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The story starts from where Tanu called Purab and told him that till the time they will reach there it will be too late and Purab told to Pragya about the situation they drive towards the hotel where Tanu and Abhi are and all the way Pragya thought

“Why it is happening with me? Why? What mistake I had done? That I have no right over my life itself the only thing which I have to do is to save my companion my partner is it truly a life one year of my marriage spent in tolerating all problems created by my sister-in-law her friend and my Husband yes he created the problems for me but they were unknowingly he never knew that what is the truth and what is a lie whatever his sister told him was truth for him always this is the only thing happened with me when finally I fell in love with him and when I was starting fighting for him against his so called girl-friend then an unusual thing happened until this day I was the one getting into the problems and now for the first time he got into the problem which was a created mess by me yes I do remember I was the only one who forced that child on him I was the only one who did this but then, when I realized that it was not true I was the only one who made him escape too we were finally together after a struggle of one year for our love but I think fait never wants us to be together that’s the reason that the trap of death which was made for me by his enemies, he got trapped in it and resulted into a major accident he survived luckily but his memory has lost now and according to him I am just his secretary but still I have to manage my duties, duties of a wife irrespective of the fact that I am not his wife now but still I have to do so why!!! Because his dadi wish me to do so, his Dadi… how can I forget her she has every time thought of his grandson and never about others don’t know why I am here don’t know why I came back don’t know why my fate made me to meet him again why do my work is only to protect him from his enemies why anybody can’t think that I am a human being I can also feel pain I can also be happy everyone only use to see that he is in problem why they never thought that I can be in problem too and his girlfriend I don’t know why she is so obsessed with him now I am tired of this chase of saving him and fighting for my love I want peace now my life has just became a game of run and chase I am running behind everyone and chasing everyone who can harm him now I want to run from myself it’s too much I have decided this will be the end of this run and chase here I will never go back from there yes we are going to save him but I will never go back with him because I want to live alone live where these tensions are not with me live there where I can get time for myself where I can meet myself this is it I don’t know how I will survive but it is sure I will not return there”

And with a sudden break the car stopped and she came out of her thoughts

Pragya: what happened Purab

Purab: di we reached at our destination

Pragya: let’s go then

Both entered into the hotel and asked about Abhi but staff denied, Purab asked again and again but staff was continuously denying then Purab called Police there and when Police raid there and arrested Abhi and Tanu, Purab and Pragya went to bail Abhi, Pragya left with Abhi as Purab was doing some formalities when Pragya was managing Abhi her thoughts were still there she was admiring him smilingly he was still in effect of drug she thought “I know you are not in your senses and you can’t even remember what was happened and will not remember too because no one is ready to tell you the truth that what the reality actually is, I can tell you but now I don’t want to do so as forgetting everything made you start your life from beginning and now I don’t want to remember past anymore so I have to take this step I am not going back with you my love I can’t because now I am tired of doing all this and playing the run and chase game so let’s end this here you have to go back alone” Abhi was still drugged when she started searching for something in car

Abhi: Oooh… Fuggy doll what are you searching

Pragya smiled: nothing just searching yours and mine independence and end of all this

Abhi: Independence Day Fuggy lol you will fly with those balloons which we use to leave on that day poor fuggy

She smiled widely and got back to work again as till then Abhi was in his unconscious state she finally found a paper and pen in car which was in one of the Purab’s file she took it and started writing it as she found that time suitable because Purab was still inside completing paper work she wrote a note and keeping it on the windshield of car she went from there after few minutes Purab came out and looked for Pragya when he found Abhi sleeping that was the time when he found a note which was written by Pragya and after reading it he felt extremely guilty as there was written “PURAB I AM TIRED NOW AND WANT TO GO FROM HERE I KNOW YOU THINK YOURSELF AS MY BROTHER AND DON’T THINK I KNOW YOU ARE MY BROTHER AFTER BULBUL SO BROTHER YOUR SISTER IS SAYING TO YOU THAT DON’T TELL ANYONE THAT WHERE I WENT I KNOW YOU ALSO DON’T KNOW BUT BELIEVE ME WHERE I WILL BE I WILL BE PERFECTLY FINE DON’T TRY TO SEARCH ME AND DON’T TRY TO REMIND HIM ANYTHING ABOUT ME YOUR SISTER PRAGYA”

He was fully shattered after reading it and was again and again thinking that “Why he never did anything for her every time if anyone who was suffering with him or beside him it was her not anyone else and I was along with others thinking about his problems” with those thoughts he drove off towards Mehra Mansion and narrated the whole matter to Dadi but didn’t told that where did Pragya went when she insisted he lied that “she went to her friend’s home” as he was one of the believable to Dadi she didn’t asked further but Sarla ma was still not satisfied with his answer so when at night he was dropping them to home she asked about the truth and Purab can’t lie to her so he told the matter

Sarla: she took such a big step and never told us and more than that she didn’t took any stuff with her how would she be living

