aren’t getting less, we have to keep some money in bank for emergency. A man comes to buy Maida. Raavi gives him wheat flour. Shiva gets Maida/flour and gives it to the man. He asks Raavi to keep the money. He taunts her that she can’t handle things. She says it was a mistake. Wheat flour falls on him. She laughs. Raabta….plays…. He runs after her to throw the flour. They come close. She cleans the floor.

Prafulla and Anita pass by. They stop to see Raavi. Prafulla feels hurt. Hardik calls Dhara. Gautam looks on. She disconnects. Hardik calls again. Dhara goes to answer. She says I have a request, stop interfering in our house matters, Gautam and I are happy, everything is fine. Hardik asks why shall we hear it always, a room will be build for you. She says you can just see your sister, but your friend, you know Gautam’s decision is never wrong. Hardik says I will make a room for both of you. She ends the call. Gautam looks at her. Dhara thinks everyone is talking about the room to bring us together, but this room can make us away.

Janardhan asks what will you do of the land, you have no child of our own. He insults Gautam.

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