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A Wonderful Evening..!! Colourful decorations..! A huge Auditorium..Covered with Thousands of Crowd..!! Just 1 word is repeating from everyone’s mouth..That is Abhishek Jain..!!!
“Welcome ladies and Gentlemen..! Welcome to SUPERBIKE CHAMPIONSHIP LEAGUE..!! As we all know about the Success of our Champion of Bike Razing..! Today We gathered here TO Felicitate The Champion of Champions of Super Bike rizing 2017..!! Let’s Honourly Invite Our Champion of the year…MR.ABHISHEK JAIN..!!! Plz give a big Applause..!!! “Announced The host
All are eagerly waiting to see their Rocking Raising Rider..!!

Just then, A cool young man with smartly dressed up in his 3 piece suit, A perfectly trimmed hair and with Bright Smile on his face… comes to the stage..Entire Crowd roaring with Crazy after Seeing their Rocky Rider..! They r eagerly waiting for the Felicitation!! Just then, A Judge came and announced the Name of Fame.!! And about to felicitate him
But Abhi stopped and requested them to give an Opportunity to reveal something infront of Entire World.!! They accepted his request and Awaiting to hear what their Rider want to say..what to share with them…

Abhishek came and took his mike and say’s”Good Evening ladies and Gentleman..! First I would like to honor the Great Legends who r here with Me ,my fans and Friends who are The biggest support system for me..!! Now, I want to share the Most Important Thing in my Life..! which was Not known to anyone !!”
“Abhishek Siddhanth Jain! A Super Bike World Champion..!!!” I just longing to hear this from The whole World..!!!
Yes, It’s My Dream ..It’s My Only Dream! Which I want to achieve in My Life..! Which I want to hear in my life..!! Which is my One and Only Life Ambition
Being the Only heir Of “Jain Inventions ” A Multinational Company…I have many pressures to take up My Family Business..But,I could not..My Heart is at some where waiting to Achieve some thing

But, I have my separate supportive wing in which My elder Bother Shivaay singh Oberoi was there..! Yes, Shivaay Singh Oberoi..! He’s my aunt’s son..My Biggest Support system since childhood..!
After lot of struggles and facing many Family blackmails… Shivaay convinced my Dad Mr.Sidhanth Jain about my Passion and Finally I got an approval for continue ! Though My Dad is is very friendly …But, As a great Businessman..My dad has a deal with me that, to took up Family Business..!! If I would lose in Champion ship title! For which I too agreed ….
SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPINSHIP 2017..!! This season is being contested over 26 races at 13 locations… This New journey of mine brings a lot of excitement, Happiness in my Life..! Which I’m longing for…

My biggest Inspiration was Mr.Mahesh Ahujaa!! A Bike Rizing Champion..!! his words..his ideas..his inspiring words …everything of him make me very Ambitious..!! His ideologies..his Goals everything were so similar to mine… I really got amused by listening about his only daughter..who is also a Bike Rider..!! but I never got any information about her as she never wants to expose in public..!!

I still remember the Memorable Incident which took place in just 10 months ago..
Flash back starts….!
It’s just 2 days, for my next Riding session which gonna take place near Dehradun..!! Unfortunately, My Father had a stroke…! I rushed to him and take care of him….That day, I’m in very confusing state what should I do now? Hw to handle my situation? Before, I never pay any attention towards any one when it comes to my Goals and Dreams..!! But, now I can’t neglect my father!! I can’t leave him when he needs his son more at this time..!!
I’m just thinking what to do ..suddenly I Sensed a hand on my shoulder and turns to see My Dad is standing with a smile on his face…!! He say’s”Abhi! If something is bothering u…u can share with me beta..!!” I felt happy but I tried to convince him that nothing is there…
He say’s”Abhi! I know that ur riding session is gonna start…now ur in dilema being with ur Goal or To be with ur Father..!! I really don’t have any problem..what ever u choose…but just remember 1 thing…A father can’t able to bear that he is the reason for his child’s failure..!!! Now, it’s up to u..! whether to see ur Father as A father of Bike champion..! Or An ordinary father…!!” and left from there

His words really made me to awake from My Dilemaa..! I hugged him and poured my heart out and finally, Called My family to look after him…and left to Dehradun..


