Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update: Shweta creates a ruckus

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Pandya Store 11th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishita saying I will kill you, tell me where is Chutki. Shweta says I won’t say, ask your husband to stop the police. Dev says we won’t come in your words, police will make you admit the truth, you won’t go anywhere. He locks the door. Shweta says fine, call the police, I m bored of this cat and mouse race, I m so stubborn, I will die but not tell about Chutki. The kids ask Chutki to get up. She gets conscious and drinks water. She says thanks, you helped me, I will ask mumma to get you a chocolate. Chiku says you are daily soap heroine. Shweta says I m not scared of police and slap, I will make any excuse in front of the police. Rishita says please tell us about Chutki, I will do whatever you say. Shiva says why did I come here, I feel like I m seeing this lane after many years. He sees the Pandya store and gets emotional. He says I promise, I will not go away from here. Raavi calls him and asks did you find Mittu. He says she sent me to find Mittu, I didn’t find her, I will come home. She thinks he may get unwell seeing Shweta. She says don’t come home, go to temple and see, he would be there. He says fine.

Rishita begs Shweta. She says take away Chiku if you want. She asks Dhara to give Chiku to Shweta. Suman says yes, we will give Chiku. Dhara cries. Gautam says Chiku won’t go anywhere. Rishita asks how will we get Chutki. Dev says don’t beg her, police will make her speak. Mahesh says what’s going on here. Prerna worries. Shweta says Dhara got a chance to become a mother because of me and Chiku, what do you think, she will be ready for this exchange offer. Rishita says I will become her maid and make her give Chiku. She begs Dhara to give Chiku. Chiku asks will you come home with me, my Dadi will be happy seeing you. Natasha says no, my mom asked us not to go anywhere, you three are low standards, your clothes are stinking. Krish asks Rishita not to bend down, police will come and see Shweta. Shweta says you couldn’t understand me till now.

She argues with Prerna. Prerna says better stay in your limits, you are a disgrace to humanity. Shweta jokes on Prerna and calls her Dhara’s copy. Krish asks Prerna not to argue with Shweta. He asks Ruchi and Mahesh to take Prerna. Ruchi says come with us. Prerna says I won’t go. Shweta says wow, what a love, so cute, Krish can go to any extent for Dhara, he can leave anyone. Krish says yes, I can kill anyone. Shweta says see, I told you, very bad. He says I promise, I will sort this out and come, just go for my sake. Prerna leaves with her parents. Suman says party finish, everyone leave. Chiku says please come with me, my Dadi will love me. Shesh says you are alone here, I heard a scary man stays here, he kidnaps kids. She gets scared. Mittu hides. Rishita gets the jewellery and begs Shweta. Shweta says I don’t know any Chutki. Suman asks Rishita to let the police come. Rishita asks Dhara to do something, give Chiku and then Shweta will give Chutki. Chiku and Shesh scare Natasha. She says I m ready to go with you. Shesh says wait. He gets Matarani’s chunri for her. Suman and Dhara beat Shweta and ask where is Chutki. Rishita says stop this drama, I will see you Shweta. Shweta says I m not scared, you all can’t do anything to me until I tell about her. Police comes. Shweta worries and thinks to tell about Chutki.

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Raavi says police will see her. Shweta says Chutki is going to die, if you give me to police, then she will die wherever she is now. Everyone is shocked. Police comes home to find Shweta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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