Pandya Store 11th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta demands Chiku

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Pandya Store 11th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone acting in front of Dev. Shiva scolds Dev. Gautam asks Shiva to leave Dev. He says he doesn’t love Raavi. Shiva says marriage is marriage. Raavi slaps Dev. She says I have respected you a lot and loved you, our relation is ending today, I will die. She cries and thanks everyone. Dhara asks Raavi not to do overacting. She says calm down, Raavi, wrong is happening with you, Dev did too wrong, is it right to give life for someone, come. Rishita says if you worry so much, then you marry Raavi. Shiva asks what. Dev says Shiva, you can marry anyone, but Raavi and I can’t stay together, I love Rishita. Suman slaps Dev. Dev says I m giving divorce to Raavi.

Rishita gives the papers. Dev signs the papers. Shiva says stop him. Dev asks Raavi to sign the divorce papers. Shiva says it’s a big decision, you don’t make this mistake. She says he doesn’t love me and loves someone else, I will divorce him. She signs. Dev says come Rishita, we will go to court and submit the document. Shiva worries. Arushi says Dhara agreed so easily, not possible, she has something on her mind, I need to figure out. Suman asks Shiva what will happen of Raavi now. She hugs Raavi. Shiva says its happening wrong. Dhara says you focus on your marriage. Shiva says with Arushi. Dhara says what will happen of Raavi. Raavi and everyone cry aloud. Suman says Shiva, what will happen of Raavi. Shiva sits thinking. Arushi unpacks her bags. Malti comes. She thinks I won’t let their lives get spoiled. Shiva sees Raavi and recalls their marriage. He says why do I see Raavi when I close eyes. He goes. She turns and doesn’t see him. Shiva is sleeping in his room. Arushi comes to meet him. He wakes up and gets shocked. She says I came to meet you, don’t worry, no one will see us. She gives him a rose and says I love you Shiva. He smiles and asks is this for me. She says we will have a romantic dance. He says I can’t do. She makes him dance. Chalo ishq ladaye…plays…

Raavi comes to his room and sees them dancing. She drops a glass. They see her at the door. He asks Raavi to leave. Raavi asks him to make Arushi out and go to sleep. He makes Raavi out and shuts the door. Raavi wakes up and says what was this dream, if Arushi really comes to meet him then… She sees Shiva sleeping. She goes. Dhara makes the rose petals ready. She prays that Shiva remembers everything. Rishita comes and hugs her. Dhara asks her to do the work. Krish asks her to check decorations. She says I will finish kitchen work. He says Shweta didn’t give the divorce papers till now. Malti calls Dhara. Dhara disconnects. Malti calls again. She says I have to talk to Dhara. Dhara says she won’t know why I agreed to Arushi and Shiva’s marriage. Rishita says she is your mum. Dhara says no, she isn’t my mum, hurry up, it’s a big day, I have to go and get Chiku’s report card, and also divorce papers from Shweta. Rishita says she won’t give divorce. Dhara says I have made something ready for her, she will give divorce. Dhara goes to Shweta and reminds her promise. Shweta says I have something going on my mind. Dhara says I knew this, so I got something for you. Shweta checks the documents. Dhara says you keep the money, Chiku has his family with him. Shweta says no, I don’t want this money, I know money is imp but family’s love is more imp, I have one request, I have freed Krish but I want my Chiku back. Dhara is shocked.

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