Riding has started and I mange to ride high paths and finally stood first,..! All Crowd r encouraging and Congratulating me….Just then, I saw a Young lady ! She ‘s in her white kurti and jeans ..he long hair is dancing by air..and her bright eyes r shooting me out…I just get’s mesmerized seeing her beauty..she’s seated with her friends in a line and talking to them by watching my race…
Finally, After completing raze She came to me for Autograph and introduced her self.. just then, I GET’S SHOCKED to find SHE’S HANDICAPPED..!! but her Smile..her Self confidence make me amused…Her Name is Pragya Ahuja..!!
I came to know She is an member of SUPERBIKE WORLD CHAMPINSHIP Association…By which we both had so much of time being together..to know about each other..!! Unknowingly we become Best Friends..!!

We used to Visit so many Riding competitions together..but Unknowingly a negetive vibe starts growing in me…Pragya is more most Brilliant than me..She handles every situation very Maturely…in fact just this fact has hurted my Ego badly…Pragya used to rome everywhere in her Electrical Wheel Chair and talks to everyone…She has full Knowledge regarding Bike Rides, Car Rides and knows every technique.. Everything very well… She used to say everyone’s mistake to rectify them..but I used to cutoff her from speaking further and starts behaving like She’s not at all a worthy person..! She don’t know anything about Riding being a Handicapped..!! Sometimes, I have hurted her by pointing her that she cant do anything without Anyone’s support..! I can sense her tears but I don’t want to get bother of it..!!
Later, I went to my Hometown to spend some quality time with my Family..! I enjoys my family company very much …Shivaay bhaiyya too joins me with his cousins Om and Rudra to whom I shared Many Memories from Childhood..!!

Unknowingly, I starts neglecting Pragya..! She used to wait for my call for hours..She used to call me..but I just ignore her completly…Gradually, A big Communication Gap strats increasing b/w us with my Cousin Tanu’s entry in my Life..!! I get’s Attracted to Tanu..! and want to be with her always..
After 15days , Finally I came back to Delhi to met Pragya…! She’s so happy to see me after long time..but I can sense sadness in her eyes,,..but I ignored it.
Later, we have to go for a Night party..! In which I have Insulted Pragya very hardly and broken her..!! But being an Insane I just can’t able to identify my Mistake..!!

Pragya is waiting in a park for Abhi since past 2 hrs….Abhi came to her and seated beside her..
P:Abhi! U seems very busy these days…May I know why?
A: It’s nothing yaar..Just spend some quality time with family and Tanu..!! It’s very nice experience..!!
P:Abhi! May I ask u something..?

A: hmm..go on [ by looking through his phone..]
P:Abhi! I came to know that U r not willing to participate in Trail Rounds?? Why?
A: Common pragya! Off course why should I have to participate in trails..Though I’m winning in Race??
P:Yes, I know U can Win..but Abhi hw will u get practice if u not participate in Trails??
A:See Pragay! I can manage myself..kk.. ya..i fogot to say..here Ur Gift for ur B’day..sry I just forgot to wish u..
P:Thank u… I have waited for ur call…Anyways, just think once about trail participation ….plz
A: kk will see..anything else?[ still looking towards his phone]
P: Abhi..i want to ask something…
A: hmm..yaa

P: did I hurt u in any means??
A: No..why r u asking?
P:Abhi did I embarrass u? did I hurt u?? why r u avoiding me these days??
A:Its nothing yaar..i said I’m busy with my family and friends…
P:Am i not ur friend? Plz tell me truth Abhi..!! Plz
A: Pragya why r u behaving like this?? I said na I’m busy with my family…why can’t u understood?? What happen to u?
P: becoz, ur negligence and silence is killing me…Abhi!!
A: Just stop it! I’m not neglecting u..kk Ur becoming over smart by ur charm…!! U just want to tell u r more most great than me..right??

P:Abhi! What happening to u? why r u talking like this?
A: It’s just because u..I’m speaking like this…U always tries to make me feel low in front of u…U just..U just became a Burden to me..!! I just thought u as a friend though knowing u r Handicapped..But U..U never care about anyone..!!
P:Just shut Up!! Just shut up! Mr.Abhishek Jain..! What did u say? U become my Friend by seeing my state? That means U sympathized with me..!! I really don’t know that ur thinking so low about me…But, I never regret by being a Handicapped..! I never felt bad about my Condition..But Today, I’m feeling hurt for choosing a friend like u..! What did u say? I’m becoming A Burden on u right? But I’m sry Mr.jain…I never wanted to be a burden to some one in my Life..!! It’s over know…I though ur different from all but I was wrong..!!

