Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 4

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Bulbul and Aaliya were walking in different directions with a lot of tense as today was Abhi’s concert!

Abhi sitting down with a lot of coolness burst into laughter seeing them.

Aaliya: Bhai! How can u laugh like this?
Abhi was keep on laughing until Pragya walked down the stairs with a confused look.
Bulbul: This time I am with her! How can u laugh at us Bhai??

Abhi composing himself: My dear sisters, everything that I need is already in the car! Then I am wondering now why both of u are packing in this bag now!!

Aaliya and Bulbul stared at him and said it was all his favourite food. What if he throw tantrum saying the food there is not up to his standard!

Pragya hearing that smiled and this was observed by Bulbul.

Abhi: I am touched! I have this much of concerned sisters! I think I will end up singing for sisters’ affection rather than about Love!

Pragya: Sisters’ affection is also a kind of love.

She said by smiling which made Abhi smiled in return at her but she looked blank in response.

Aaliya: Bhai! Don’t waste time now! Let’s leave and Pragya, we have found your address too! I will ask our driver to drop you at your house now as I don’t want you to be alone here. Bulbul and me will be going for Bhai’s concert now so….

Abhi: What are u saying Aaliya? She will be alone at her house too na…After all she also is like us….

Aaliya: But Bhai! How can she be alone here? And I definitely don’t want to stay here now as I want to see your performance!

She said by arguing her point to him.

Bulbul: Why not she come along with us??
Aaliya looks shocked as Abhi smiled as a sign of agreeing to that.

Aaliya: But Bhai…what will she wear? And what if others ask who is she??? I don’t want the rumours of your girlfriend to be true by her presence!

Abhi: I think you are thinking far fetched Aaliya! She will be there just for few hours & you can say her as your friend who wants to see my concert! Anyways rumors are always there in my life! I really don’t care about them!

Aaliya remained silent thinking, It’s true for what Bhai is saying but he does care about rumours as far as I know. Why does he say he don’t cares about it??

Abhi coming beside her: Come back here!

Aaliya: Bhai I am only here….
Abhi: I am asking your thoughts to back here not in your thinking mode!

He said in a teasing tone making Aaliya to screech: Bhai!!!!

Abhi: Okok! I was just kidding! Aaliya, I understand your concern towards me but once my concert finishes the next day we will drop Pragya in her house. You know maybe after seeing my music it will induce a positive change in her!

He said by taking a glance at Pragya as she looked shocked by his words.

Bulbul smiled inwardly of how smoothly their plan was progressing.

Aaliya half-heartedly: Okay Bhai….if you feel that way then I am fine with your decision too.

Aaliya then looked at Pragya who was looking down by thinking something.

Abhi: Bulbul! Pass her that!
Aaliya: Pass what?
Abhi: Wait yaar but it’s not for you….
Aaliya frowned as she wondered what is it that Abhi is going to pass that is not for her!

Bulbul taking a bag from the room passed it to Pragya.

Pragya looked clueless and Abhi gestured her to see what was inside the bag.

Pragya took out a saree from the bag and looked surprised by it!

Aaliya: You bought saree for her??
Abhi: Ya from online though. It was just a click and it’s damn fast!
Aaliya looked at Pragya who was smiling and saw her eyes twinkling in happiness.

Aaliya, Oh god! It seems like Bhai wants to make the rumours to be real!

She thought as she asked Pragya to get ready faster!

Bulbul came beside Abhi as they saw Aaliya and Pragya heading towards the room to get changed.

Bulbul: Did you notice her?
Abhi: Ya…she beamed in happiness after seeing the saree.

He said by looking at Pragya until the room’s door was closed.

Bulbul: Come back here!
Abhi: I am only here Bulbul!
Bubul: Acha then why is your mouth is open like a dam!!!
Abhi closed his mouth feeling embarrassed.

Bulbul: Bhai! Are u getting attracted towards her?
Abhi looked at her weirdly and was thinking something before he said No!

Bulbul: The delay in your response is telling me something else Bhai….
Abhi: It’s nothing like that for sure.

He said that and walked away making Bulbul to think more.

About half an hour later, Aaliya came out of the room with Pragya and Abhi was already in the car waiting for the girls to arrive.

Bulbul seeing Pragya was amazed but she never told anything as they were running out of time to leave.

