new competition| STORY FOR KUMKUM BHAGYA

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The story starts with tanu lighting the candles and decorating the room.she thinks , today no one can seperate ya are only mine..suddenly abhi’s phone rings.she sees the caller id and it’s purab. She thinks that abhi is not here and can taunt purab for taking pragya’s side. She attends the call and purab in eager tone ,abhi..where you are..tanu laughs to which purab understoods it’s tanu.
PURAB in anger ,give the phone to abhi..
Tanu laughs saying i am here right..tell me what you want to say..
Purab, I want to talk with abhi and not with you..where is he..give to him..

Tanu, woh. .purab. .abhi is in washroom. .should I give him by entering in..but it will be not be nice right..purab,tum ..tanu,kya. can’t do anything..better console your di and cuts the call. Purab tells this to pragya ,dadi anf pragya says lets go there purab and we have to stop this. They both leaves from there and dadi prays to god to be with pragya.

Tanu makes abhi to drink and he lost his sense when tanu dances s*xy and pulls abhi over her but abhi thinks that it’s pragya and starts to dance with her.
Purab’s car gets breakdown and purab calls the mechanic.pragya is praying to god that nothing should happen to abhi.

When abhi was about to kiss tanu they heard a knock at the door. Tanu cursed the person opens the door. She was shocked to see police at the doorstep. The police arrests abhi and tanu while the press and media snaps pictures of them. Purab and pragya reaches the police station to see abhi blabbering to the another man inside with him. PRAGYA runs to him while abhi calls fuggie and says he is very hungry …where she went..purab says let’s speak to the inspector first and both was about to leave when abhi holds pragya’s hand saying you will come soon right.pragya assures him and both talks with the inspector. PRAGYA says she is his wife and shows their marriage photos and certificates . The inspector asked her to take abhi and pragya takes abhi with her. PURAB too helps her and both makes him to sit . PURAB, di. .better you go home directly ..I will come after finishing formalities. PRAGYA, but purab..he is..purab,di. .you have to..please..and pragya nods her head. Tanu calls aliya and tells that she is in police station and asked her to help. ALIYA rescues tanu and pragya gets abhi to mm. She makes him to lie comfort on the bed and about to leave but he pulls her over him making pragya to lose her balance. Abhi looking into pragya’s eyes ,why you are hiding your love for me fuggie…I know you love me more than anything in this world but what makes you to move away from me. PRAGYA looks at him thinking how he came to know that she lives him.pragya stammering, a..Abhi…leave me..i need to check dadi..Abhi still holding pragya’s hands tight ,how much time will you run from me..may be today are mine and only mera. ..he softly carresed her face which makes pragya to lost in his touch. He holds her cheeks saying i love you fuggie..

pragya looks at him intensely and abhi moves his finger close to her lips . PRAGYA came back to sense and thinks he is drunken and whatever he speaks will never remember him . She tries to push him but further abhi pulls her. He holds her waist and starts to kiss her impatiently. PRAGYA closed her eyes in shock as it’s her first kiss from ber love. Pragya lost in her own land while abhi was nipping her lower lip to give him access. He then makes her to lie and now he is top of her where he starts to take her clothes and himself. He covered themselves with a duvet and it becomes a peacefull night for both souls.

———————————– Next morning pragya was the first to get up and looks at the room condition where their dresses were scattered and she then looks at abhi who is sleeping peacefully by holding her waist . She sits up and thinks what will happen if he comes to know about this..sure aliya and tanu will tell that I used his helpless state but before that I will leave as nothing happened between us..yes..this is right..I don’t want him to get anger on me..she leaves to washroom changed to her clothes and arranged the room, leaves from there to see dadi. Tanu and aliya reached home and aliya asked her to take rest hence have to plan something difficult for pragya. Abhi gets up with a headache where pragya comes with a lemon juice smilling at him as nothing happened between them.pragya,good morning..Abhi making himself comfortable looks at pragya who opens the curtains. Abhi , did I came here..I was supposed to be in hotel. PRAGYA gets sad as abhi didn’t remember anything that happened last night. PRAGYA,actually police arrest you and tanu … me and purab comes and took you here. Abhi ,oh..why..and where is tanu..