Saying this Pragya left from there with tears filled eyes..While Abhi seated frastitely broken his phone..
IT’S BEEN 2 MONTHS, I left Pragya….I can’t say that I’m happy..! I still missed her…Her Words..Her Eyes..her Presence..Everything…But My so called Ego is not ready to accept this fact..!!
I felt very frustrated when remembering our comforting part…and get’s angry on pragya that why she can’t understood me..?? why?
At the same time, I reached to Head Office of SUPERBIKE Riders to meet my Spouncers and got A BIG SHOCK OF MY LIFE..!
I saw Pragya’s pic who is in Rider costumes..! I enquired about her and came to know She’s A Bike Rider!! And The Daughter Of Mr.Mahesh Ahuja..! My inspiration…!! And She had lost her Legs in an Deadly Accident which took place during her Race..!!
I felt earth under my feet is moving on…I couldn’t able to believe that I have left the same girl whom I want to meet in My LIFE..!! Damm Abhi!!
After 10 days, A deadly Incident took place in my Life too … When I’m On Riding Suddenly, I lost my grip and fell down from a height of 150 mtrs….Soon I got Admitted in Hospital…and My friends informed my family about my condition…!


It’s been a Week, I’m under Observation….It’s just 1 week left for main event…! But Doctor words r killing me..he said that My lower part had a major impact and I should discontinue my Riding Goal..becoz, If I would continue to ride I may lose my Legs for Life time..!! and will struck to Wheel Chair..!!
I felt very alone and sad..No one there to console me and Boosted me …Just then, My dad came to me and said ”Abhi! Now, it’s high time…I can’t lose u for u Damm Goal..!! plz…Just stop it here…U r not going to participate in any competition…U will join Our Business…! Plz I can’t able to see My son seated in A Wheel Chair for Life Long..!!” and left from there..

I felt everything dark in my life.. At that Time, a small ray of hope came in my life in the form of my Pragya..!!
Shivaay bhayya came inside room by taking Pragya with him..I stares her and was numb…I can’t even face her and feels guilty to left her…
I turns my head to other side and stares at ceiling…Pagya came to me in her electric wheel chair and slowly starts caring my hairs…her touch is feeling me safe and peace…

She say’s”Abhi! Mei yaha tujhey apni sympathi dikaney nehi ayuhu..!! mei bass Apni Rocking Rider ko ek bar dekney ayahu…Ziss ki har sapna Rizing sey judtahai..!! Abhi! Mei nehi Zanthi ki terey dimag mei kya chalrahahai…tum kya karna chahithi ho..phar ithna zaruur zanthi hu ki..Meri Abhi ithni zaldi haar nehi mansakthi..!! Ha..Tum ithni jaldi haar Nehi Manungi..!! Tum Ladungi…!! Merey saath apni sapno ko hasil karney kehliyeh Ladungi tum..!!! Ladungi na?”
[ Abhi! I came here not to show my sympathi tawards u..but Just to see My Rocking Rider for whom every dream is of Racing..!! I really don’t know what’s going on ur mind..and What u want to do..But I know that My Abhi never accept defeat soon..U will face it and Fight it..!! U wll Fight along With me to reach ur Dream..Will u support me?] she asked me with a hope….My tears starts escaping from my eyes…she make my head turns to her side…

She continues” Abhi! Mei hameysha teri har ek Zeeth mei Apni zeeth dekthi auhu..!! Phar Abb bass Ithna kehna chathi huki…Tum iss Rizing mei participate karungi…! Tum inmey jeethungi..yaa harunjavungi..eh tho mei nehi zanthi..phar ithna zarur zanthi ki..iss waktha tujhey kisis bhi saharey ki nehi..balki Himmath ki zarurathhai..issliyeh Agar tum iss riding mei zeethlugi..tho terey saath mera bhi sapna purahojayeh ga..!! Aur Agey kya hoga ..eh hum dhono milkey samna karengi..!! Agar tum jeethu yaa Haru..agar tujhey kuch bhi hojayehna..tho teri zimmadari meri hogi..!! Mei kabhi tujey akehla nehi chodungi..!!Aur jehsey meiney kudko sambhala tha na..Esahi tujhey bhi sambhalungi..!! Aur eh mera Vada hai..!!”