All went towards the car where Abhi was and he got down from the car at the same time.

Abhi’s jaw dropped seeing Pragya’s ravishing beauty!

Abhi, I knew it! Omg! I knew she will look extremely beautiful in this saree as I have imagined when I met her wearing the Purple salwar kameez!

Bulbul gestured Abhi to close his dam and he closed it aware of Aaliya’s suspicious look towards him.

Bulbul whispered: Bhai, I know this is gonna happen!

Abhi: Shut up! I was basically….
Bulbul whispered back: Basically ogling at her!

Abhi never told anything as he asked the girls to get inside the car and they then reached the venue for concert within an hour.

Bulbul: All the best Bhai!
She said as Abhi was about to be ushered by the bodyguards to his green room.

Aaliya: Why did u wished him first? By right, I am the one wishing him first!

Abhi: It’s okay na both of u are my sweet sisters!

Aaliya was upset when Bulbul: Alright, wishes taken back! Now u wish him first Aaliya!

Aaliya: That’s better! Good luck Bhai! Don’t forget to see our parents photo before your performance like always!

Abhi smiled and said: Thank u choti! And of course I will see them as usual!

Pragya hearing that was getting emotional and was trying to hide her tears by looking down.

Bodyguard: Sir shall we go now?
Abhi: Wait man, there is one more person who is yet to wish me….
Aaliya: Who Bhai?
Abhi: Pragya!
Aaliya: She is no one to us na…
Pragya looked up seeing him intently and said: All the best and you always have their blessings…..

Abhi: Thank you dear….
Aaliya in shock: Dear??
Abhi hurriedly: Ok bye! See you all later! Do cheer for me!

He said and managed to escape from Aaliya’s interrogation by walking as fast as he could.

Pragya was smiling inwardly hearing the word dear from him. Am I dear to him? She thought as she looked at him walking in front.

The concert began as the ladies were sitting on the VIP area having to take a good view of the Rock Star’s performance.

Pragya prayed for a moment by closing her eyes for his performance as the host announced the he is going to come soon.

She then looked at the stage eagerly for his arrival.

The crowed cheered madly and it was the same for Aaliya and Bulbul as Pragya smiled proudly all the support he had gained so far.

“Abhi! Abhi! Rock star!! Rock star!!” As the crowd cheered everyone heard a deep soulful voice asking “ Are you all ready for this??”

Pragya hearing his voice looked around to look at him but he was nowhere to be seen.

Abhi “ Where are my lovely ladies who say I love you Abhi!!!”

In response his female fans “ Here! We are here Abhi!!!” Abhi “Hmm…then where are my macho men who cheer for me as Rockstar!!!” In response his male fans “ Here Rockstar!” That’s his fans were cheering unanimously making the whole stadium to be filled with euphoria.

Pragya: Where is he?
She asked Bulbul who was beside her and Bulbul smiled in response by not saying a word.

Abhi: I am here!!!!
He said loudly by having his entry from the bottom of the stage with all the different spotlights flashing and the electrifying guitar tunes!

It took a few minutes for the audience to calm down after his electrifying entry and Pragya was equally affected by his charismatic smile that he was having now on the stage.

He waved at the direction where his sisters were and seeing that Pragya blushed.

Abhi then was about to speak when a female fan yelled: Please marry me Abhi!

Abhi in response smiled and started to speak.

Abhi: I need to tell all my fans something about life before starting my performance!
So please listen to it!

Aaliya: Bulbul! What is happening? Usually Bhai won’t start this way na….

Bulbul: He is doing something different today yaar…

Aaliya: Acha…I hope all goes well….
Pragya never listened to them as her eyes were glued onto the stage by seeing him. All her attention was only on Abhi.

Bulbul did noticed this too.

Abhi: I know some of u might be wondering what is this Rock star now talking instead of starting the performance but it’s a very small message to my fans regardless of who you are or in what background you all have brought up! First of all, this is a message from Abhi the person who cares for his family.

He looked at the direction of Aaliya for a while and then continued: Life! What is life? Is it about living the life or leaving the life? This is what I thought from young. When I was young I lived in poverty even when my parents were around. 10 years back I lost them. I don’t live with poverty now but my parents are not around to see this state of mine! In a way, I am still facing poverty. The poverty of not having the most richest relations of life….my parents…..This is life as at every point of our life we will lose something. We will have failures and negative energies but does it mean you have to leave your life for this? Yes is my answer but it is a yes to leave life to live! Leave the life that made u all feel lifeless! Then live the life that u all feel will bring life to the people around you! That is what I am doing now! I am living a life that makes my fans happy and enjoy my presence! Will everyone of you do this for me?

