Never ever in my life….(KKB) Part 2

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Living to live is not easy.

Aaliya wakes up from Pragya’s lap and said sorry for sleeping like that. Pragya smiled and said it was alright.

Aaliya: Do you mind telling me why did u try to do like that?
Pragya remained silent by looking down and Aaliya: I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have asked like that.

Pragya was still looking down as Aaliya didn’t know what to do now and moved out of the room to seek Abhi’s help.

Aaliya told him and Abhi: Why do u have to ask that early in the morning itself?
Aaliya: I thought she would have been better Bhai…
Abhi: In this kind of situations, they need time to recover from their decision. Let’s go, we can’t leave her alone like that.

They went to see her in the room when she was nowhere to be found.

Aaliya in panic: Bhai! Did she like jump down from the window?
Abhi in shock: Why do u say like that?
Aaliya: Look there! The window is open!
Abhi went near the window to look down but fortunately she didn’t jump down.

Pragya came out of the bathroom and the brother and sister sighed in relief.

Pragya: I went to the bathroom to wash my face.

Aaliya: You scared for us a moment! Why can’t u inform us and go?
She said in a demanding tone that made Pragya scared.

Abhi holding Aaliya’s hand said: I’m sorry on behalf of her.

Aaliya: Why do u have to be sorry Bhai?
Abhi stressed his tone: Aaliya….lower down your voice.

Aaliya was about to say something when he whispered to her saying that Pragya is getting scared of her loud voice.

Aaliya realized her mistake and smiled lightly.

Abhi: So you are Pragya right?
He asked looking at Pragya.

Pragya nodded her head as Abhi gestured her to sit on the couch as Abhi and Aaliya sat on the edge of the bed facing her.

Pragya was fidgeting her hands and was only looking down.

Abhi: Where do u stay?
Pragya: Somewhere far from your house…
Aaliya: He meant a location Pragya!
Pragya never responded but only continued her fidgeting more.

Abhi: Aaliya…please be silent until I ask finish asking her.

Pragya smiled inwardly at his words.

Abhi: Okay somewhere far from my house is your house right?
Pragya: No, it’s my Dadi’s house.
Abhi: Hmm…so u stay with your Dadi!
Pragya: No…She is no more…I live alone…
Aaliya was about to say something when Abhi signalled to her as no.

Abhi: Oh…somewhat like us…
Pragya looked up for a while and looked at Abhi with moist eyes.

Abhi felt her way of looking was asking him not to ask her any more questions and leave her alone for the moment.

Abhi: That’s all! Rest well! And Aaliya we all will have breakfast together. Arrange for that and meanwhile I have someone important to make a call to.

Aaliya: Who Bhai?
Abhi: Just do as I say and take care of her.

By saying that he left the room as Pragya looked at him going away.

Aaliya: Let me give you something to wear! Do u wear like me?

Pragya shook her head as no.

Aaliya: Oh…ok Bhai had brought salwar kameez last time thinking that I will wear but u know I am more comfortable wearing t-shirts and track pants! Let me give u that salwar kameez to wear!

She said and left to the closet to take the salwar kameez.

Pragya smiled thinking that she is going to wear something by his choice.

Abhi didn’t left from there as he was standing behind the door and managed to take a glimpse of Pragya smiling.

Abhi, Strange she is smiling? That too with a lot of blushing! Something is creepy here!

He thought as he walked towards his room.

Pragya wearing the purple color salwar kameez smiled thinking how perfectly it suited her.

Pragya, He doesn’t know which size fits for Aaliya but this size fits me. Is this destiny to wear something by his choice?

Aaliya asked Pragya to come out faster from the closet as mainly because she was scared of leaving her alone!

Pragya: I am coming…
She said as she opened the door and Aaliya gasped in shock.

Aaliya: Did Bhai buy for me or u? How does it fits you perfectly?

She asked as Pragya looked away hiding her smile.

Aaliya: Never mind! I guess he bought the wrong size! Let’s go! I am so hungry Pragya!

She said as she pulled Pragya by holding her hand and both reached the dining room.

Abhi was surprised to see Pragya wearing the salwar kameez bought by him and he did complimented her that it looked nice on her.

Pragya in return said: Thank you!
Abhi smiled and all had breakfast and as usual, Abhi and Aaliya had fights in between of who would eat faster!

Pragya chuckled at their silly fight and Abhi gestured to Aaliya that she is laughing.

Aaliya smiled and thought how Abhi is making others to happy through his music and antics.

They all finished breakfast and just then Abhi said: Pragya…stay here for a while….

Pragya wondered why he said that and waited there when Bulbul came in.

Abhi: There you are Bulbul! How long will u take to come here?

Bulbul: Sorry! I was held up in the traffic! Hi Aaliya!

Aaliya gave a cold face and walked away from there.
Abhi: Leave her! You know about her. I have to always warn her not to be like that!
Bulbul: That’s not an issue! We are like that from young!

Abhi smiled and said: I got to go! Bye and take care of her!

Bulbul smiled as Pragya looked blank of him leaving her alone with a stranger.

Bulbul see Pragya trembling and fidgeting in nervousness.

Bulbul: Relax! I am not an alien!
Pragya: I know….but I feel….
She wanted to say something but she couldn’t.

Bulbul: Look there!
Pragya looked at the direction she said and Pragya smiled.

Bulbul: What do u see?
Pragya: Red roses….
Bulbul: What does it remind u of?
Pragya: Abhi….
Bulbul: Abhi? You mean Abhishek Bhai?
Pragya shrieked: No! I mean no! I don’t know what I am talking! I feel everything is confusing.

Bulbul came closer to her and said: Calm down! Relax!

She then gave a glass of water for her to drink and Pragya drinking that was feeling better.

Bulbul: Let’s go out and talk! Do u mind?
Pragya: Where?
Bulbul: Just the garden area…
Pragya nodded her head and followed her.

Bulbul walking beside her observed Pragya’s behaviour and movements.

Bulbul: Do u mind telling me why u felt like ending your life? It is totally up to you, I am not forcing you….
Pragya: I felt that is the way to get rid of my worries.
Bulbul: Ya sometimes situations make us feel that way….
Pragya: Yes….
Bulbul: What’s your favourite color?
Pragya: Purple!
Bulbul: Wow what a coincidence! You are in purple too!

Pragya smiled and said: Sometimes favourite things too can fade away…..

Bulbul: It happens, for example, my favourite dog Timothy passed away last year. He faded away in my tears.

Pragya: I’m sorry….
Bulbul: It’s okay….now I have moved on!
Pragya smiled and said: You are very cheerful!

Bulbul: Thanks Pragya!
Pragya: You know my name?
Bulbul: Yes as Bhai told me your name!
Pragya in enthusiastic tone: What else did he told about me?

Bulbul noticed the difference in Pragya and said: Nothing much…he said how can a person try to end life! He said living to face the worries is a form of courage!

Pragya with a disappointed face looked away.

Bulbul: Anyways it was his point of view.
Pragya: Do you think I look like a coward? If he says living to face the troubles is a form of courage then what will you say when living to live itself is difficult! Living to live is not that easy Bulbul and that too when you live just with worries!

Bulbul was taken aback by her words and saw Pragya crying badly.

To be continued…..

Thank you for all the lovely comments. I would love to update this daily but unfortunately, this week I will end classes very late. So please wait for this and for Boss I love you I will try to give short updates. This week is quite important as I have practical tests coming up so I am not sure of how regular I can be updating. Oh important thing, this is not a very big ff. It’s a 6 part SS. Thank you Riya, Mokshi sis, Mythili, Vignesh,Yeshwanth, Nannu,Lopez,
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