I have seen broken state of Abhi..! It’s breaking me when I saw My loved one is struggling inside himself..Not knowing a path to travel…He just looks like a child who is lost in an Isolated Area..!! Who don’t know where to go and to whom.. His heart is filled with fear…!!
I promised Abhi that If anything happens to him …I will not leave him..becoz, I know the pain of Failure..!! I know that pain..When U loose to win ur Goal..!! Ur Ambition..!!!
“Jiss gham sey mei guzarchikiyu…mei nehi chahta ki meri Abhi bhi ussi dukkha ka samna karey..!! kyu ki mei janthi hu…Insaan kitha bhi stong kyu na ho..Phar agar whoo apni Mazil sey haarzatha hai..Tho Whoo Tutjatha hai..!! Agar whoo Apni Manzil ko jeeth jatha hai..tho whoo Apni Zindagiseybhi jeethjayehgi..!!

Iss Race mei Abhi jeethey yaar Haarey…phar Agar
iss geeth sey Unko zindagi geeneyka Himmath milthi hey..tho mei bhi unko support karungi..!
[ I really don’t want Abhi to face the same sorrow which I have faced in my life..!! Becoz, I know ..Hw much strong can be a person ..but If he lose his goal ..he will breaks down..! If we wins then, this Satisfaction will remain with him for life long..That’s why Though I don’t know what’s gonna happen..But I want Abhi to fight..! I will support him..!] It’s a chance..Which I have to take for sure..!! For Abhi’s happiness..!!

Iss race mei agar Abhi zeethgayi tho Unko appni sari zindagi ek wheel chair mei betneyka gami/ dukk nehi hoga..!! kyu ki unko himmath aur sukun miltahai Apni Zeeth ki..!!Agar usey kush hogayana..Tho jehsey mei Kudkoo ithni din sey Sambhala..wesey Abhi ko bhi sambalungi..!! Kyu ki mei Unkey Pyaar karthi hu…!! Whoo mujhey karu yaa na karu..phar mei unsey beintaha pyaar karthihu..Aur karthirahungi..!!

[If Abhi would Win in this Race..Then, He will fulfill his Dream which is Mine too..!!Then, he will never regret to be in A Wheel Chair in rest of his life..!!As he will get Satisfaction of Achieving his Goal..!If any thing will happen to him..Then, In which way I have deal with my self..In the same way I will be with Abhi..!!Becoz, I love him..!! I don’t know whether he Loves me…But I Loved him and Keeps Loving him for rest of my Life.!!] POV ENDS…..

She slowly hold my hand tightly with a smile and left from there when Shivaay bhayya came to take her….She turns back and say’s”I will be waiting for u Abhi!!”
Riding Zone:
Pragya is waiting for Abhi with her friends and Super Bikers team…Just then, Shivaay came with Abhi who is in wheel chair…and took him to participates section..!!
Abhi slolwy stood with Shivaay’s help and went inside to wear his axcesseries ..!!

I saw Abhi coming out fully ready as a bike rider..!! He looks much energetic as always..His cool smile which always on his face is still present today..Unknowingly, I feel happy and peace seeing my Rocking Abhi back…! I just admiring him….
Abhi came towards me and kneeldown to my height and cupped my face…
He smiles and say’s”Thank u ..Pragya!! for Everything …becoz, I just get lost from my path..! It’s U ..who bring me again in my path..!! Thank u…and I promise U gonna see Ur Rocking Abhi..today..!! Ajj tak meiney terey liyeh kuch nehi laya hu..phar aaj lavunga..!! Tereyliyeh Super Bike Championship Trophy lavunga..!!!”
He said by looking in to my eyes ..! I felt blessed to see my Abhi back..! Whom I loved to core..!!

Abhi slowly stood up and about to leave but he again turns to me and sak” Pragay! Kuch bhi hojaye ..Will U will be there for Me?” by extending his hand in front of me…
I smiled and pulled him down and cupped his face and say’s”Kabhi naa bola kya??” said while hitting my head to his playfully..Abhi cupped my face and smiles at me happily..
Soon, He went to Riding Zone..Where his First Love..! His KTM RC 390 Bike is waiting for him desperately…!! Abhi starts his race with full determined face…!
Lastly, He won the Race..and Stood as “ SUPERBIKE CHAMPION “ infront of my eyes..!! He runs to me and lifts me in his Arms and seeing me lovingly and kissed my forehead…While I just leaned towards his chest happily..!!
Now, I honorably Want to Invite..Ms.Pragya Mahesh Ahuja on stage..Plz give her a Big Applause..!!
Pragya came on stage in her wheel chair and holds My hand…I turn to her and say’s[ in mike]” I Truly thinks This Trophy Belongs to her..!! Because, Without her..I’m not able to achieve this..I’m not capable of this…Today, I’m proudly Dedicating This Trophy to my Inspiration Mr.Mahesh Ahuja!! “ saying this I passed Trophy into Pragya’s arms…
Pragya with happy tears holds the Trophy and signs me to give her Mike..She took her Mike and say’s

