Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Raavi’s big argument

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Pandya Store 15th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva saying you will never regret your decision, we have always loved you a lot. Dhara says I know, you will take care of me in old age. Dev says yes. Krish says enough Dev, I don’t believe this, I feel they will not support you, they would have thought of bringing Chiku back, no one thinks for you here. He goes away. Suman says he will be fine when he sees you fine. She asks Dhara not to change her decision now. Dhara says I won’t change, I promise you. Suman thinks I m helpless and have to say your decision is right. Raavi calls Arnav. She messages him. Shweta worries. The lady says wait, medicine will affect him. Chiku opens eyes. Shweta gets relieved. She thanks everyone. The lady asks Shweta to get help from her Sasural, its about Chiku, she can ruin them later. Shweta says it’s a good idea, but Kaki, I won’t go to them, you go to take help, I have to keep pride and get money. The lady asks what will I get. Shweta says I will give some money to you. The lady agrees. She says Chiku got fine now. Shweta says yes, we know he is fine, they don’t know. Dhara thinks of Chiku. She does her work. Gautam says I m going to the shop. He helps her in cooking. She asks him to not trouble her and just go. Rishita comes and says you just added salt, did you forget. Dhara says we have to make papad, its imp, Raavi will make it. She calls out Raavi. Raavi gets angry and goes. Dhara asks her to make the papad. Gautam says you don’t eat well these days, I will get juice for you. Raavi asks Rishita to help her in work, then she has to go and find a job. Rishita says sorry, I have to take Chutki to the park. Gautam gets the juice. Dhara refuses. Raavi argues with her. Dhara scolds her.

She says don’t forget that you and Shiva are talking today because I made you quit the job. She scolds Raavi and Rishita. Shweta and the lady come home. Shweta looks on. Raavi says please, you have taken Chiku’s decision yourself, don’t vent anger on us, let us stay happy for some days. Dhara says fine, then go and get crackers from the market. Shweta smiles hearing their fight. She says its fun, I wanted this, Dhara is scolding them, Raavi has changed her colours. Dhara says I will celebrate Diwali today, you will make papad. Gautam asks her to stop it now. He asks Raavi how are you talking to Dhara, you are also venting frustration on her. He asks Rishita to go to park. He says house is breaking due to little things. Shweta says they are angry, its time to act, come, we will go bit far and do the drama. Gautam says we will hire someone to make papad. Dhara says we sell papads because its homemade. Shweta asks the lady to take Chiku and act. Shweta and the lady act.

They all hear Shweta crying. Rishita asks Dhara not to come in Shweta’s words, she is doing this to frame her. Raavi says yes, don’t fall weak. Dhara asks them not to tell her what to do. They run to see Shweta. Shweta begs money for Chiku. She says he has high fever. Rishita says Shweta is lying, he doesn’t have money. Dhara cries. Rishita says she will leave her decision and beg Shweta to give Chiku. Raavi says Shweta came here to do the drama. The neighbors scold Dhara. The lady says they are good people, they will give money for Chiku’s treatment. Shweta begs money. Rishita says if Chiku is so ill, then go to your parents’ house and beg, get out of here. Shweta says don’t touch me, this is a street, I m begging here, not at your house, I will do anything to save my child, if this happens with your daughter then what will you do.

Suman asks Dhara why are you crying. Dhara says my heart aches seeing Chiku. Gautam begs to Shweta for Chiku.

Update Credit to: Amena

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