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Hello peeps… ?? How are you all??? We are so much happy with all of your response and now time for you all participants to rest.

So we’ve received your entries and now how we’ll move further that is most asked question by almost participants so here your answer is we 6 admins will post serial wise entry from our personal account.

Nansshivika :- Ishqbaaz
Tulasi :- Dil Boley Oberoi
Saba :-Swabhiman
Anah :- Kumkum Bhagya
Mystery_Me :-Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi
And rest all by me.

Now time for Information of voting

Strictly for writers you can vote on your entry but don’t try to give any kind of hint to any one that, that entry is yours (Let’s have fair competition peeps… ☺☺☺) and readers you’ve to comment ‘I vote for it’ (this comment only will be count as vote) and in same comment you’ve to rate that OS out of 10 (don’t give more then 10 else that point won’t be count).

As I said earlier first 20 but now we cut it to 10 so Top 10 entries will be selected by reader’s view and then… (Yet this is secret…) ???

Time for Prize

1st winner :- Your interview will be taken and there will be no barrier on your entry in next competition means you don’t need to worry for entry deadline. And shout out of one of your work will be done in my one work.

2nd winner :- Your interview will be taken and there won’t be any barrier in your entry in next competition means no need od worrying for entry deadline.

3rd winner :- Your interview will be taken.

Hope everyone’s every question is answered now and doubts are solved nie still you’ve any doubt then drop comment or PM me(only).

Good morning to all. Have a nice day… ☺☺☺

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