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Love Win…

After bribing and thanking manager Tanu followed Abhi and she cling to him and she hold his hand and showing off in front of public and soon they reached to room and Abhi sat on bed and Tanu said

Tanu: Abhi if you don’t mind can I go for shower first???

Abhi: It’s okay with me Tanu.

And soon smiling Tanu keep her phone in charge and taking her clothes she depart to bathroom and here in room Abhi come into action and he directly switch on his action mode and he checked Tanu’s phone to confirm some doubt and luckily his tried code is correct and he get what he is searching and he transferred required detail to his phone and he make a call but before he can complete is conversation he heard bathroom’s door knob is clicked so he disconnect call and he pretend like he is listening music and seeing Tanu he act like is astonished by her beauty but in his mind he is cursing her and giving final touch up to his plan and soon Tanu slowly and seductively come near him and she sat beside him and in husky voice she speak

Tanu: Abhi, I am so tired and hungry so I am thinking that we should order our dinner in room I don’t want to dine in banquet.

Abhi: As you wish Tanu. I am going for freshen up do as you wish.

And Tanu peck his check and saving his pride which he thought is at stake by Tanu’s action he rushes to bathroom and after entering inside bathroom he take breath of relief.

Here in room Tanu first order food, drink and dessert for them and soon room service arrived with order and she received order and with heavy tip she make him out DND board on door and after that she called Aliya taking Abhi’s phone in her hand to check but to her bad luc phone is locked with finger print of Abhi so she put it back to its place and meanwhile her call is connected to Aliya and she informed Aliya about till noe their plan is going on well with over confidence and told that she is teasing Purab that his and her behanji bhabhi/di’s happy days will soon be sad one and Aliya replied her

Aliya: Tanu darling do not be over confident and do not need to tease them just complete what you’ve to do and later they’ll cometo know everything so don’t be stupid and do not call either Purab or Pragya.

Tanu: Aliya but it’ll be fun to tease them.

Aliya: Are you stupid Tanu just for the sake of your fun you’ll spoil everything, darling just trust me I won’t that Pragya to be out from bhai’s life and if this time we do everything without any mistake then she’ll be out and later tease her as many time as you want but as of now just control your urge and go with flow and plan.

Tanu: Okay Aliya just for you dear.

And she disconnected call hearing bathroom door being clicked open and she change track and keep her talk continue with Aliya and after few minutes she disconnect call and turning towards Abhi she speak

Tanu: Abhi lets have dinner and we’ve to sleep earlt as our shot is early in morning.

Abhi: Give me 5 minutes after talking to Dadi we’ll have dinner.

Tanu: I’ll prepare dish and drink till then.

And Abhi nod his head and Tanu with evil smirk started preparing dish and with the same smirk she spike Abhi’s drink and here Abhi is having light and happy conversation with Dadi,Dasi and Fuggi and soon Tanu come there with food tray and after biding by to Dadi,Dasi and Fuggi, Abhi and Tanu started their dinner with silence and Abhi picked up glass of his drink and about to take sip from there but before that door of room knocked and Tanu who felt irritate with that volunteer to check to give peace of mind to person who is there to disturb but to her surprise no one is at door and cursing that person she come back to room and to calm down her frustrated nerves she drink her drink in one go unaware of the fact that she had spiked drink as glasses are exchanged by Abhi and Tanu can’t handle that drink and she started behaving weird and soon Abhi offers her pastry and she ate whole in hurry like she is starving since century and Abhi is having fun seeing her like this and sweet on drink make her go insane and she behaved like gone case for half hour and Abhi is having hard time controlling her and his laughter seeing her and after half hour she passed out and Abhi call someone and person enter inside and slept beside Tanu and Abhi clicked their pictures in which they are in compromising situation from every angle and soon he hifi with that person and they both depart from room happily locking sleeping Tanu behind.

Next day Tanu wake up at 10 am and she felt headache and caressing her head she is about to take off her quilt but then she saw her clothes on floor and she is shocked beyond limit and she soon gather clothes and tried to remember what had happened yesterday night but her mind is not working (Plz someone tell her that mind works only if is there…)

And she is about to disappear in bathroom but door knocked and opening of door she received a parcel and she thought it may be sent by Abhi so with full enthusiasm she received and open it but as soon as she checked out pictures which she found from parcel in which she is hugging and kissing some stranger man and even few pictures of them are like in which they are in compromising situation and seeing them land beneath her feet is moving away and she is about to fell flat on her leg but before that door again knocked and she opened and find hell angry Abhi on door step and soon she rush inside to hide that pictures but before she can do that and Abhi can close door Media person entered inside and started questioning about they yesterday night

Media: Tanu madam we find pictures of you sleeping with another man yesterday night what do you have to say about it??? Are those pictures means that you and Rockstar Abhi are not together??? Are those pictures means something is wrong in your love paradise??? Mam who is he???? And since when you are dating him??? Mam do not you feel bad two timing rockstar Abhi for whose one glimpse girls are dying???