PRAGYA quite in anger ,she is in her room..have this ..I know you will have headache..forwards the glass in anger. Abhi sensing her anger, hmm..I dont know how I got drunk when I just drank wine..pragya in anger, how do i know..
Abhi ,why you are replying me like this from you entered. PRAGYA smiling ,how do i you were the one who was there. Abhi scratching his forehead says that itself is better than this..pragya looks at him in anger and says dadi wants you to be in donning table for breakfast come soon .with that she left in anger. Abhi gets some glimse on last night as he could remember till he holds pragya’s hands. He tries to remember but all in vain. He thinks if something happened she would have told na. ..chill abhi and he gets ready.

Abhi comes to hall and looks at everyone who are in tension.Abhi ,what happened and takes his seat. ALIYA ,bhai..see this and gives him newspaper. Abhi was shocked to see his and tanu’s pic and got angry. Aliya, bhai..everything is out of control..we have only one way now..pragya looks at her. Aliya, marry her tomorrow bhai..that’s it…Abhi ,’s not a joke…ALIYA,bhai..we have no other way..and eyes tanu.tanu pretends to cry ,my image is destroyed now…and looks at abhi. Abhi ,I need some time to think..ALIYA ,om bhai..let’s keep the sangeet tomorrow and next day shadi.
Abhi in anger ,do whatever you want..and leaves.pragya in verge of crying runs from there. Dadi and dasi follows her.

Later that evening in dadi’s room…pragya was crying while purab consoles her. Dadi,it’s beyond the have to do something..they hear a clap near the doorstep. All looks and was shocked..
The voice , what you plan as everything is out of control..pragya mutters bulbul..she runs to her and hugs crying bitterly. BULBUL ,di. .seriously you are useless..I thought you will expose them after I left but you are..such a..and breaks the hug. PRAGYA in anger ,tu chup. ..where were know how I missed you and purab..she looks back at purab who is standing with tears. PRAGYA sighs bulbul and she hugs him saying sorry..I did like this to..purab in anger , I did this for di but you have informed na ..bulbul ,I will say about it hear my plan guys are really waste..pragya ,you know he lost his memory..bulbul smiling ,di. .he lost his memory.not your love..I know how to expose it to you..just do what I say..untill then no one should know about me….mainly tanu and aliya. All nods and she shares a plan. PRAGYA ,how can we..bulbul you are I can’t do..bulbul ,di. .it’s our last chance..please.purab ,ha..di ..we have to do…bulbul ,now only you spoke correctly. Pragya, okay..but we must also think about tanu and aliya as they will plan again na ..bulbul surrounding her hand around her saying i am here na di ..

Next evening…the whole mm is decorated for sangeet function. Abhi was not feeling good as he never wants to marry a girl like tanu. He is just marrying her because of his mistake..he curses him for everything..he comes down to see all were happy..even dadi is happy ,he thinks she will ask him not to marry her but not.. Abhi was looking around to find his fuggie..really a small hurt in his heart he wants to marry a girl like her who really cares for him ,his family very well. She really understands everyone and not like tanu . PURAB comes there and hugs him saying congrats bro..all gathered around them.dadi, came..Abhi ,dadi..are you happy in this marriage..tanu and aliya comes there
Dadi,if you are happy..then I am ok with it. Abhi smiles weakly. Purab, abhi..I have a surprise for a marriage gift. Tanu looks at him while aliya too..Abhi ,what’s that..purab smiling says abhi..I found my love..aliya looks shocked..Abhi ,wow..congrats to you man..who is she.. purab ,you know her very well abhi..Dadi ,abhi knows her purab..who is she..purab ,not only abhi..everyone here knows her. Abhi ,who is that..purab ,she will come soon.Abhi teasing purab ,oh..someone is blushing..purab pokes his shoulders saying dont tease me..purab gets a call and says she arrived.all were standing eager to know who is that.. a girl in blue Saree with black sleveless blouse with light makeup comes there..all were shocked to see pragya. ( pragya in mogambo style..) Abhi was the one who was more shocked..

