OOPS! Did Anushka Sharma Make A FASHION BLUNDER At Wedding Reception? Her Outfit Receives CRITICISM

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When it comes to wedding of any A-lister actress, all eyes are on details – right from her wedding outfit to the decoration as well as the guest list. Something similar happened when Anushka Sharma tied knot to Virat Kohli and sent her fans & media into frenzy.

While the actress looked breathtakingly gorgeous on her wedding day, she received a lot of criticism for her Delhi wedding reception outfit – a red Benarasi saree.

In an exclusive interview to Telegraph, ace fashion designer Sabyasachi, who designed all the wedding outfits of Anushka Sharma, talks about receiving flak for Anushka’s one wedding outfit look!

Sabyasachi On How Red Benarasi Saree Came Into The Picture For Anushka’s Wedding Reception

Speaking about the same, Sabyasachi said, “For her Delhi reception, Anushka wanted to wear a sari and also sindoor. So I generally suggested to her if she would want to wear a red Benarasi.”

“For me, it was a wish fulfilment, because I have seen every Bengali bride getting married in a red Benarasi.”

Anushka Wanted To Keep It Simple

“Also, a lot of north Indian girls, especially from Uttar Pradesh, they wear a lot of Benarasi saris. What I liked about her was, it was not an inaccessible piece… a lot of middle-class and upper-middle-class girls can also wear a Benarasi sari.”

Anushka Didn’t Want Anything ‘Exclusive’

Sabyasachi revealed that, “What excited me about this is – this is how clothing should be. A lot of people want to go for things which are exclusive, but Anushka was very inclusive.”

Anushka Wanted To Stay Connected With Her Traditions

“She wanted to wear something that was part

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