Pandya Store 12th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Shweta insults Dhara

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Pandya Store 12th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi having a moment. Shweta comes home and knocks the door. She asks Suman to help her, Chiku is dead. She says I want money for his funeral. Dhara and Gautam are shocked to hear this. Dhara says you are lying, Chiku is alive. Suman refuses to give any money. She scolds Shweta and asks her to never come again. Dhara says I will not leave you, and catches Shweta’s neck. Dhara faints. Gautam shouts Dhara. Dhara wakes up from this dream. She sees Gautam sleeping. She looks outside and gets relieved seeing Shweta and Chiku. She goes to sleep. Shweta shivers in cold. Krish recalls Shweta and cries. Dev comes to him. Krish turns away. Dev holds him and caresses. He lies beside Krish. Jeevan ka ye pahiya… plays… Shiva comes and cries for Krish. He also lies down beside Krish. Krish acts to be sleeping and cries. Gautam comes and sees them sleeping. He recalls their childhood. He also lies down beside them. Krish sees his brothers with him and cries. He gets up. They all hug Krish.

Its morning, Shweta asks a man to drop her to the nearby hospital, her son is ill. The man asks her to sit. He says its cold, you sit close. She beats him and goes. Gautam, Dev and Shiva look on. Gautam says something is wrong. Shiva scolds the man. The man says I was helping her. Dev asks Shiva to see where is Shweta going. Gautam asks the kids where did Shweta go. The girl says she took Chiku to the hospital, he has fever. Doctor asks Shweta to take medicines from the reception. Shweta thanks her. The lady asks for 300rs. Shweta says I don’t have it. The lady asks her to take it when she has money. Shweta runs with the medicine. Nurse catches her and takes the medicines back. Shiva looks on. He buys the medicines and goes after Shweta. He calls Gautam. He says Shweta was in hurry to go to hospital, Chiku is really ill, she had no money, I took the medicines, what shall I do. Gautam asks him to come home, they will decide. He says I will get a blanket for Shweta from home, she would also feel cold. Dhara is lost. Raavi says I will do, leave it, you got me fired from job, I have nothing to do now. Rishita says she did that for your betterment, don’t scold her always. Dhara says let her vent out her frustration, its fine. Gautam comes and shouts Maa. He says Chiku is ill, Shweta has no money for Chiku’s treatment. He sees Dhara. Dhara runs. Suman asks why did you say that in front of her. Gautam says I will see her. They all run. Krish also runs to see. Shweta asks the kid to take care of Chiku. She says I will go and get milk. She goes. Dhara comes there and hugs Chiku. Shweta gets the milk. She sees Dhara. She sees everyone and shouts she is stealing my baby. The lady takes Chiku from Dhara. Shweta says beat her, this lady steals babies, don’t let her run. The people throw stones at Dhara. Gautam and everyone come there. They cover Dhara and ask the people to stop. Shiva asks them to step back. He threatens them. The people get back. Dhara sees Chiku.

Gautam asks are you fine. Dhara says Chiku… Shiva scolds Shweta. She says you get Dhara treated, she needs a doctor, remember you all got saved today, but not next time. Krish asks her to get lost. They argue. She says Chiku is my son, not of this Dhara Pandya. Dev asks her to mind her language. Gautam asks them to come. Shweta asks Dhara to accept this, she can’t become mum of anyone. Dhara cries. Everyone looks on. Shweta says neither of your own baby nor of anyone else’s baby.

Shweta says Chiku’s fever isn’t getting down. She goes to pharmacy and asks for medicines. She goes to the hospital to get help. The lady says Chiku has turned cold.

Update Credit to: Amena

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