PRAGYA smiles at them while purab side hugs her. Aliya, used to call her di. .purab ,I never called her as di. .I used to call ji..PRAGYA ji. .aliya looks at him in anger. Abhi with much jealous ,I am happy for you both..purab hugging pragya, how is my selection abhi..Abhi sighs super. Dadi,purab..why can’t your marriage happen tomorrow with abhi.PRAGYA looks at abhi who is looking at her in anger. PURAB ,if she is okay I am ok then..and asked pragya. PRAGYA stalkers looking at abhi .Abhi just prays that she should not say ok but pragya nods her head. All were happy and sangeet ceremony starts..aliya was standing in anger while pragya comes .PRAGYA ,i think now you will understand how it pains when someone close to our heart marries another one that too infront of our eyes..aliya,I know you are planning something..PRAGYA smiles saying if you think like that you are mad..gonna lose..because I gonna marry purab ..don’t worry..from now I will not disturb your all I want is to show you what pain I went through..

tomorrow I will marry purab in front of your can’t do anything..let’s you gonna face us after our marriage..and moves from there . PURAB moves to pragya asking for a dance while pragya starts to dance with him.while abhi boils in anger. PRAGYA while Dancing with purab, much he is in anger. Purab,’s out plan to make him jealous and to reveal that he loves please di ..PRAGYA nods her head. Abhi moves from there in anger. Tanu thinks that her way is clear now..she moves to abhi but he ignores her. She thinks tomorrow night you can’t stop me abhi..Abhi closed his room door and starts to drink..PRAGYA comes there to see abhi drinking. She moves to him and takes the bottle from him but abhi pushed her. He shouts who asked you to come ..go from here..PRAGYA not listening to his words tries to move towrds him but he pushed her.Abhi , why the hell you care for me.PRAGYA ,because i am your Secretary. .Abhi in anger ,you are just my Secretary not my wife na ..PRAGYA looks at him in tears. Abhi still in anger I said leave me alone..please and falls down. PRAGYA moves from there while abhi cries..why you gonna marry him..niku. ..please come to me..I am in lib with you..I know I realized later but I need you ..I could not survive without you..

Next day ….at marriage..Abhi was impatiently sitting in the mandap not for tanu but for pragya..he wants to know whether she is okay after he shouts at her last night..purab too sits and two brides comes there. Tanu sits besudes abhi and was happy …Pandit,first whom gonna marry..purab , is abhi..abhi , do first ..he thinks after my fuggie marries I will do myself thinking she is not mine..and I have to move ..purab smiles and says ok..tanu thinks how purab gonna marry pragya..I thought they were acting but..what’s going on..whatever my path is clear now..purab ties mangalsutra and was about to keep kumkum when abhi stops him saying..sorry purab..I could not let you marry her ..he runs to him and pandi says but ji. ..they almost completed their marriage..Abhi still like a kid ,whatever may be..I will not allow purab to marry nu fuggie..purab in anger tone ,your fuggie..Abhi ..what you are speaking gonna marry tanu..Abhi ,no..I don’t want to marry her..I need only my fuggie…he holds her hands but the person under the veil pushed him. She opens her veil and all
Was shocked’s bulbul. PURAB smiles saying love her and tease him.Abhi in confusing tone ,purab.

She..purab ,arey I didn’t want your fuggie..she is the one whom I really love..I want you to realise your love for we just played this act..henna dadi.dadi nods her head
Abhi cries hugging purab saying thanks and he sense a tap on his shoulder. G turns to’s pragya standing there with tears. Abhi hugs her saying i love you..I can’t leave you..please accept me..PRAGYA too hugs him.Abhi ,please you will accept me na..PRAGYA nods her head . And both gets married leaving tanu in shock . They reached their room while abhi slowly remembers about what happened that might while he saw a mole nears pragya’s right side of neck..Abhi then hugs her from back says I remember everything happened that can you hide this from me..what would have happened if I married that tanu.pragya turns to him saying leave it…its out we have to think about ourselves. Abhi hugs her and both starts their life happily…

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