Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Suman forgives Dhara

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Pandya Store 11th June 2021 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Anita saying Dhara’s chapter is over, my chapter will start. She smiles. Rishita says its not Dhara’s mistake, its my mistake to get so angry, stop her. Shiva says we can’t live without her. Dev says we can breath, but we can’t stay alive, think can you stay without her. Krish asks Gautam to say something. Gautam says I love Dhara a lot, I will die without her, I won’t stop her if you want. Dev and everyone beg Suman to stop Dhara. Gautam says you can see the changes in them after Dhara punished them, Raavi used to hate Shiva, she takes a stand for Shiva today, Rishita is taking a stand for the family, she saved the entire family, she could have just saved Dev, we did this yagya for family peace and unity, our family united, Dhara is wrong in your eyes, but she has won for us, I won’t stop her if she is wrong in your eyes, I will go and drop her to the railway station. He goes.

Suman stops him. She says I don’t trust you, I will also come. Dhara sadly goes away. Suman calls her out and stops her. She says your mum had run away from the house, but I won’t give this chance to you, you are going on my saying, instead apologizing to me and convincing me, is this your ego. Dhara says I can’t go against your word, so I was leaving. Suman says you have to sit in the puja. Dhara runs and hugs her. Prafulla and Anita look on. Dhara apologizes to Suman. Anita asks Prafulla to do something. Prafulla says Rishita spoiled the game. Suman says don’t do anything such again. Everyone goes to Dhara and smiles. Suman says promise me, you won’t let my family shatter. Dhara promises her. Suman hugs the family. Yaadon ki baraat….plays….

Pandit says there is no mahurat now. Suman says real mahurat has come now. They go and do the puja. The couples do the puja. Suman blesses Shiva and Raavi to stay happy and together. Anita takes Suman’s blessing. Suman says you are in a hurry, let my sons and bahus take blessing. Suman says Rishita has become my bahu now, I m Maha Saas and Dhara is Saas. Rishita says I m really sorry. Suman says no problem. Rishita apologizes to Dhara. Dhara hugs her.

Suman asks Prafulla to click a family pic. Anita goes to stand with Gautam. Suman asks her to go away. Dhara hugs Suman. They all take pics. Anita says I will not leave Suman, she ruined my hope. Everyone dines together. Suman asks did you all make the food together. Dhara says yes. Suman says don’t lie. Rishita goes to get kheer. Dhara says sit, I will get. Rishita goes. Dev says salt is less, I will come. Gautam asks Krish to have food silently. Dev comes to Rishita. He says I have come to say sorry and thanks to you. He says sorry for saying bad things, thanks for ignoring my anger and not leaving me, else I could have not lived without you. She says I m your wife, I will stay with you. He feeds her the kheer and welcomes her in his family. Raavi serves the food to Shiva. Shiva asks did you make this food, that’s why you are serving everything to me, you are scared to serve others. Rishita laughs hearing his joke. Everyone laughs.

Raavi takes back the food. Shiva asks her to put it back. Raavi says you take it as much as you want. Suman says Shiva will eat the food as much as Raavi serves him, relations are such to balance, you will get to understand it with time. Anita stays angry. Prafulla comes to her and says I told you to forget Gautam. Anita says I know all the games, I will fool Dhara and then get Gautam, Suman is already in my favor. Dhara recalls Suman’s words. Gautam comes. He says come with me, many people are waiting for you. She asks who. He lifts her. She says anyone can see, mum is also here in the haveli. He says we know no one comes this side. He takes her to show the surprise. She asks what’s this, you said there are some people, where are they. He shows her the moon and the stars. Chand sifarish…. He says you and me, do we need anyone else.

Gautam says its not possible to manage this land property, we can sell this. Suman asks what will you do then. Gautam says it was dad’s dream to open Pandya store branches in entire country. Prafulla thinks how can Suman sell the land, it has Raavi’s share as well, I will create a drama now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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