Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara and Gautam support Suman

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Pandya Store 12th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva asking Suman to please come with him. Suman asks Krish won’t you fight to take me along. He says I want to take you along, but I know you…. She scolds them for not worrying for Dhara. She says you have divided the house after listening to your wives, you will take me along and say you will divide me also, I don’t want to burden anyone, I will go to old age home. They say no. Dhara says you said you will always stay with me, its my mistake, my mum left me and you want to leave me, you go over my dead body. Suman stops her.

She says I won’t become a burden on you, right. Dhara says no. Suman says then I will come with you. She hugs Gautam and Dhara. She says come, the final time has come, tata, bye bye, Jai Somnath, if you miss me, then come to meet me if you want to get kids, take the address. Gautam says the room behind Pandya store. Krish says it’s a small room, how will you leave there. Suman says you have money, but Gautam has mother, house is small, but their heart is big. Nagesh comes with his family. He asks is it clear from your side. Gautam says yes, all the packing is done. Everyone thinks of their moments in the house and cries. Baghban…plays…

The lady says if the house is so beautiful, the kitchen will be more beautiful. She goes to see. Nagesh comes and asks Gautam to give the house keys. Suman gives the keys. Gautam says this is your house officially, stay happy. Suman says take me from here. Dhara says wait. She gets the idol. Nagesh says you forgot Laddoo Gopal. Suman says let him be here, he will protect this house. The kids come and cry. Suman hugs them. She asks them to enjoy a lot and trouble their parents.

She says stay happy, keep smiling. She blesses her sons. Gautam hugs his brothers. Dhara says stay happy. They all leave. Dhara’s pearl beads get stuck in the door and break. They all get sad. They leave.

Raavi and Shiva come to their house. Mittu says this house is very small, Pandya Nivas was big. She says forget it, this is our house. Dev, Rishita and kids come to their house. She says we have to start it fresh, I m sure we will get a job soon. Dev says one of us have to stay at home. She says we will keep a caretaker. Natasha thinks everyone is fighting because of me, I have to fix this.

Dhara says Pandya family got together to find Chiku and Natasha. Gautam says Hardik is getting married, he called us. Dhara says I m sure our family will reunite.

Update Credit to: Amena

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