“Good evening Ladies & gentlemen and The Great Legends who r seated here..!! Today , A girls dream got fulfilled..! Not only mine..Today, Many Handicapped Riders Dream got fulfilled By this Trophy..!!This Trophy proves that A Rider will Never lose his Race…! This Trophy Is an Answer for those People who Thinks Handicapped People can’t worth any more..!! But Today, My Love has Proven Them Wrong..!!Today, I proudly want to say Though we r Handicapped But, We r Riders..And Will Remains As Riders for Rest of Life..!!Today, I have Achieved My Dream in the form Of Abhi..!! Not only Me but my Fathers too..!! When I saw Abhi for the first time…I have seen My father in him..His craziness of Riding ..His Dedication to Win..Everything remains be of My Father..!!
I thought I’m seeing My reflection in him…That’s why I have seen My Achievement in His Achievement..!! Today, I ‘m feeling peace..My father would be Happy by this Trophy..!! This is For U Dad..!! and I want to Thank Mr.Abhishek for fulfilling my Dream and Also the Trust which I have kept on him..!!” said Pragya while seeing Me lovingly…

“Thank u Pragya! But I want to ask something from u Today…Before these All people..!! May I?” I said while seeing Pragya
I hugs her and ask’s” Do u Love me?? I mean I never proposed u in a perfect way…but still I’m asking Do u Love this Insane Man?”
Pragya smiles and say’s” I DON’T NEED CHEESY THINGS! I LOVE U ..JUST HOLD MY HAND AND TELL ME…I’M HERE FOR U..!!” while leaning towards my Chest happily..
“Not me..! You should promise me that What nonsense I doo..but U will Never leave this Insane ’s Hand.!! plz?” said while extending my hand towards her…

Pragya smiles and holds my Hand and say’s” I love this Insane..! That’s why I will never leave him..!! Today, This INSANE has proven himself ..! He feels me Proud and Make my Dream true..!! Thank u Abhi!” she said with a smile.
“Thank u..It’s becoz Of u I have Realized My path..!! I can’t live without u…I LOVE U..PRAGYA!! Will u Marry me?? It’s not becoz, I’m sympathize with u..But I truly Love u..!! I’m sorry for everything..But I’m requesting u..Plz Marry me Pragya!” saying this I Kneel down in front of her…
Pragya cupped my face with tears and nodes Yes with Happy tears and Soon we composed into a Passionate Kiss!!
Whole Auditorium filled with Applauses and Finally we become One….!


Uss din key badh..mer Zindagi mei Meri Pragya rangosey bari hai..!! Ajj merey pass Trofy sey zyada keem thi chees hai..whoo eh ki …Meri Pragya ka Pyaar ..!! Aur Meri Pragya ka Saath !!Teri Mamma!!! [From That Day, My Pragya has filled many Colours in My Life.!! Today, I has Very Precious thing than Trophy i.e; My Pragya’s Love..!! My Pragya’s support..and Ur Mamma’s Love..!!
“Abb hogaya story..!! Abb tho kaloo..plz..!!” Abhi begs in front of a cute li’ll baby boy of 2 yrs..who is not opening his mouth and playing by pulling his papa’s t-shirt and smiles at him…
“What’s Going on here??” asked Pragya who just came there in her wheel chair with Abhi’s coffeee…!
“Ma….m…m…a..!!” lill boy giggles seeing his mom back and expends his li’ll hands to take him…!Pragya smiles seeing him..
“Mamma ki chamchey!!” said Abhi with fake pout while placing Aneesh into Pragya’s lap..While pragya happily took her baby in embrace and kissed him…

“Tag gaya mera beta..!! appki long story sunnkey..!! hey na Ansh?” asked pragya to Aneesh while passing his Feeder
Abhi smiles and Hugs His Two Loves of Life and shares a Family hug with them..!!

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