Pandya Store 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara learns Chiku’s trauma

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Pandya Store 13th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the teacher complaining about Chiku. She asks Chiku to read his essay on mothers. Chiku reads it. Dhara cries when he says a mother is a liar, she is a bad thing and evil becomes good for her. Teacher says your family issues are affecting him a lot. Dhara says sorry, its not his mistake. Chiku goes away. Dhara says he is undergoing a big trauma. Arushi says Shiva isn’t answering my call. Shiva and Shweta come home. Shiva greets them. He says its our marriage tomorrow, I have got the haldi for Arushi. He asks Malti to bless him. He says just apply this to Arushi. He leaves.

Arushi asks what will you do now, Dhara has sent the haldi for me. Dhara and Chiku come home. Malti comes to her and asks why did you send haldi, you know Shiva will get his memory and return to Raavi. Dhara says you made me hate you, Chiku hates me, you are the reason. Malti apologizes. She asks her to stop the marriage drama. Dhara says I had tried to stop you, but my wish was unfulfilled, this was will be unfulfilled too, Chiku will never hate hatred for me, I will change his heart and take his love and respect back, its my right. She goes home. Malti says I couldn’t heal my daughters’ wounds and give them peace. Suman sees Dhara crying and asks what did you do now. Dhara hugs her. She asks am I a bad mum. Suman says Yashoda’s place is bigger than Devki. She says time teaches everyone, once Chiku grows, your relation with him will become good. Shweta looks on. Arushi says I will apply the haldi myself. She applies the haldi. She feels a burning sensation.

Malti asks what happened. Dhara says Shweta, you and I became same today, I couldn’t know Chiku hates me, I will get love and respect for me and you also, he has to accept he has two mothers. Shweta hugs her and says thanks, I promise, I will pay for my mistakes and become a good mother. Suman asks her to stop it. She asks Dhara not to fall in Shweta’s trap. She says Shweta will take away Chiku. Dhara says I m doing this for Chiku, I don’t want Chiku to hate me. Rishita gets complaining. Dev asks do you want sangeet also. Rishita says yes. Dev says we will arrange something. She says its too late. Shiva scolds her. Suman says there won’t be any band baaja. Dhara says don’t get upset, Rishita, I have thought of something to fulfil everyone’s wish. Suman says stop thinking. Dhara says I promise, nothing will go wrong. She gets some musicians. She says there will be Sangeet and Dhamaal. Shiva thanks Dhara. Rishita hugs Dhara and thanks her. Everyone sees the puppet show and dance along. Ghoomar…plays….Raavi worries.

Shiva says everyone agreed for my marriage, no one can stop my marriage. Raavi says I will stop it, its my last chance to get his memory back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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