Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 6 Last shot

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“Pyaari! Pyaari!” It was more of a chant by his parents. His mum was wheelbounded but that doesn’t make a difference in her like other mothers. But one thing that he clearly remembers was his Ma mentioning about pyaari.

She had made a lot of ways to make him meet her but he was very focused in his music which made him ignore her.

One fine day,

Ma: No more excuses! Today u are meeting pyaari!

Abhi: Ma….she is a girl who sees you for lunch na….and u know I am busy during lunch hours for concerts at restaurant!

Ma: Abhi….just once na…even Purab have seen her! He like her too!

Abhi: If he likes then it’s good for him but please don’t force me to see her!

Ma: See Prem! He is not even listening to me!

Prem, Abhi’s dad: Abhi! Can’t u see how much your Ma is desperate to make u meet her?

Abhi: Papa please na…You know I don’t like girls and that too who wear chasma!

Ma: Wait a second! How do u know she wear chasma?

Abhi looked away and said: I saw chasma in my room! I know nobody from our family wears that!

Ma: Oh then you will not listen to your Ma?

Abhi: I don’t get the idea why u insist so much in this!

Ma: Because it’s Pyaari! She is such a lovable person! How I wish Aaliya is also like her!

Abhi: You mean u want me to have another sister?

Ma shrieked: No!!!! She is more like a person who will make a good jodi with u!

Abhi rolled his eyes and said: Please Ma, I am not at all interested in marriages!

Ma: If u see her u might change your opinion!

Abhi brushed off her words as it was a usual routine for his Ma to talk about marriages from the time he reached the age 20.

Ma: Don’t think I am not serious! I am very serious about this Abhi!

Abhi gave a whatever look and walked away as Prem coming near to her said: Sometimes you just have to give him some time to understand….

Ma looked sad as she smiled thinking of Pyaari and asked him to call her.

Prem: Sometimes I don’t know how did she manage to bear with your silly tantrums.

Ma: Prem! How can u say like this? Do u know she is the only one after you all that never sees me as a wheel chair bound person. She sees me more like her friend!

Prem smiled and said: I know and that’s why u want her to be our Bahu!

Ma nodded her head and looked at him as if she really mean it.

Prem: I will talk to him once he gets a stable job! Until then will Pyaari wait for it?

Ma: Sure! She will wait for him as long he is single! I guarantee for that!

Prem: Why do u have this much of confidence in her?

Ma smiled and said something which made him taken aback.

Prem: You are unreasonable! What if doesn’t likes her?

Ma: He will like her and even love her!

Prem shook his head and pushed her wheelchair towards her room saying that she is daydreaming.

Ma gave sulky face but she knew Pyaari is meant for Abhi.

In the night,
Abhi was strumming his guitar in his room when he heard bangle sounds outside his room.

Abhi: Who’s that?
Pragya shook her bangles even more and he opened the door to see the back of a girl. He couldn’t see her clearly as it was very dark.

Pragya coughed making Abhi asked: Are u here to cough?

Pragya controlling her cough looked around and she quickly took her dupatta & tied around his eyes making him in shock.

Abhi: What are u doing?
Pragya: Sssssh….for Ma….
Abhi silenced himself hearing it was for Ma.

Strange it was Abhi knew that a girl is visiting his house and is more like a friend to his Ma. This has been happening for few months but he had never seen her. But he knows her presence. She was different from his family members. When she is around she will have this loud bangle sounds and that would make him realize she is around too.

She was very silent and that made his life better as he needs complete silence when practising for music. Then the most intriguing part was she never speak anything when Abhi was around. To be precise, she won’t even come in front of him.
Today was different that she blindfolded him and was holding his hand to get him to somewhere.

While in her grip, he felt she was very soft and very enchanting like the music he loves.

Abhi, If I see her maybe I would have some feelings for her and that could distract my feelings for music!

Pragya finally bringing to the place unfolded his blindfold and she quickly ran away not showing her face.

Abhi: Hey you! If u want to run away then why did u bring me to a dark place like this?

That’s when he heard “ Happy Birthday!”
He saw his family there except for Aaliya there as she was studying abroad.

Purab: Happy Birthday Bhai!
Abhi: Thanks Purab!
Ma: How was this? This was Pyaari’s idea!
Abhi: Ma…please na…I know u like her alot but why do u have to say everything is because of her? It’ so exaggerating Ma…

Purab: No Bhai! Maasi is right in what she says. It was really Pyaari doing all this arrangements!

He looked around and saw the lights on making him in awe of the decorations.

