Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 3

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This part is dedicated to my buddy (Fatimah) and all my buddies I know here who are reading this too!

Part 3:
Saying sorry to him…..
Abhi and Bubul talking in private.
Abhi: She can be my fan right?
Bulbul: I also feel so if not why would she blush a lot whenever there is something related to u is being told to her!!

Abhi proudly: You see I am a rockstar and I have a range of fans from the silent killers to the loudspeakers!

Bulbul giggled and asked: So Bhai if any silent killer uses your name then you wouldn’t mind right?
Abhi shrieked: Bulbul!!!

Bulbul: Okok! I was just kidding. Anyways, she is very much depressed. Her eyes expresses that clearly.

Abhi remembered how Pragya looked at him when he was questioning her and he said: That’s very true. Her eyes have an unspoken truth.

Bulbul looking by raising her eyebrows: What’s happening Bhai?

Abhi: Nothing is happening! You know I just feel bad for her. Since u are a person full of life, I asked u to come here.

Bulbul: Is that the only reason? You called me as I am a counsellor too!
Abhi nodded his head with a smile.

Bulbul: Give me 2 days! I will find out her whole background!

Abhi: Thanks Bulbul! I just hope that she won’t go for suicide attempt again! If u can, please help her to be out from that thoughts too.

Bulbul: Sure Bhai! But first I need to know who is she as a person!

Abhi: Ok! Now u get back to work! I will check on Aaliya of what happened after u left Pragya with her.

Abhi then walked towards the room where Pragya was and saw Aaliya hiding behind the door and observing something.

Abhi patted her shoulder and she jerked.

Aaliya loudly: Bhai!!!
Abhi covered her mouth and asked her not to be so loud. This is Aaliya’s problem she was always a loudspeaker.

Abhi bringing her away from there said: I ask u not to leave Pragya alone. But u are playing hide and seek with her???

Aaliya: Bhai! She is talking to her dress!
Abhi in shock: What? She is talking to her dress??
Aaliya: Haan Bhai! She asked me can I have something else to change as I feel stuffy in what i am wearing so I gave another salwar kameez that my friend bought for me. Then when I open the door lightly to check on her, she was fully dressed with what I gave her but then I saw her talking to the salwar kameez that was on the bed!

Abhi: It’s creepy Aaliya!
He said with a scared expression.
Aaliya: Yes! She was actually scolding it too!
Abhi looking confused looked at Bulbul coming near them.

Abhi: Wait! Was it the one that I gifted you?
Aaliya: Ya the purple one! Do u know I like that design after seeing her wearing it but now I don’t dare to even imagine myself wearing it!

She started to grumble of how strange it was seeing Pragya scolding the dress as Abhi went in deep thoughts.

Abhi: You go and see her again! I need to talk to Bulbul!

Aaliya: Bhai! How can I go alone? What if she scold the dress I am wearing now!

Abhi: Well I don’t mind as after that you won’t wear this kind of short skirts!

He said that making Aaliya annoyed as she murmured: Oh god! Please save me from the dress scolder!

Abhi pulling Bulbul to another room said: Bulbul! I got something crossed in my mind! But I am not sure how much of help will it be to know who is she!

Bulbul: Okay but why do u have to literally drag me in! You could have been gentle Bhai!

Abhi: Sorry! I just don’t want Pragya to be aware of it! Is it very painful?

Bulbul: No Bhai! I was just kidding!
Abhi: Okay! Coming back to the point, Ma used to scold my shirt if I did something against her.

Bulbul: But that is Massi…how does it relate to Pragya now?
Abhi: Oh…I forgot to tell u na…Actually Pragya is scolding the salwar kameez that I bought for Aaliya.

Bulbul: What? She is scolding Aaliya’s dress? Is it that good that made Pragya jealous??

Abhi: Oh Bulbul! I have to tell u everything from the beginning! It was Aaliya’s dress but Aaliya gave Pragya to wear as she didn’t like to wear what Aaliya wears!
Bulbul: Oh I see….so it’s the purple one that she was wearing just now!

Abhi nodded his head in relief that Bulbul finally understood.

Abhi: I think she is scolding the dress thinking that it’s me as I am the one who bought it!

