Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Shesh makes a blunder

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Pandya Store 13th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam and Dhara coming to the new house. They see the storeroom and clean it. He calls out Shiva for help. They get sad. Prerna and Krish are at the hotel. She says there is nothing left here, we will go to Canada. Krish says have some patience, I have to stay around my family for a few days. She says okay, take as much time as you want. She hugs him. Rishita and Dev get ready for office. Shesh takes Rishita’s card and hides. Maid does her work. Rishita asks the maid to take care of kids. Dev and Rishita leave. Natasha acts to cry. She takes a pic and says I will upload this so that Chiku sees it. Chiku sees her sad pic. Shweta asks him to get ready for school. He gets sad. Dhara falls sick. Doctor says we have to divert her mind, she is overthinking, her BP can shoot up, give her medicines. Gautam thanks him. Suman says Dhara, the family won’t come back if you stay hungry, eat well and sleep, if you don’t stay well, then how will you take care of Gautam and me, I will get lemon water for you. Shweta gets a friend’s call. Her friend informs her about a good job opportunity abroad. She gets a call from school. Teacher complains about Chiku. Shweta rushes. Chiku pours water on the peon’s phone and tells him. Peon says it got off. Chiku says show me, I can fix it. Peon goes. Chiku calls Natasha. She says I m tense about you, what happened. Natasha says I m very ill, this time no acting, please meet me. Shesh smiles. She goes out. Maid doesn’t see her. Gautam gets the courier. He says loan got approved. Suman says its no use now. Shweta meets the principal. The principal complains about Chiku and calls him inside. Chiku thinks how to get saved, Dhara isn’t here, I have to go to Natasha also. He starts crying and faints. Peon holds him and asks what happened. He goes to the principal. Chiku runs. Shesh uses the card details to spend money.

Rishita looks for the card. She recalls the maid and says Rekha might have taken it. She calls the maid. She asks did you steal the card, I got the debit message. Rekha says no, I didn’t steal it. Shesh thinks what to do now. Principal says your son isn’t here, he doesn’t follow discipline, look for some other school. Rekha looks for the kids. She locks the door and goes to find them. Shesh comes to meet Suman. He hugs Dhara. They ask what happened.

Dev and Rishita come home. They find the door locked. Rishita calls Rekha and says her phone is switched off, I won’t call Dhara, else she will scold me, we will go to police station. Dhara asks Shesh why are you scared. Shesh says nothing, I feel hungry. She says I will get some food for you. Dev says the kids aren’t answering, I will ask Dhara. Rishita says no use to call her. Shesh gets a message and worried. Dhara makes aloo bhajiyas for Shesh. Suman says she was sick till now, and now she is cooking bhajiyas for Shesh. Gautam says yes, she doesn’t value us. Shiva says I will go and find a store to take on rent. Raavi says yes. Mittu comes crying and complains about the kids beating him. Shiva gets angry. Raavi says I will speak to the principal. He says it won’t help. Dhara feeds Shesh. Suman says we also want to eat bhajiyas. Dhara says I will first feed Shesh. She thinks what is Shesh hiding. She says we will play a game, you have to answer me quickly. He says okay. She plays the game. He says I have come to get saved from Rishita’s beating. Raavi says try to understand, teacher will handle it. Shiva says Mittu has to protect himself. They argue. Mittu cries and leaves. Dhara kisses Shesh and says tell me what happened, else I have to call Rishita and ask her. He says don’t call her, she will beat me. She says you can tell me. He tells her everything. Dev and Rishita reach the police station. Mittu walks on the road. Shiva and Raavi look for him.

The family looks for Chiku and Chutki. Gautam says Hardik is getting married, he invited us. Dhara says I m sure our family will unite back.

Update Credit to: Amena

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