Ma: We never spent anything Abhi, it was all Pyaari’s efforts for your Birthday!

Abhi: Why she have to do this?
Ma: I told u na…Pyaari and u will make a good match!
Abhi: Not again Ma! Thanks for reminding it’s my birthday but don’t start your match fixing on my day!!!

Ma looked away in anger and Abhi kneeling down to her: I understand how much u like her but please understand my situation as well. I am not in a good position to think about marriage and relationship. I am still struggling to prove my talent Ma…

Ma: I know but….
Abhi: If she is willing to wait then I shall consider….
Ma: Really? Promise me!
Abhi felt if he promised her now then her daily dosage of marriage talks may stop for the time being.

Abhi: I promise on my music that if she waits for me then I will consider her being as a part in my life…

Ma happily: Ok! I believe you!

Purab: Bhai! So u may love her right?
He asked in a teasing tone.

Abhi giving a stare never said anything and Prem: Let’s cut the cake!!!! I am so hungry!!!

The rest chuckled at his hunger and then they celebrated their birthday.

A few months later,

The most miserable thing happened in Abhi’s life where his parents died in a brutal accident. He did wondered why did Pyaari never even attended his parents funeral. He felt maybe it would be hard for her to see the funeral rites for his Ma whom she loved the most.

Few weeks later,
Abhi: Purab, do u know what’s the real name of Pyaari?
Purab: Why Bhai?
Abhi: She had left her handbag inside my room.

Purab: Actually Bhai…I don’t really interact with her. It was mostly Ma who talk to her a lot. I guess u want her details but I am completely unaware of it. She is very much of a shy person. You know that right?

Abhi: Purab to tell the truth I have never seen her properly. I only know she wears chasma as she left it forgetfully on my bed after cleaning my room.

Purab: You are worse than me Bhai! Is there anything important in the bag?

Abhi: Nothing much….Just a locket.

Purab: Show me that!

Abhi took the bag and passed it to Purab. He checked the locket and saw Abhi’s parents photo in it.

Purab: Bhai you see this….
He said by passing the locket to Abhi and he got emotional seeing his parents photo.

Abhi: She love them this much but why she never even attended their funeral rites.

Purab: Maybe she wants to live with the pleasant memories of them….

Abhi looking at Purab: I also feel the same…

Years passed and Abhi slowly managed to become the rockstar of the nation!

His lucky charm was the locket and before every event he would see his parents photo in it. He felt as if they are watching him at every instance of his progress in life.

His thoughts came to present when Purab asked: Bhai! So will u accept her in your life?

Abhi let a deep sigh and said: She is a person whom I feel is part of my parents especially Ma…..I will be happy if she is part of my life as I would feel Ma is around with me in her presence. But now I wonder what made her try to suicide? What happened in this 10 years that made her to take such a drastic decision? That’s what is running in my mind now.

Purab: I can understand Bhai….I am also not sure where will she be but my instinct says it should be the old house that you were used to be….

Abhi: But Purab it’s occupied by some other family na….

Purab: No Bhai….after we evacuated there was a family but after that there is no one living there.

Abhi: Why Purab?

Purab: I heard some girl had bought the house and is living alone in it.

Abhi: You mean Pyaari is the girl?
Purab: Yes I feel so…..
Abhi: Faster drive there Purab…..I hope she doesn’t do anything wrong….

Finally they reached the house and saw it to be as the same way it used to be when Abhi lived in it.

He knocked the door and there was no response. Purab tried opening it and realized the door was unlocked.

Abhi: Pragya! Pragya!!! Where are u???

Purab: Check in your room!!!

He went there as Purab went to other rooms to check.

Abhi: She is here!!!

Pragya seeing him stood up from where she was sitting and sobbing heavily.

Pragya was about to run from the room when Abhi blocked her way and locked the door.

Pragya: Leave me! I need to go!
Abhi: Where are u going Pyaari?
Pragya looked shocked and cried more.

Abhi: Tell me one thing, you loved my Ma so much and did she ever influence u in committing suicide or did she ever said she felt like dying despite the fact that she was wheelchair bound.

Pragya: What are u saying? She is my inspiration to live!

Abhi: Is it? Then what made u try to suicide then?

Pragya blurted out: It’s you!!!!
Abhi in shock: What?? ME???
Pragya: Haan it’s you only! Now just let me go from here!!!

Abhi grabbed her shoulder and asked: What do u mean by me? I never even seen u clearly before or talk to u and you are saying I am the reason for your suicide attempt? How can u lie? Something should have happened in this 10 years that made u do like that!!!!

