Pandya Store 10th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara comforts Raavi

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Pandya Store 10th May 2021 Written Episode

U\\The Episode starts with Dhara explaining Dev. She asks him to control his negative thoughts, else everything will shatter, wind and storm also come in life, but they have to keep their faith strong. Shiva asks what new drama are you doing, don’t tell anything to Gautam. Krish says I won’t say. Gautam asks what are you talking, tell me, what is it. Shiva says I think he is in love. Krish hugs him and asks how did you know. Shiva asks what. Gautam asks are you really in love. Krish says yes. Gautam says your age is to study. Krish says its right time. He jokes on Gautam’s age. Shiva says first Dev and now Krish. Gautam says you will also fall in love. Shiva asks with Raavi, never? Gautam says its not impossible, you will also get your Gauri. Krish says I should also get my Radha. Gautam asks who is the girl. Krish says I don’t know, I didn’t see. Shiva asks how did you fall in love then. Krish asks Shiva to go now. Shiva goes. Gautam says come, sit with me.

Dhara says don’t think Rishita is wrong, she fought the world for you, you love her, Dev. Dev asks does love change after marriage. She says yes, responsibility gets added in love, husband has a responsibility to make a wife feel comfortable, girls leave their house and come, guys stay in their house, you understand her, your and Rishita’s happiness got a new hope for everyone, Raavi and Shiva aren’t happy, just you and Rishita got what you wished.

Raavi recalls Rishita’s words and cries. Shiva comes there and sees her. He says just I have a right to trouble you, why are you crying. He wipes her tears. He asks who has hurt you, who is your bigger enemy than me. She asks why, what will you do knowing it. He says I will kill him, just I have a right to keep enmity with you. She says Shiva, you are my only enemy, I m crying because I married you. She goes. Rishita says I will call Dev, everyone is after our love. She hears Dev calling. She goes to see. She gets scared. She shuts the window. She says ghosts don’t come in day.

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Dev says fine, I will try to make my relation better, but I won’t keep quiet if she insults you. Dhara says I did a mistake to scold her. He says no, you scolded her on mistake. She says she is already upset with me, if you also get angry, then she will be alone. Dev asks how can you do this, she insulted you, you still care for her. She says I know her feelings, you also need to understand her. He nods and hugs her.

Suman and Prafulla pass time. Suman recalls getting Anita’s call and informing her that they are going to haveli. Suman asks what, did Gautam and Dhara invite you. Anita says no, Prafulla is missing Raavi. Suman says I want to go there, I will come along, send Prafulla home. Anita says no, don’t tell her, she will not leave me. Suman says fine, I have a condition, come and help me in packing, take me along. Anita says sure, I will come. FB ends. Prafulla thinks Suman was thinking about me, she danced on my head, I will not leave you. Driver says car got fixed. They leave. Dhara comes to Raavi. She says I m sorry on Rishita’s behalf, don’t cry. Raavi says love isn’t a sin, I was in love, but I married Shiva, why does Rishita always taunt me. She cries. Dhara says don’t think so. Raavi says Shiva left me alone in between goons, why does everyone insult me, he hates me, I feel hurt, I m a human. Dhara says I can’t see you like this. Raavi says you have done all this, you got me married to Shiva. Dhara stops her and says I didn’t wish bad for you, we all love you a lot, we didn’t wish this to happen. Raavi says someone got love and I got hatred. Rishita gets scared. She hears ghugroo sound. Shiva scares her. Rishita says Dev, come soon. Shiva says you will be more terrified.

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Rishita sees Dev with Shiva. She says are they playing this prank on me. Shiva asks Krish to take a get up and scare Rishita. Krish acts possessed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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