Tanu is standing there like a statue she don’t have answer of any of this question because she don’t know what to reply how to react and Abhi is enjoying this all but soon media divert their attention from Tanu to Abhi and soon media question Abhi

Media: Mr. Abhi what you’ve to say about this??? What are you feeling after this all????

Abhi: I am feeling terrible broken after knowing that she choose someone else over me but I’ll be happy to see her happy so for her happiness I am walking out of this relationship and I am freeing her from this relationship and I request you all to leave us alone now we want to have some talk.

And soon media people depart from there collecting news and soon it started spreading like fire and causing nuclear blast in Mehra mansion and excluding one person who is fuming in anger due to backfire of their plan and soon she received a text from her plan mate that she and Abhi are reaching there in few minutes.

After text Aliya lost her mind and she rush to Dadi’s room in search of Pragya but she was not there and she rush to Abhi’s room and she hold her hand and drag her to hall all this while shouting on her and Pragya is trying to free herself from her grip but Aliya is strong for her and soon every family member come to hall listening this all and all are shocked seeing all and soon Aliya once again shouted

Aliya: You just tried one another cheap trick of her to apart bhai and Tanu but trust me Pragya this time I’ll not leave and I won’t be silent I’ll inform everything to bhai and he’ll throw you out of Mehra house like a garbage.

And with the same anger she raised her hand to slap Pragya and Pragya close her eyes out of fear but she don’t feel anthing on her cheek and she open her eyes and find out Abhi is holding Aliya’s hand she delighted to see him there and before either Aliya or Pragya can speak anything Abhi speak

Abhi: Don’t you dare Miss Mehra she don’t aware of anything its just that you and your partner are overconfident about your paln and you did not cross check anything and even try to be alert and everything backfire and put your beloved friend in trap you both laid for me with twist.

Everyone are shocked beyond limit and soon Abhi informed everyone about how he overheard Aliya and Tanu’s conversation to trap him and after having his and Tanu pictures clicked how they plan to blackmail him to throw Pragya out and even he make everyone heard conversation of Aliya and Tanu which is recorded in hotel room and Aliya and Tanu are feling like dead ad not even in their wildest dream they have thought of this and Abhi turn to Aliya and Tanu and Speak

Abhi: Waise I would like to inform you both I never lost my memories that was drama done by me to give you both chance to change yourself and for that I keep my love of life away from me for all this time, I make her suffer and I too suffer but you both didn’t change and you keep planning your evil trap and at point I am broken but my support system mastermind of this plan is there to give me courage but now I know you can’t change so I just thought of exposing truth of you both in front of everyone. And I would like to meet mastermind of this entire plan. (And he clapped and all turned to entrance and shocked beyond limit as Bulbul is walking in with pride and attitude of her and expression of Pragya and Purab’s face are worth watching as they are shocked, happy, surprised, happy, confused, angry but and Bulbul come and stand in front of Aliya and speak

Bulbul: Shocked to see me alive right???? Because you are damn sure that after whatever you told me that day at hospital I’ll kill myself and trust me I am about to end of my life but Abhi jiju saved me on nick time and I informed how you are planning to kill di each and every time first he was shocked but after checking CCTV footage of the day when you tried to kill Di by that jummar he is angry on you but I convinced Jiju that soon you’ll change but how can I forget that you can never change though finally we trap you both in your own trap and I would like to know how it feel to be victim???? And Tanu you what do I’ll say for you????? You lost your own child for the sake of having someone’s husband in your life don’t you feel pain or you are stone hearted but this time you don’t have any way to come back as now each and every person knows your truth and in front of media Jiju have broken up with you so if you’ve just a cent of shame then leave house now.

Aliya whose anger is constantly rising due to defeat and being caught and all finally burst out her anger on Bulbul and she holds Bulbul by her neck and speaks

Aliya: Bulbul this time I won’t do any mistake I’ll kill you by my own bare hands and will send you to hell and then I’ll kill you di too enough of both of you sister’s drama I can’t bare you both anymore.

And Bulbul is choking due to grip and soon Purab and Pragy arush and tried to free her and Abhi landed his hand on Aliya’s cheek and speaks

Abhi: Before I forget our blood relation which don’t mean anything to me now just go out from here else I don’t know what I’ll do out of my anger.