Pragya trying her best to move from his grip cried more as Abhi demanded an answer from her with his fierce look.

Purab knocking the door: Bhai! Open the door! What’s happening??

Abhi: Wait Purab! I need an answer from this coward now!!!

Pragya: I am not a coward!!!!

Abhi: Then what u are???

Pragya felt painful as his grip was getting stronger and Abhi feeling that loosen his grip and tenderly: Pragya….I am sorry….

Pragya hugged him and said: I am sorry…

Abhi patting her back: You can tell me what made u do like that….treat me like your friend….I owe you a lot for taking care of my Ma when I was not around. Please tell me Pragya what is your problem…

Pragya breaking away from the hug: Your promise is my problem….

Abhi: My promise?

Pragya: Haan you promised on your music that you’ll consider me in your life as long I am waiting for u….but u break the promise by having relationship with Tanu!!!

Abhi in complete shock found this unexpected.

Abhi: You mean u heard this from the news?
Pragya: Yes it was everywhere in newspapers and magazine and even in news channels they showed this news!!

Abhi: You believed everything?
Pragya: Of course! There were so many images of u and her together hugging each other!!!!

Abhi smiled inwardly and said: The images could have been morphed too na…

Pragya: No way! Even in a interview u said u have girls in your life!!!!

Abhi: Ya I do have like my Ma, Aaliya in my life!

Pragya: No u are lying! It’s Tanu in your life!!!

Abhi pulling her towards him: Did I ever say in that interview that she is in my life?

Pragya tried to recall and said: No but….
Abhi: I never break my promises Pragya…When u can wait for me then why do I have to break my promise?

Pragya: It means there is no other girl in your life?

Abhi: There is and if u allow it will be you!!!
Pragya: Why should I allow? I would love to be in your life!!!
Abhi: For a baseless truth u were almost going to die! What if I never saved u that day??
Pragya: Sorry….

Purab: Bhai!!! What is happening inside???
Abhi said it’s time to break the suspense to him if not his head will break into pieces. Pragya smiled hearing that and Abhi opened the door as Pragya was holding his hand firmly.

Purab: What happened?
Abhi: She is in my life now….
Purab saw Pragya holding Abhi’s hand and understood they had cleared things between them.

Abhi and Pragya both got married and were at the same beach side in the night.

Abhi: So Dr Pragya Mehra, may I know why u love me so much?
Pragya walking by his side blushed and said: You are asking as if u don’t know that….
Abhi: Well, I know how much u love me from our wedding night but why u love me so much is still a puzzle!
Pragya: As I said before, I love you and I don’t know why do u feel it’s so much…

Abhi: Don’t u think it’s so much! You didn’t think of anyone in your life other than me despite having a stable job as a doctor! The most unbelievable thing is you don’t even know that I would still remember u or not!!!

Pragya: Yes but I felt I would meet u someday even though u were unreachable to me….

Abhi: Why?

Pragya: I don’t know….maybe it’s love which may have made me feel that way….

Abhi: The love for me?
Pragya: Not really…
Abhi looked away in sadness.
Pragya: Arrey, u get sad for this!
Abhi never said anything as she came in front of him.

Pragya: Look Mr Rockstar, My love for your family made me think that way. I don’t really have a family that cares for me but your family had the care that I love the most. When your parents passed away, I felt lost…I was feeling lost that I won’t be able to feel the same love that your Ma showered on me….But I was wrong as her love is passed onto her children as well…..That I saw it in your gestures of fulfilling her dreams by helping others in need after being a Rockstar! That made me to wait for u! I knew it will happen as even your Ma always wanted us to be together…..

Abhi looking at her: Will u have waited for me forever in your life?

Pragya nodded her head with a pleasant smile and he could only hug and give kisses all over her face to express his love.

Pragya: Stop! Stop!! It’s going to rain!!!
Abhi stopping his kisses said: Never ever in my life, I thought a girl would wait for me thinking about my family in mind….

Pragya smiled widely as he carried her in his arms to the car.

Pragya looking at him thought, Never ever in my life I thought that you will be with so much love…..

Never ever in their life they knew how will they get united….Never ever in their life they expected a night to make their meeting happen….

However, she knew never ever she would be able to live love if he is not in her life…..

This is how never ever in my life happens in their lives to meet each other and love each other to have a fulfilling life as per the wishes of Ma who always wanted them to be together…..


Very sorry for the late update and i know this is not that up to the mark too. Just wanna finish this soon as don’t want u all to wait longer for this. Written in a state of confused mind. So sorry for that again.

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