Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva loses his cool

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Pandya Store 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Shiva loses his cool

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In today’s episode of Pandya Store, we saw Dhara telling Shiva to go to the city hospital. Meanwhile, the Pandya family celebrates the news of Raavi getting pregnant. Arnav calls on Raavi’s phone to ask her to come to the office. Raavi receives the call and tells him that Raavi is in the city hospital. He decides to go and see Raavi.

Dhara comes home and is shocked to see the celebration. Suman asks about Raavi’s health and about her pregnancy. Dhara is shocked and tries to explain. Meanwhile, Shweta calls Nitin and confirms if he has replaced Dhara’s reports. He confirms but asks her to never give him another shady job.

Shiva enquires about Raavi at the reception. The receptionist gives Raavi’s file to Shiva and asks him to get the medicines for her. Shiva wonders why Raavi didn’t tell her about the pregnancy. Shiva goes to Raavi’s room and sees her holding Arnva’s hand. He gets furious and leaves. Raavi sees him leaving and calls him but Shiva leaves. Raavi tries to get up to stop him but the nurse asks her to stay put as she just had surgery.

Shiva asks the nurse about Raavi’s pregnancy. The nurse looks at the reports and tells him that she had an abortion. She shows her Dhara’s signature on the papers. At home, Dhara explains to Suman and the family that Raavi is not pregnant and just got operated on for fibroid. When asked about the pregnancy kit she says that the kit was to check if Raavi is pregnant.

Arnav asks Raavi if he should leave her home. Raavi says that it’s their family matter and she will deal with it. She sits in the auto and leaves.

Shiva returns home infuriated and starts breaking things. Dhara tries to calm him down and asks if he fought with Raavi in the hospital. Shiva yells at Dhara. Gombi slaps him.

Precap: Shiva asks Raavi why she aborted the child. Raavi slaps Shiva and leaves the house. Dhara goes out to find out how Raavi’s report was swapped. Rishita asks Nitin if Raavi had been through a fibroid removal operation or an abortion.

Update Credit to: KritiS

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