Pandya Store 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi feels jealous

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Pandya Store 13th October 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dhara saying we are in one team, Raavi, I will make Disha leave. Suman praises Disha and hugs her. She praises Disha’s values. Rishita jokes on Disha. Disha says you all are so funny. Dhara asks Disha not to touch her feet, they aren’t related. Rishita hugs Disha and asks where do you stay, what’s your qualification. Disha says I have done BA, I stay nearby in Somnath. Kanta asks Disha to meet Shiva. Dhara and Rishita come in between. Suman says come, I will take you. Gautam and Dev stand before Shiva. Suman introduces her sons.

Dhara says you aren’t doing right, Shiva and Raavi aren’t divorced, I found a girl better than Raavi for him. She praises Disha. She asks Dhara not to argue with her. Kanta says he is Shiva. Disha smiles. Dhara makes Shiva leave. Raavi looks at Disha. Dhara says no one can become Raavi, Raavi is just one. Suman says she was for Shiva before. Dhara says Raavi is the best partner for Shiva, they are made for each other, Shiva and Disha can’t get married. Suman asks did I ask your opinion, he is my son, go and sit on the swing. Raavi looks at herself and smiles. Suman says we will know it soon, who is better than Shiva, Raavi or Disha. Gautam says Shiva’s new marriage can bring troubles in my marriage, Dhara and Suman may fight. He asks Krish to play music fast, else an argument will start. Krish plays the song, dhol baaje…… Anita comes. She thinks Raavi didn’t see me, I will put her at stake and win Gautam. She meets everyone.

She says I will play dandiya after many years. She goes with Gautam. Raavi looks on. Everyone plays the garba. Suman sees Shiva. She asks Kanta to take Shiva. Suman says you are modern, is it good to insult a guest. Rishita says no. Suman says Disha is dancing alone, look at her, she is feeling insulted, ask Shiva to dance with her. Rishita says let it be. Suman explains the filmi story to tell her plan. Rishita asks what. Suman says you all have tried to unite Shiva and Raavi, nothing happened, this is my try to unite them. Rishita smiles. She gets happy. She asks really. Suman says yes.

Rishita hugs her and says you are so cute. Suman says go there and help them, can you do. Rishita goes. She asks Shiva and Disha to dance. Suman says they forget that I m Mahasaas, whatever happens in films, it doesn’t happen in real life, I don’t want Raavi with Shiva, she makes him feel inferior, she breaks his self-confidence, she isn’t suitable for him. She gives some money to Anita and says give it to Prafulla, she is much poor. Everyone dances on Chogada….

Anita imagines dancing with Gautam. Tum par hum hai atke…..plays…. He says careful. She falls in his arms. Dhara looks on. Anita thinks my dream is getting fulfilled. He asks what are you seeing, are you fine. She says nothing, I m fine, thanks. They laugh. Shiva sees Raavi. Raavi gets angry seeing him play dandiya with Disha. Anita taunts Raavi. She says Dhara doesn’t think like you. Raavi says Dhara and Gautam have pure hearts, I know you have dirt in your heart. Anita says you think so, you can do anything, you can’t harm me. Dhara asks why do they look so annoyed with each other.

Dhara cries and holds her stomach. She cries and hugs Gautam. He asks what happened.

Update Credit to: Amena

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