Pandya Store 12th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta threatens Dhara

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Pandya Store 12th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shweta raising hand on Dhara. Rishita holds her hand and stops her. Dhara stops Rishita from slapping Shweta. Shweta argues with them. She says see what I do now, Natasha will listen to me, you aren’t her family in her eyes, she thinks you are third grade middle class people, when Chiku knows the truth, see how he reacts. Shiva asks who was that girl. Suman says all the girls are of our locality. He says I think we have some connection with her, I know her. Suman says I don’t know what you are saying. He says I will go and see. Shweta looks for Chiku. Dhara asks her to stop. She begs Shweta.

She says you beat me, but I beg you, don’t tell anyone, please, I was going to…. Shweta asks what, you were going to tell him your way, now he will get a shock. Dhara says please. Shweta pushes her and goes to look for Chiku. Gautam says we will look for Chutki. Krish says we will find Chiku also. Rishita says sorry to say the truth in front of Shweta. They all rush to find the kids. Natasha gets sad and sits somewhere. Shweta looks for her. Shiva sees her. Raavi and Suman worry. Raavi stops Shiva. He says that girl. She says we will go and have snacks, we will get it packed also, come.

Natasha thinks doctor said only family members can give kidney, mumma said she can’t give it, are these people really my family. Raavi gets an idea. She hears a man selling bhaang laddoos. She sends Shiva. She asks some guy to go and feed the laddoos to Krish’s wife. Shweta calls out Natasha. Suman asks did she go lost again. The guy throws holi at her. She angrily beats him with slipper. He says I m Krish’s childhood friend, his best friend. She says oh, you are Krish’s friend. He asks her to eat the special holi food. She eats the laddoos. Kanta sees Natasha. Natasha says I have stomach pain. Kanta says my house is close, you can come with me and go to washroom. Raavi smiles seeing Shweta eating the laddoos. Shweta says the locality doesn’t know that I m Krish’s wife and I have come back, do and announce it. He says I will do that. He goes dancing. Shweta thinks Krish, I will not divorce you. She looks for Natasha. Raavi holds Shiva’s hand and winks. He says we are in market, stand away, it doesn’t look good. She sees Shweta and takes him along. Everyone looks for Chiku. Chiku and Shesh plan a mischief to put the colours. Mittu says they will scold us. Chiku says no, we will hide. They put the colours over Gautam and Dhara. The kids hide. Gautam asks who is this. Kanta says you will be fine, take rest. Natasha says my stomach is hurting. Kanta says sleep here, I will go and see your mum. Natasha lies down.

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Dhara asks the kids to come out. They hide and laugh. Dhara cries. Shesh says she is finding us. Chiku says we will go and refill water. Dhara says don’t know where can they go, did Shweta tell everything to Chiku, I feel tensed, where can the kids go. Gautam consoles her.

Chiku says Dhara lied to me, I will never forgive her. He hears Dhara telling the adoption truth. They see Chiku behind and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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