Pandya Store 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Gautam breaks down

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Pandya Store 10th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Dhara. She gets conscious and looks at them. She cries for Chiku. Suman worries. Rishita and Raavi come to dine. They take the food. Prerna and Dhara come. They all take their food plates and go. Dhara says no one worries for Suman. She cries. She asks Gautam and Suman to come and have food. Gautam asks why did you keep three plates, where is everyone. She says they took the plates to their rooms.

Dev, Shiva and Krish think of Gautam. Gautam shouts the division has happened, what else do you want, come out and have food together for the last time. Dhara asks Gautam to sit and have food. Suman calms him down. Shesh and Natasha say we will have food with everyone. Rishita says no one will go inside, we have to make our hearts strong if we have to go. Shiva gets up. Raavi says stop Shiva, I also want to have food with everyone, but their pain will get more, don’t go please, stop. Krish says this is right for everyone, have food. Mittu and Natasha come. They ask for icecream. Dhara and Gautam hug them.

The kids make a plan and say we will hide from everyone, and not leave the house. Gautam drinks. He asks his brothers to come and have a drink with him for the last time. He gives cold drink to Krish. Natasha asks what about the food. Mittu says I will get chips, we will hide in backyard. Rishita hears them and says don’t make bad ideas. Gautam says we are shattering tomorrow, our opinions are different but destination is same, a happy family, Dhara has given you upbringing, remember that and give that upbringing to your kids. Shesh asks Rishita to say how to divide the toys. Natasha says yes, else you all will fight again. Rishita says give half to Mittu and you keep half. Gautam says I regret, I couldn’t give you a big car and big house, I tried my best. They hear the police siren. They run and hide. They laugh. Gautam cries and says I got Dhara here in this house when you all were kids, she didn’t want to have her kids because she wanted to raise you all, she said she is happy with you all, she loves you a lot, if you go, then she can’t live, please don’t go. He cries a lot. He says Dhara will die. They worry. Dev says we will take him to room. They take Gautam to room and make him sleep. They see Dhara. Shiva says Gautam made us drink, we was drinking alone. Krish says I didn’t drink, I had a cold drink. She says you should have called me to celebrate, I would have taken a cold drink, but I have no right on you all, go and pack your bags to leave in the morning. She gives their childhood Gullak.

She says its your childhood Gullak, it has your memories, not money, you used to write a note every day, why you are happy, if Gautam bought a kite, gave pocket money or cycle, when you get time, you break this Gullak and read the memories. They cry and go to hug her. She steps away. Kaise mann…plays… They sadly leave. They all stay restless. Suman cries.

Its morning, Pandya house memories are seen. Shiva says I have seen a house near the store to stay connected. Raavi says but… Prerna says we have booked the hotel, after money settlement, we will go Canada booking also. Krish says I m thinking of Suman, I want her to come with us, I know she won’t come, with whom will she stay. Shiva says you don’t tell me you have a problem with Suman. Raavi says no, she won’t stay with us. Suman looks at her house.

Gautam says I want to say something, you all divide the share of the house, can I keep Pandya store if you all have no objection. The family leaves the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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