Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Dhara rushes Raavi to the hospital

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Pandya Store 11th November 2022 Written Episode Update Dhara rushes Raavi to the hospital

Written Update

Shweta gets the pregnancy kit and is wondering how to show it to Rishita. She sees Dhara and drops the kit. When Dhara asks she tells her that she came back to get the money and is now going to get the pregnancy kit.

Raavi screams in pain. Dhara goes to help her and asks Shweta to bring the family members. Shweta says that Rishita and Ma have gone out.

Dhara takes Raavi to the hospital. Shweta thinks of another devious plan. Shiva on the other hand is going to meet someone on his bike. Raavi sees him and hides her face so that Shiva can’t see her. Raavi thinks that if she is pregnant she needs to tell the news to Shiva first.

The doctor does a thorough checkup on Raavi. He says that he is waiting for the report of blood test. Rishita comes back home and asks Shweta where Dhara and Raavi are. Shweta says that she does not know where they are. Rishita calls on Dhara’s phone and finds it in her room only.

Shweta thinks of calling Dr. Nitin who is her childhood friend. She says that she will ask him to declare her four months pregnant so that Shiva will doubt her. Rishita hears her plan and says that it is a bad one cause sooner or later Raavi will get her periods and her plan will get exposed. Shweta says that in that case she will say make the doctor say that she has aborted the child. Shweta says that she has also arranged for the pregnancy kit to frame Rishita. Rishita slaps Shweta and goes to call someone.

Shweta calls Dr. Nitin and asks if he met Dhara and Raavi. He says yes, and says that he will soon give them the good news as per her instructions.

Suman is enjoying a picnic with her friends when she sees a pregnant lady in labor pain. She decides to take her to the nearest hospital and ends up in the same hospital.

The doctor tells them that she is four months pregnant. While Dhara is pleased to hear the news, Shweta is worried about what she will tell Shiva. The doctor says that they will have to do an ultrasound to confirm it. Dhara asks the doctor to do the ultrasound. The doctor says that they will have to wait. Dhara decides to take Raavi to the ultrasound room.

Suman also reaches the hospital with the pregnant lady. Meanwhile, Rishita also reaches the hospital to act upon her plan.

The ultrasound guy tells Dhara that Raavi is having a fibroid that needs to be operated on as soon as possible. Dhara tells him that Raavi is pregnant. The ultrasound guy says that she is not pregnant.

Precap: Dhara arranges for Raavi’s fibroid surgery. Shweta tells the hospital staff to replace Raavi’s report with the one she has.


Update Credit to: KritiS

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