RS Dadi: leave it Sarla it is good that finally she thought of moving forward instead of sticking back and crying all the time I don’t want to know where is she until I know my granddaughter is fine

Sarla: I think you are saying right maa

Purab: I also agree maa this should be happened long back at least now she will be away with such conspiracies

Sarla nodded in yes and soon they reached home


It was next day when Purab entered Mehra Mansion and seen that Dadi was sitting in the hall being panicked when he enquired about the matter Dadi told him that “Abhi still didn’t gained his conscious” this was something which shouldn’t be happen he was still clueless what happened to him when doctor came out and told them about the matter that Abhi was drugged and he is in that affect still as the medicines which he is getting he took them also so it became overdose and that strike in Purab’s mind that the doctor who is treating him said that the medicines are not those which can react like this and are not of high dose too then how can Abhi face a situation like this he immediately thought to confirm this all with doctor and the doctor again said the same that medicines are not of heavy dosage, but Purab was still not convinced so he took the samples of medicines which Abhi was taking to the same doctor and there he got the biggest shock the medicines were not those which doctor was giving to him they were changed and it was confirmed by Doctor itself. He didn’t took even a minute to conclude that it is done by none other than Aliya he hurriedly went towards his car and thought to mock at Aliya then something came into his mind and he again went back to Doctor and requested him to call him whenever the dose need a change Doctor agreed, Purab went back to the Mansion and cleverly changed the medicines which were been given to Abhi not for the recovery but for not remembering anything and make sure that he shouldn’t remember all his past too and now Purab hope that if his plan worked then everything will get back to its place soon…

About a month was spent and Purab’s plan was successful somehow as now Abhi was slightly remembering his past but till his marriage only after that it was a complete blank point for him until he went to Lonavla when he entered in flat he found something unusual and felt un easy he was getting continuously flashes of the day when they met last time and thinking a lot leaded to finally remembering him everything…

At evening when Purab came back Abhi was seated on the couch resting his head at back he was telling him something when Abhi asked him something which leaded into the complete shock for him because he asked that “Purab where is Pragya!!!” Purab was confused a bit then asked him “Who Pragya Abhi??” Abhi smiled a bit and said “I forgot her due to reason and everyone got reason to get free from her” Purab in confused tone asked “what are you talking about” Abhi answered “I remember everything Purab no need to hide from me just tell me where is she I want to meet her” he understood that he remembered everything now so he narrated all the incidents took place after his amnesia and how Pragya left without telling to everyone that where exactly she is going listening everything carefully he said to him “so she finally took a strong step against all this (taking a deep breath) I will search for her but first we have to clear some old accounts lets go Purab” Purab and Abhi left for Mehra Mansion and there Aliya and Tanu were enjoying their party which they kept before the marriage of Abhi and Tanu. Tanu looking at Abhi ran towards him and hugged him saying “I miss you” Abhi smirked and said “I missed you and my child too” Tanu was taken aback from his words Aliya being confused asked “Bhai what are you saying” Abhi said “They will tell you better Aliya” that was the time when cops entered and Nikhil was also with them Aliya didn’t took time to conclude that his memory was back Abhi said “Now ask these cops that what have you done they will tell you in detail as now the case is strong and you have enough time to know what have three of you done because I have filed attempt to murder case against you three and that also for me and my wife who is missing after that accident Tanu yelled “you are lying she was here with us about a month ago she is not lost” Abhi smirked and said “Who knows Tanu I don’t remember my past I just remember till that accident and after that my wife is missing that’s what I know” he said that and Purab asked the cops to take them along with them Abhi’s culprit got punished finally and mission searching Pragya was started


Months passed like this years passed and there wasn’t a single clue about Pragya until Abhi went for a charity concert yes he went for a concert which was more of a charity and it was to be held in Rajasthan he was all ready and set for it with a hope that he have to go and find Pragya after this but something else was written in his destiny when he was performing he saw a familiar face behind the stage and a big smile formed over his face it was because he saw her finally he saw her after couple of years she was in front of him but will she recognize him or she have really moved on these thoughts were going on his mind when he ended the concert and went in search of her he asked few peoples crew members who were working there and finally got the address she was working here as an assistant to a professor and when he saw her he was here in his concert so was she he didn’t wasted time and hurriedly drove off to the address it was the time of mid night when Pragya heard a knock on the door she went to open it as it was dark night nothing was visible there she asked “Who is there” and a familiar voice reached her tearing the silence of darkness that was “You promised me you will never leave me and I promised you I will never leave you then why you left me just like this” she was familiar to that voice and her heart beat was raising imagining it is Abhi she immediately went in and put on the door light and looking at the person she was stood numb as it was really Abhi breaking the silence he said “If you would have left me earlier then my memory would have come back long ago or you must have hit me on my head hard that my memory would have come back long ago” she smiled and laughed with teary eyes he smiled and said “won’t I get a hug from my love” she nodded in yes and gave him a bone crushing hug finally two hearts become one in all means



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