Pandya Store 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Raavi slaps Shiva

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Pandya Store 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Raavi slaps Shiva

Written Update

In today’s episode of Pandya Store, we saw Shiva breaking things in anger. When Dhaara tries to stop her he misbehaves with her and warns her to stay away. Gombi is shocked to see his behavior and slaps him for misbehaving with Dhaara.

Shiva says that he never thought that Dhaara will do such a thing with him. He says that he won’t cross the line as only Dhaara can do it in this house. Dhaara asks what has she done. Shiva tells her that he is finding a way to confront her without disrespecting her as she has betrayed him. He gives the report to Dhaara and asks about it. Dhaara says that her fibroid was removed but Shiva stops her and asks if the fibroid was removed or the fetus.

Rishita read the reports and tells the family that Shiva is right. Dhaara also reads the report and is shocked. She says that there must be some mistake. She says that he can also talk to the doctor who operated on Raavi. The family stands shocked.

Raavi arrives home and asks what is happening. She says that she saw Shiva leaving her room in anger so she followed him and came back home. Rishita asks her about her operation. Raavi says that it was to remove her fibroid and asks Dhaara if she hasn’t told them already.

Dhaara tells him that she did but Shiva thinks that she has helped Raavi with her abortion. Raavi slams Shiva and asks him if he is drunk. Shiva holds her by her shoulder and asks why she did that and if it was his child or not. The family gets shocked.

Raavi slaps Shiva. She stumbles but Rishita and Dhaara hold her. Dhaara says that Shiva knows Raavi since they were children. How can he even accuse her of doing something like this? Krish says that he is ashamed to call Shiva his brother. Rishita also slams Shiva for accusing Raavi.

Shiva says that he is ashamed to for trusting Raavi. He says that the report has exposed them. He asks why Dhaara took Raavi to the hospital secretly. Dhaara says that it was her mistake that she forgot the phones at home and he should punish her not Raavi. She also says that Shweta knew about it.

Precap: Shiva accuses Raavi of having affair with Arnav. Raavi decides to leave the house. Dhaara asks Suman to stop her but Suman asks her to leave the house along with Raavi. Dhaara goes to the hospital to find the truth. Rishita asks Dr. Nitin about Raavi’s operation.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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