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Hello Peeps… How are you all??? I am really sorry for delay in declaring result but few things come up and kept me busy and late I was(And yet) down with viral fever, but now here I am with the result. The post for which all are waiting eagerly.

TOP 10 Entries

  • Entry 3 Fanficwriter (SSEL) (554) (By mistake in haste I’ve swiped both entries in previous article)
  • Entry 6 Sawji (KKB) (444)
  • Entry 8 Anagha (IB) (288.5)
  • Entry 3 Ananya (IB) (244)
  • Entry 3 Optimistic (JNDSD) (232.5)
  • Entry 7 Mansi (IB) (225)
  • Entry 2 Devihaa (ESS) (194.5)
  • Entry 7 Prathi (KKB) (193.5)
  • Entry 1 Farie (KKB) (189)
  • Entry 5 Dessertqueen (IB) (185)

Now time for winner as you all can conclude from the top 10 entries but here come twist only 50% of their reader vote is counted for this and remaining 50% is given by we admins so winner with their revised points are

https://www.tellyupdates.com/air-serials-competition-suhani-si-ek-ladki-entry-3/ By Fanficwriter (SSEL) (326)

https://www.tellyupdates.com/air-serials-os-competition-kumkum-bhagyaentry-6/ By Sawji (KKB) (269)

https://www.tellyupdates.com/air-serials-competition-ishqbaaz-entry-3/ By Ananya (IB) (169) (Dear you are to much lucky as you won by 2.5 points from 3rd entry of top 10) 🙂

So these are the winners Congratulations peeps… And thanks a lot all of participants for supporting us… And we’ll be back with more fun very soon and yeah I am sorry if I’ve onw any mistake all this while…

Cya all soon… 🙂

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