He asked looking at his fans who looked pleasantly surprised by his message as he always start his performance straight away once he is on the stage. Everyone gave a standing ovation for his words and said: We will Abhi!!!

Pragya stood up gulping her throat while having tears in her eyes.

Pragya, Is he telling all this for me?

She thought while Abhi looked at her once before saying: Thank you everyone and now let’s rock it on with a beautiful melody first!

Tum se hi song from Jab we met was sung by Abhi.

Na Hai Yeh Paana
It isn’t any gain
Na Khona Hi Hai
Nor it’s any loss
Tera Na Hona Jane
Your absence, I don’t know
Kyun Hona Hi Hai
Why does it feel like Your presence

Tum Se Hi Din Hota Hai
With You only my day begins
Surmayee Shaam Aati
The pleasant clean evenings come
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Just because of You

Har Ghadi Saans Aati Hai
Every moment I breathe
Zindagi Kehlata Hai
My life has a meaning
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Just because of You

Na Hai Yeh Paana
It isn’t any gain
Na Khona Hi Hai
Nor it’s any loss
Tera Na Hona Jane
Your absence, I don’t know
Kyun Hona Hi Hai
Why does it feel like Your presence

Aankhon Mein Ankhen Teri
In my eyes are Your eyes (means I see through Your eyes)
Baahon Mein Baahein Teri
In my arms are Your arms (means that we are together in an embrace)
Mera Na Mujh Mein Kuchh Raha Hua Kya
There is nothing of mine left inside of me

Baaton Mein Baatein Teri
In my talks are Your talks (means I think of You and speak as You do)
Raatein Saugatein Teri
My nights are a gift of Yours
Kyun Tera Sab Yeh Ho Gaya
Why has everything of mine, become Yours
Hua Kya
What’s happened?

Main Kahin Bhi Jata Hoon
Wherever I go
Tumse Hi Mil Jata Hoon
I meet You
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Just because of You

Shor Mein Khamoshi Hai
There is silence in the noise
Thodi Si Behoshi Hai
There is some amount of unconsciousness
Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi
Just because of You

Aadha Sa Wada Kabhi
Half a promise someday
Aadhe Se Zyada Kabhi
More than a half sometimes
Jee Chaahe Kar Loon Is Tarah Wafa Ka
My heart desires that I make of faithfulness to You

Chhode Na Chhoote Kabhi
Even on separating, it doesn’t separate
Tode Na Toote Kabhi
Even on trying to break, it doesn’t break
Jo Dhaga Tumse Jud Gaya Wafa Ka
This string of faithfulness that has been attached to You

Main Tera Sarmaya Hoon
I am because of You
Jo Bhi Main Ban Paya Hoon
Whatever I have become now
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Just because of You

Raaste Mil jate Hai
I find the roads
Manzilen Mil jati Hain
I find the destinations
Tumse Hi Tumse Hi
Just because of You

Na Hai Yeh Paana
It isn’t any gain
Na Khona Hi Hai
Nor it’s any loss
Tera Na Hona Jane
Your absence, I don’t know
Kyun Hona Hi Hai
Why does it feel like Your presence

Everyone cheered for his mesmerizing singing by strumming the guitar as Pragya felt like melting by looking at him.

Then it was back to back performances and finally the whole concert was wrapped up by his dance with the musicians who worked with him for the concert.

He thanked everyone for making this as a smooth success and then finally by throwing off his jacket in the audience’s side he left the stage.

Abhi was feeling relieved and the sponsors asked him to rest in his green room and they will meet him later for dinner.

He entered the green room and collapsed onto the couch by reaching out for his mobile phone on the side table.

Abhi tried calling Aaliya and Bulbul but there was no response from their side. Suddenly he hears a sneezing sound which makes him alarmed.

He heard that from behind his couch and was shocked to see Pragya hiding behind the couch!

To be continued…..

How was this? I hope it was nice and thank you for all your lovely comments for the past few updates! Thank u for reading too??

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