Pandya Store 12th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam and Dhara’s romantic time

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Pandya Store 12th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Gautam asking Dhara isn’t she happy. She says I m. He says you didn’t even praise my efforts. He kisses her. Chand sifarish….plays… They get romantic. He says don’t you think we should give happiness to mum. She says I always try it, you mean a son… He says we have three monkeys already, I want a daughter, who is just like you. They get close. Dev and Rishita have a moment, and hug. Shiva wakes up. He sees Raavi. He says if anything happened to you today, then… He sleeps. Raavi wakes up and looks at him. She says thanks Shiva for saving my life. She sleeps. He gets up and sees her. Its morning, Raavi sits to write something. She says Shiva’s first entry in my diary. He goes to get the phone. He wakes up and takes the phone. She says I know you can’t take thanks. He says you didn’t say thanks well.

She asks how do you want it. He says I don’t want your thanks. He goes. Prafulla says Suman changed things again. She collides with Shiva. He holds her hand and says you aren’t the owner of these bangles, don’t shine it in front of me. She says leave my hand, I know Rishita and Dhara will shine the bangles one day and Raavi will have glass bangles. He asks her to give the bangles. Raavi comes. Gautam says we can’t go and handle the land property again and again, so we were thinking… Suman asks are you thinking of division again, you won’t change, get the stick. Dhara says no, sorry to hurt you. Gautam says we thought to sell the land.

Suman says we will do farming. Dhara says we can do farming without the land also. She explains Suman the hydroponic system, we can do farming with the liquid nutrient solution. Gautam praises her. Shiva asks Prafulla to stay in limits. He goes. Prafulla asks Raavi to break her relation and come with her. Raavi asks her to stop talking about breaking the marriage. Prafulla says Shiva is a devil, you can’t trust him, he is mad, just his family matters to him, remember this. Raavi says life gets lost in listening to others, I don’t want to repeat Anita’s mistake, I love you a lot, and I love my family also, I will understand how to stay here. She goes.

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Prafulla leaves. Rishita asks Dev for money. She says I have to go for shopping. Dev says you already do online shopping. Rishita says there are many things to buy, don’t trouble me, give me money. Dev says I don’t have cash, I will ask Gautam for money. He goes. Rishita says why don’t we have money, sorry. Dev smiles and goes. She says he agreed to give me money, I will go shopping. Prafulla hears Suman talking to Gautam and Dhara. Suman says fine, sell the land, what will we do of the money. Gautam says it was dad’s dream to open Pandya store branches in entire country, we were thinking to open new branches. Suman says he passed away but you are living with his dreams. He says yes, you just see the stores opening. She says I wish Prafulla’s bad sight doesn’t catch you. Dhara says we will ask Dev, Shiva and Krish also.

He says yes, its their land also, I will go and ask them. Suman asks is it imp to ask them. Dhara says maybe they have thought about it, they have grown up. Suman asks did you take permission before beating them, would you take permission from your own children, I have decided now, no one can say anything, go and fulfill your dad’s dream. Gautam says sure. Prafulla thinks Raavi also has a share in it, how can you sell the land.

Raavi asks why are you venting Prafulla’s anger on mangoes. Shiva asks shall I vent anger on you. She says what changed now, you do this since childhood. They have a moment. He goes. Anita argues with Prafulla. Prafulla says just agree with me, look there. She shows Rishita. She says Gautam will get the land, his brothers won’t get anything, Gautam and Dhara decided to sell the land and keep the money for their future. Rishita hears this.

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Rishita says I have a wish to make a farmhouse on that land. Dev says I will talk to Gautam. Gautam talks to his brothers about their dad’s dreams.

Update Credit to: Amena

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