Pandya Store 14th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Pandyas get emotional

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Pandya Store 14th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Arushi washing off the haldi. She angrily argues with Malti. Malti asks her not to ruin her life. Kanta comes to meet Suman. Suman says we have just arranged music and dance for the kids. Kanta says you have locked the door and want to celebrate a function. Suman says yes, we can’t call everyone all the time, go home now. Dhara says we will enjoy our function, come. Everyone dances. Arushi and Malti come home. Shiva gets them inside. Suman throws her stick at him. He gets hurt. Shiva asks them to come in. Suman taunts Arushi. Raavi says our plan will fail, calm down. Arushi says thanks for adding something in my haldi, this marriage will happen at any cost. Shweta asks them to dance. She says I was trying to become like you all. Raavi says its impossible. Dev and Rishita dance and romance. She says no touching before marriage. Krish says you are pregnant, dance slowly. Prerna says I can’t take risk of bride swap. Shiva and Arushi dance. Raavi gets jealous. The kids say nothing is for us, this is cheating. The artist says I will tell you a story. He tells a story of two brothers Pintu and Bobby. The family gets emotional and cries hearing the mother and child’s story. The man says hatred kills the relations, love has the real victory. Pandya boys hug Suman. Malti sees Dhara and cries. Natasha hugs Rishita and says don’t leave me. Rishita smiles. Shesh gets confused. Mittu hugs Raavi and says don’t go anywhere, love you mom. Raavi says I love you too.

Dev asks Shesh to come. Shesh hugs him and says I love you. Arushi says sangeet got emotional, we will meet tomorrow in marriage. She leaves. Suman stops Malti and says we have to settle the old scores. Arushi asks the marriage venue. Everyone say it will happen here, you can get married somewhere else, we will be busy in the other two marriages. Shiva says I won’t marry without my family’s presence. Dhara says my Shiva.

Its morning, Kanta and neighbors come home. Suman asks what are you doing here. Dhara says we are going on a summer vacation. They all give wrong answers. They all leave in the bus. Kanta and everyone leave and think there isn’t any marriage happening. The family comes back home. They enter the house from a window. Suman says what now. Dhara asks Gautam to go and handle the kids. She says we will get ready fast. Shiva tries the sherwani. Raavi looks on. He recalls his marriage and gets away.

Shiva says everyone agreed for my marriage, no one can stop my marriage. Raavi says I will stop it, its my last chance to get his memory back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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