Pandya Store 10th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Raavi and Shiva unite

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Pandya Store 10th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Raavi getting into the boxing ring. She stares at Shiva. She signs him to come up. Shiva gets into the ring and gets bashed up by her. She scolds him and punches him. She says you have sent Dhara, you wanted me to lose the job, so that I don’t have any money and return home. He says you are misunderstanding. Jankana asks Hari to have food. Hari says Shweta is living on road with her child, you said she will come, did she come, do you worry for her or not, I know what to do, I m going to find her, she will stay with us. Jankana gets Dhara’s call.

Raavi beats up Shiva and asks do you feel happy now. Shiva asks her to listen. He says give me a chance to speak, I had no problem with your job, I didn’t do anything. Dhara says your daughter is begging on the streets, your heart isn’t melting, we can’t keep her home, you can keep her, did you think of Chiku, take Shweta home, child is a child. Jankana says yes, you are right, I will forgive Shweta and get her home. Raavi says it’s a lie, you doubted me because of my job. She goes. Shiva says I had no problem with your job or your boss, you lied to me, that was hurting me, I can tolerate everything but not lies, you lied to me so that I don’t get hurt, think of me, how did I feel when I knew the truth and you lied to me, so I doubted you, you know I get angry when anyone looks at you, not because its my jealousy, its my love for you. She asks don’t I love you, Shiva. Shiva smiles. She says I lied, as I couldn’t see you hurt. He says I m see everything clearly now, please forgive me, I love you a lot, I won’t do this mistake in next 6 births. Everyone claps for them.

Kesariya….plays… Raavi cries and hugs him. She says I lost the job, if I lose my husband, then life will get boring. He asks what do you mean, he used to praise your work, how can he fire you, I will talk to him. She says no, I don’t want to go there, I will work somewhere else, I have experience. He says right, find a new job, but before that, come home with me. She says I will come, but I have a condition. Jankana and Hari look for Shweta. They see Shweta. Shweta sees them and comes to beg. They cry. Rishita says you are repeating the same mistake, you are getting emotional for Chiku. Dhara says you think I m getting mad, I m doing this by thinking well. Shiva asks will you keep a condition. Raavi says yes, I don’t want to get ousted again and again. She asks the man to give a matchbox. She lights the matchstick and asks Shiva to add on some more promises to the marriage vows. She says you will never doubt on me. Shiva promises by keeping his hand over the fire. He says you also promise me, you won’t lie and always say the truth, even if its bad and bitter. She promises. She says you will always believe me. He promises to blindly believe her. Everyone claps. They hug and thank everyone. They both compliment each other.

The man asks Shiva to keep some romance for the house, will they make everyone cry now. He says you lost and won today, such a man is called a Baazigar. He returns the money. Raavi asks why, what did he win, I have won my monkey. Shiva says no husband can win. Everyone laughs and claps. Shiva asks her to come home. Raavi holds his hand. They smile. Shweta argues with Jankana. She says sorry Chiku, we have to lose something to get something. She gets angry.

Dhara asks the kid to give the food packets to Shweta. The kid gives it to Shweta. Shweta throws it and shouts on Dhara. The lady says Gautam, Shweta is Pandya family bahu. Krish says I will divorce Shweta and end this story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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