Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 5

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Abhi: Pragya? Why are u here?
Pragya: I….actually…
She stammered not knowing what to reply.
Abhi: Relax! Come in front of me!

She stood up and came in front of him with a lot of hesitance.

Abhi: You want water?
Pragya nodded her head as yes in response. Abhi passed her a glass of water to drink and she drank it hurriedly and ended up choking.

Abhi: Why do u have to rush?
He said by patting her back and asked her to look up.

Pragya soon was calmed down and realize how close Abhi was standing with her.

Pragya tried to move when Abhi held her hand: You came to see me na?

Pragya looked away and Abhi: Did u understand what I said on the stage?

Pragya nodded her head as yes.

Abhi: Does it make a difference in your thoughts?

Pragya looked at him into his eyes feeling the need to tell him something but was not getting the confidence to do so.

Abhi: Why are u looking at me like this?
Pragya immediately looked down and remained silent.

Abhi: Say something….I won’t eat u for sure!

He said as he was about to hug her when she pushed him away.
Abhi:What’s this? I thought you have fallen in love with me but u are pushing me away!!

Pragya looked worriedly unable to tell anything.

Abhi: You don’t love me?

Pragya nodded her head and looked around to find a way to escape but was helpless with his close proximity.

Abhi: I am sorry….I think I have got wrong signals from you….

Pragya: No, I mean….
She said by fluttering her eyes and was finding hard to explain her feelings!

Abhi: I don’t have time Pragya! Why are u even in my green room when you are supposed to be with Aaliya and Bulbul?

Pragya: I lost my way….
She said in a low tone scared of his loud voice.

Abhi: Oh really? How is that so dear when there are bodyguards outside this area who hardly give permission for anyone to enter my green room?

Pragya: I…they…no…

Abhi: Well, I guess you have been very much affected by my presence as not even a single proper sentence is coming out from your mouth!

He said that by moving away and making her look blank.

Abhi sitting on the chair there: Do you know you have actually complicated my situation now?

Pragya looked at him and wondered what does he mean by that.

Abhi: My sponsors are coming to meet me soon but now u are here at my green! So tell me Pragya what shall I tell them when they ask why are u here with me?

Pragya looked shocked and didn’t expected this to happen!

Abhi: I am waiting for your answer Ms Pragya!

Pragya got tensed and was looking around in fear.

Abhi: What’s the point of looking around always? Does it helps? I don’t see any kind of help by looking around.

Pragya: I am sorry…I shouldn’t have….
Abhi interrupted: Yes you shouldn’t have come here….

He said by walking towards her as she was standing by shivering as the chillness of AC was making her feel cold.

Pragya was about to walk away when he quickly blocked her: And you shouldn’t have dress up in this saree in particular….

He said by holding her waist which made Pragya to widen her eyes in shock!

Pragya was about to say something when he placing his finger on her lips said: And you shouldn’t have looked beautiful like this making me difficult to resist you….

Pragya’s senses went haywire as the way he was telling her was very romantic and his touches on her was so gentle too!

Pragya closed her eyes in pleasure when Abhi said: You shouldn’t have…..

Before he could complete his sentence she hugged him saying: I shouldn’t have seen you again!

Abhi: You have met me before?
Pragya: No…I am blabbering…
Abhi: No! Tell me the truth! You have met me before! But when? Is it with my parents?

Pragya looked at him in shock and was about to say something when there were loud knocking sounds.

Pragya break away from the hug and ran out of the room.

Aaliya was the one who knocked the door and was unable to understand how Pragya was in Abhi’s green room.

Aaliya: What’s happening Bhai? How did she came here?
Abhi: Aaliya! I have no time to answer u but anything u can ask Bulbul and I need to catch Pragya before she runs away!

He said that ran to catch Pragya.

Bulbul was in the area where Pragya ran with continuous tears among the crowd. Lots of people blocked the way of Abhi which made him frustrated.

Bulbul was about to go behind when Purab held her hand.

Purab: Are u following her?
Bulbul: Haan Purab! Let me go!
Purab: Do u know who is she?
Bulbul: I told u na the girl that Bhai rescued from suicide attempt!
Purab: Is that her?
Bulbul: Ya but let me go na….
She said by trying to be out from his grip.

Purab: Why u all never ask me before or show me her? I know her!

Bulbul in shock: You know her?
Purab: Haan she is Pyaari!
Bulbul: You mean…..
Purab sighed and said: Yes She is the one that I have been finding for Abhi all this years!!!

Abhi managed to get away from his fans came to Bulbul and Purab.

Abhi in a panicking tone: Where did she go??
Purab: Abhi! I need to tell u something and I know where she would have gone too!
Abhi: Purab! I need to get her if not she might do something wrong yaar!
Purab: Trust me! I know where she would have gone too!

Abhi: You know Pragya?
Purab: She is Pragya and Pyaari to your parents!
Abhi looked in confusion and asked: You mean it’s her who u searched for?
Purab nodded his head and asked Abhi to follow him.

Abhi following him had his mind running with the memories that happened 10 years back.

To be continued……

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