Bulbul: Why does she have to scold u? Hmm…Is it because of what I told just now about u?

Abhi: Yes! That’s what I think too!
Bulbul: Let me ask you directly! Do u remember her seeing before?
Abhi shrugged his shoulder and said: No!

Bulbul: Sure Bhai? Because I feel she knows you….It’s just a feeling but if u can just try to remember of whether seeing her before.

Abhi: What is this Bulbul? Why does he have to remind me of Ma again?
He said in a worried tone.

Bulbul: Again?
Abhi: Oh…I never tell u about that as it was a very small thing. Today morning, I saw Aaliya lying her head on Pragya’s lap. Both were sleeping in the same room yesterday night as Aaliya felt she shouldn’t be alone in the night. You know right Ma always make Aaliya to sleep on her lap….

Bulbul: That means they had some conversation before sleeping. If not how Aaliya end up lying on her lap.

Abhi: I don’t think so Bulbul as she is not the kind of person who will strike a conversation. She said to me that she dozed off once she saw Pragya sleeping. Actually, Aaliya herself was not sure how she ended up lying on Pragya’s lap.

Bulbul: Don’t u think all this have something in common?

Abhi giving a weird expression: What? Don’t say my Ma’s spirit had entered Pragya’s body!

Bulbul: Bhai! Please this is the effect of watching ghost movies! Stop watching that!

Abhi: Okok! So what u think is common here?

Bulbul: She is doing everything u know of. And yes what u know everything of is about Ma.

Abhi: Ya! But how did she know all this?
Bulbul: How would I know? Have to ask her about that!
Abhi: Will she tell?
He asked with a doubtful look.

Bulbul: It depends on how we ask her!
Abhi: Oh Bulbul! I remembered one more thing too! Red roses!
Bulbul: Was that Massi’s favourite?
Abhi: No her favourite are tulips! But Ma likes to give me red roses on my birthday!

Bulbul: Actually we might be thinking too much Bhai. You know all this might be coincidental. Leave this to me Bhai, tomorrow you have concert too and You shouldn’t stress your mind thinking about this!

Abhi: Yes you are right Bulbul! I need to practise again! This concert have international broadcast too so I can’t afford to make any mistakes!

Bulbul smiled as he left to his studio room and Bulbul wondered: Who is she?

As for Pragya now she was hugging the salwar kameez and said: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have scolded you…was it very bad? Sorry again! Stupid me! You are telling your point of view and how can I get angry on u for that?

Aaliya still hiding behind the door thought: Now she is apologising to the dress! Oh god! She scolds and then says sorry too! Does the dress speaks to her?? Creepy dress!

She accidentally pushed the door further making Pragya look at her with a shocked expression.

Aaliya adjusting herself: Hi!
Pragya smiled as she hide the dress behind her.

Aaliya: Is it ok now?
Pragya looked with a perplexed face not understanding Aaliya.

Aaliya: I mean what u are wearing now. As in is it like bothering u or making u upset?

Pragya: I don’t understand what u mean.
Aaliya murmured to herself: Even I myself don’t understand what u and the dress talk to each other…..

Pragya: Aaliya!
Aaliya: Bhai! I am coming! Bhai is calling me! U just stay here and hope it is not disturbing u again!
She said that hurriedly and ran away from there.

Pragya: He never called her but she is running away. And I don’t understand what is disturbing me!

She thought as she looked at the salwar kameez that she was holding.

Pragya smiled and said: Sorry again Abhi…

She was keep on saying sorry and then hugged it closely to her chest.

To be continued….

So ya over here Aaliya is a funny girl! I got enough of her negativity in kkb so why not Let’s be positive by being funny!

Thank you everyone for reading. Hope u all like this too! Thank u once again and buddy, hope u got cheered up! Don’t feel down, as what we are doing is for fun and happiness! We must only think about the positive side. I hope u understand what I meant. ?? Abhigya, u commented twice! You will know her reason in the next update. Pls wait!

The next part, I will update it on Friday! If it’s too long then I am sorry but please wait.

Thank u to every single one of u who commented. Sorry for not mentioning all your names but I do love all your comments! ???

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