My wife’s murderer shot 8-Ten Shots(KKB)

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Shanaya: what happened Purab
Purab: see your self mam

Shanaya went inside and got shocked to see as it was Tanu whose body was there
Shanaya : How is this possible !!(being shocked)
Purab: she is murdured !!!
Rajendra: But that day also this room was locked to how her dead body came inside the room ???
Shanaya: whatever it is we will think about it later first call the forensic group they will take the body from here and then investigate this palace and see whether you get anything or not, as a clue.

Purab and Rajendra went from there nodding their head in agreement.
After some time

Shanya is sown entering Police Station in rage and few policemen along with Purab following her
Shanaya: What the hell is going on here don’t know our only suspect is no more now, Now I am pretty sure that this work is done by one of the family members only,
She was yelling at them and while entered in her cabin she saw a message painted by red on her table it was written there “The more deep you will try to get in the case, More bodies you will see as dead stay away from this case otherwise…” the message ends Shanaya was full in rage after reading that
Purab: Mam now the person is giving threats to us

Shanaya: so what!! just call the peon and ask him to get it clean soon I am not the one will scare from this kind of threats let him do what he wants and more than that Purab get this handwriting check wheather it gets match from someone or not Don’t know why I am feeling like I have seen it before too
Purab nodding his head in agreement left from there and Shanaya went towards her window and started thinking about the incidents after some time Purab again returned to her cabin this time he was having some of the files along with him
Shanaya: What happened Purab looking so serious!!
Purab: Mam actually…
Shanaya: One police officer doesn’t have the right to get emotional when he/she is on duty even if his/her family member is also dying

Purab: I know actually I am saying like that we are back to zero
Shanya shrinking her eyebrows: what!!
Purab forwarding the file: It is her forensic report which is stating that she was died six days before and around 10:00 at night

Shanaya: 10:00 at night!!! it means just 30:00 minutes ago when we reached there!!! How she died?
Purab: She died because of lack of oxygen first her neck was tied with something then something was used to hold her breath until she dies
Shanaya: this is actually what is called getting back to zero damn it Do one thing arrest that watchman and care taker of the palace I am sure they will know something for sure and what about that writing!!
Purab: getting Matched with Aliya
Shanaya with a grin: Again Aliya I wonder what her parents would have think if they were alive
Purab: Mam they point is she told everything to us then she is giving us threats too and that also while living under remand

Shanaya: let’s go Purab and check what else she is hiding
Both headed towads the room where Aliya was kept under remand and as they opened the door the scenario in front of them was again something which led to raise Shanaya’s anger and it was the view where Aliya was left in pool of blood it was clear that someone tired to shoot her from the back but ended up shooting at her shoulder and then there were some scars on her face too seems like she was beaten before going un-concious and legs were injured too she was lying in that state, after looking all that Shanaya immediately called ambulance and took her to hospital there after sometimes Doctor came out

Shanaya: What happened doctor is everything fine
Doctor: you took her here on right time otherwise saving her life would have become difficult right now she is out of danger but
Shanaya: But what doctor
Doctor: there are possible chances that she have some internal injuries as she has been beaten with punches and kicks

Saying so he went from there and hearing that all Shanaya was in full rage she asked one of her responsible assistant to stay there and keep an eye on her, she went from there then taking Purab along with her and after reaching headquarters she gathered all the officers as well as constables who were on duty to check out Aliya with in interval of minutes
Shanaya: where were you all when this incident took place (in serious tone)
officers gulping theri words: Mam we were went to do lunch
Shanaya: all together!!!
Officers: yes mam

Shanaya: was it lunch or the feast damn it, that you all were went together and where were the constables that time
Constable: Mam we were serving sir as they ordered us but two of us were here itself on duty mam
Shanaya: so what were those two when that incident took place
Constable: Mam..
Shanaya: Okay no need to give justification let Purab come he will tell you what you have to do now
All of them got happy knowing that she didn’t took any action against them but this happiness was not for much time as when Purab came and handed over one paper to them they all got shocked
Officer: Mam what is this

Shanaya: Suspension letter Mr. Batra now you all can enjoy your lunch dinner and breakfast too and that also together and they (constables) can now serve you and sleep better happy holidays to you all
Officer: Mam we are really sorry but don’t suspend us this was the first and last time please mam don’t suspend us
Shanaya yelled: first and last time!!! you people have done this numerous times this case was also not solved with full care otherwise right culprit would have gone behind the bars but you people wanted to get rid from it so done it in so much hurry that you accepted whatever story was told to you so as your punishment this is very less otherwise people like you must get fired
Saying so she went from there along with Purab and asked him to call Abhi there he did so and after an hour Abhi was there in police station too
Abhi: Shanaya you called me!!