Next minute Tanu drag broken Aliya from there to her room and family member started leaving to their respective room and soon Abhi’s phone ring with reminder that he’ve to reach to Mithibai college for his live concert and he scoop angry Pragya who refused to go with him in his arms and let her struggle in his arms and keeping her in his car he started driving to destination and here Bulbul is trying to melt angry Purab who soon left to kitchen to prepare sandwich and coffee for him and she too followed him in kitchen.

At live concert

As soon as Abhi’s concert starts audience are cheering for him loudly and soon Abhi speak

Abhi: Guys before I start concert I’ve an announcement to make and (Audience cheered for him) and he hold his breath and then he continue Fuggi, chasmish, mogambi, hawa hawai I know you are angry on me for reason known to me and you but trust me I don’t tell you because it’ll be dangerous for you and I might lose you and you know I love you so much that I can’t afford to lose you so I hope you’ll forgive me now and come in my arms I love you a lot my fuggi you are the one who teach me what love actually is who make this rockstar’s heartbeat dance at your tune and I started loving your angry pout which you make while I irritates you, I love you when you make coffee for me with love and care and trust me that was best coffee of world and I love you….

But before he can continue more Pragya come running in his arms and hugged him tightly and her eyes are rolling happy tears and she speak between her sobs

Pragya: I love you too.

Audience hooted, whistled and cheered for them and soon Pragya come to sense and she started to leave but Abhi hold her hand and stop her and he make her stand by his side and he performed songs on public choice one by one and at last AbhiGya dance on “Bolna O mahi bolna” song and audience loved this lovey dovey couple who are in love with each other head over heels and as soon as stage light went off Abhi capture Pragya’s lips and they share passionate romantic kiss which broken by them when they are out to breath.

At kitchen

Instead of focusing on chopping cucumber Purab is busy in stealing glances of his lady love in front of whom he is pretending to be angry but due to this he cut his finger instead of cucumber and Bulbul rush to him and she take his finger in her mouth and they are lost in each other’s eyes but soon Purab break eye lock and he take out his finger and he speak

Purab: I can take care of myself.

Bulbul: I can clearly see this and if, on count of three if you don’t let me prepare sandwich for you then I’ll go back and will never come back to you.

But before she can start her counting Purab pull her close to him by holding her waist and Bulbul land on his muscular chest and she felt shy and her face become crimson red and she bend her face but Purab hold her chin and make her look into his eyes and speak and speak

Purab: Bulbul you don’t know how much I missed you in all this days, I am dying with each passing day with the thought of you left me alone in this world and I am feeling bad that I am not able to save you and you….

Bulbul kept her hand on his lips and speaks

Bulbul: I missed you too but Purab this is needed and you know I did this for di-jiju and for us so can’t you just forgive me and forget that all bad memories and we can have fresh start once again???

Purab nod his head and he kissed her forehead and slammed his lips on her and she to kiss him back with full passion and she coming close to him as she missed being in his arms all this long and soon they broke kiss as they are out of breath plus growling from Purab’s stomach make her realize that he is hungry and she started preparing sandwich with help of him in which mostly he is romancing with her a every possible chance and soon they feed sandwich to each other and they are about to leave too their home and same time AbhiGya enter inside hand-in-hand and they are having some light conversation in which Abhi is planning for weekend holiday trip for four of them but soon worried Rachana call them inside and make them stand in front of TV where breaking news of model Tanu died in car accident along with her boyfriend Nikhil is being telecasted and soon Pragya informed every one that do not inform this to Aliya as she is already broken and she push Abhi to her room to check on her.

After Abhi reach there he knocked door of her room but she didn’t open so worried Abhi broke door with help of Purab and Raj and Aakash but after entering inside he is shocked to see Aliya in pool of blood and next second he scoop her and rush to hospital but after checking her Dr. informed that they are late in bringing her here as her pulse are no more working and she died before they bring her here and Mehra family mourn over her death.

After 4 year

AbhiGya’s 3 year old daughter Vani who is replica of him and 3 year old son Vivan who is replica of his mother are sleeping peacefully hugging Abhi and Pragya is trying hard to wake up them but they are not giving heed to her pleads but after few minutes they heard voice of their beloved Bulbul Masi and their 2 year old cousin sister Aliya’s voice ring in their ear they jerk up and rush to them and Purab nag Abhi for workout and soon children become busy in their play time in Dadi’s room under Dadi and Dasi’s room and Pragya and Bulbul are busy in kitchen along with Mitali and Rachna and Aakash and Raj are discussing about Abhi’s schedule with Purab and Abhi is busy in writing new song.

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