Shanaya: come in please have a seat
Abhi: hmm.. what’s the matter
Shanaya: Abhishek you sister is in hospital someone tried to kill her
Abhi being shocked: what!!! I mean how she was in your custody right!!
Shanaya: I am sorry it all happened because of carelessness of my officers
Abhi: is she fine

Shanaya: yes but..
Abhi: but what Shanaya
Shanaya: Tanu is dead

Hearing that Abhi felt like someone snatched his world from him as Tanu was the only one who knew it that where is his daughter and the news which he got was killing his every hope to get a last true relation of his life which was his wife’s gift to him
Abhi being a broken person: Shanaya M…My ch…. child

Shanaya kept hand over his shoulder: Relax Abhishek I will give my best for it we will find her soon
Abhi looked at her: Shanaya wo mil to jayegi na (Shanaya you will find her right!!)
Shanaya was lost of words looking his state she was just admiring him and nodded her head in yes Abhi who was trying hard to control his emotions went from there immideately and Shanaya was stood there looking at him then thought “What was that feeling which I felt looking at him in such a broken state I have never seen any man crying for someone like this even… How can he do so such feelings are very rare what kind of personality is he first he was everytime silence after getting blamed for the murder of his own wife and then this just a hope is there neither excitement nor any expression of joy that his child is alive that calmness and losing of hope just two things are remained with him now is this what happenes when you losed your loved ones” she was all lost in thought and came out with a sudden sound of car honk it was Purab who came in and said
Shanaya getting back to normal: What happened Purab

Purab: Mam we have arrested the care taker and the watchman and enquired about everything and to our surprise one more new angle is there in the story
Shanaya: nothing is suprise now, I know that something new we will get for sure
Purab: Mam the watchman said, that night no one neither went in nor out it was just Tanu’s husband who came there day before that day and left in afternoon itself after that at about 11:00 in the night Aliya went there and she left exactly at 11:30
Shanaya: and at 12:00am se reached the mansion back then around 1:00 Bulbul was stabbed and we gathered everyone in police station and after all the invstigation we went to the palace at around 3:00am right!!
Purab: yes mam

Shanaya: everything is on place but now who the hell is this husband of Tanu informing him about his wife’s death is our duty right!!
Purab: Mam she was married yet she was trying to marry Abhishek
Shanaya: money and wealth whoever gets in trap of these two that person can commit anything even a crime too let’s go Purab we have to investigate alot and mainly about that gate that if that room was locked then how the hell that body got in

Purab: yes mam
Both headed towards the palace and on the way Abhi’s that face was roaming around her face when he said “Shanaya wo mil to jayegi na (Shanaya you will find it right)” and her thoughts were stuck there still on that helpless face of him when with a sudden break she came out of her thoughts and when she saw out it was near the palace both left the car and went in Investigation was going on Shanaya started to examine everything their deeply and went near the door which was creating a big issue for them right now and started to look each and every pattern carefully when she noticed something unusual it was an sclupture on the door which was showing the scenario of marriage a Mandap was there and bride groom were taking rounds she felt something messey in that so she asked
shanaya: Purab how much pots are kept in marriage mandap while marriage

Purab: you don’t know!! (being irked as he was looking out some papers)
Shanaya: how would I know when I am not married you are married so you must know it
Purab: you can only run your brain on cases not on silly things there are seven pots kept on each side but in mid of case how this pot matter came in mid
Shanaya: why you use to forget always that you are on duty
Purab: sorry
Shanaya: seven pots right
Purab: yes
Shanaya: here are eight on one side see
she pointed on it and purab saw it he said “May be mistake of the maker” and ignored it but she said “Mistake and that too in a palace!! impossible” saying so by mistake the pot got pushed and then the secret got revealed, as she pushed that 8th pot a small door got opened which was made within the door itself and Purab was amazed
Purab widening his eyes: what the hell is that

Shanaya: the way from which the body was entered in the locked room
Purab: It means a secret door which was well known by the person who killed her
Shanaya exactly now we have to search about her husband too let’s go nothing surprising in that palaces have such kind of things let’s go
Purab was still dumbstruck and followed Shanaya and finally Shanaya found one photograph of marriage of Tanu she allotted the work of investigate about him to Ranjendra and left the place
After sometime In Shanaya’s cabin

Purab entered along with Abhi and saw that Shanaya was doing something on the board some figures were made there
Abhi: Shanaya…
Shanaya: yes please come in
Purab: what are you doing (while having a seat)
Shanaya: trying to figure out everything from begining
Abhi: what!
Shanaya: look a link is there Mr. Abhishek
Abhi: What?

Shanaya: first Mrs. Mehra asked you to stay back at home and as much she insisted you the much you got stubborn to go out and finally went then as you went within the short time someone enters into the room and kills her and the case get solved along with you everything was went behind the bars I mean it got hidden and according to one reasearch I got to know that Mrs. Mehra was aware of something for sure then the case was allotted to me and Bulbul got to know something but before she could tell something to anyone she was stabbed by someone and that file which she was looking again went hidden which was actually stolen by your sister Aliya then there was something about which she got aware and as she felt secure about everything so she told everything about Tanu and when she told that someone was here who got to know it and before completing her statement went from here and reached the palace and after killing her came back before we could reach there and that too with that secret way and as we get to know that Aliya lied to us about something we went to her but she was also attacked and all this story is revolving around one file itself which is missing for sure there is a secret
Purab: My head is spinning now every time a new twist in a tale this is not done yr but I handed you all the files which she brought then what is more left there
Shanaya: No that file is missing as that was found from the store room that also behind your wife
Abhi: My wife!

Shanaya: I mean picture of your wife which is in your large marriage photograph
Purab: and how you know it
Shanaya smirked: Bulbul always use to inform me through letters whenever I am absent from the scene same she did that day also which I saw today in one of the files which was having bank records of Mr Mehra and I guess now only one step is left to solve this case and that is Tanu’s husband we have to find him soon to get rid of all this and that file which is to be find mainly because that is the root of this case

Screen freezed on her face

Precap: Abhi got shot, Shanaya looking at some papers and felt extremely shocked
start the countdown my dear KBians and now which file is that and who is husband of Tanu and what is his role lets see

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