My wife’s murderer shot 7-Ten Shots(KKB)

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Shanaya: I am sure she was here look at those chairs there they are clearly showing someone was there and before our arrival left the place
Abhi: It means she escaped
Shanaya: let her do so and let me see how far can she go Purab assign a duty to one cop that he must be here so that if in the case she returns home we can know about it.
Next Day
Shanaya was close to her table in the cabin sipping the coffee and reading about the latest gossips spreading around through media that was the time when Purab entered
Shanaya: Yes Purab did you got those reports!!

Purab: Yes mam and shocking news is there for us
Shanaya giggled sarcastically: Not much shocking as this case tell me what is that
Purab: Mam Mrs. Mehra’s death
Shanaya: what’s new angle in that
Purab: Mam it has written here there that she was given poison and after that this wasn’t the reason of death as before poison can show it’s effect she was dead
Shanaya keeping paper aside: because of a sudden and powerful strike at head
Purab: this is what shocking

Shanaya making a weird face: What!!
Purab: yes Mam actually we were told that because of sudden strike at head she was dead but the actual reason is she was dead because her forhead was striked to something hardly which was the actual reason for her death
Shanya: strike over forehead!!! but this wasn’t informed to us that this is the reason
Purab: every angle in this case is having it’s own face we are unaware of many facts mam
Shanaya: exactly… It means the investigation wasn’t took place properly there is so much carelessness which took place in this sesitive case with a thought that there are dozens of murder cases coming to police station daily
Purab: exactly mam

Shanaya: do one thing Purab file a report against the police group of force who was on duty for this case and mention each of thing which we are getting new in this case and it was ignored then after solving this case we will talk about this from higher authorities
Purab nodded in yes, Shanaya asked him to call anyone from the family member he went from there, after some time Mrs. Daljeet Mehra entered in her cabin
Dadi: why you called me!!! is anything important
Shanaya: Nothing much just wanted to ask that what is the condition of that room where the incident was took place
Dadi: that room was sealed now no one of us use to go in that room

Shanaya: great because today that sealed room will speak that story of murder itself
Dadi being confused: I didn’t understood anything
Shanaya laughed: don’t stress yourself thinking that let that room also speak the truth itself you may leave now

Dadi went from there and Shanaya sent a request mail to get the permission to open that room which was written as crime scene and evidence spot and finally after six days she got permission and then she gathered everyone, then they headed towards the room and Shanaya asked one of the officer to break the sealed lock there and all of them entered Abhi was also with them that time and as they entered in the room his memory started getting flashes of that day when he saw Pragya for the last time and the time which she was entered a bit scared and when she went out of the room she was on the shoulders in pool of blood which was continuously oozing out of her head, face was filled with a mark seems she was slapped hard

as the fingers were imprint on her face and the blood coming out of her mouth seems her lip was bit cut too from inside that scenario was flashing again in his mind that how lifeless he was became after looking her like that unable to understand whether to mourn or to cry over that whether to feel sad or to investigate about this before he can get back into his senses he was been prisoned, prisoned in the sin of killing that person whose importance was more than anyone else in his life thought of getting separated from her was itself enough to kill him thousands of time and

he was proved culprit in her murder it was a feeling like he was killing himself, soon he came out of that bitter past and a lone tear escaped from his eye not able to see and remember all that again he left the place immediately leaving smirking Shanaya behind she asked everyone to stay outside the room she closed the room and went through a deep look out of that scenario which was showing every thing was looking like as it is like it was before but as she was getting new points regarding case it was hard to believe for her that everything was same her doubt was getting high that some thing must have been changed here it is possible for sure, She moved ahead in the direction of bed where a broken wase was fallen down she examined every corner of the room so deeply and face was turning to serious with every moving step

Purab: Mam what happened? It seems you are trying to figure out something
Shanaya: PUrab send rest of them out want to check out something
Purab nodded in agreement and asked everyone to leave the room as everyone of them went from there
Shanaya: Purab was anything in report was written like any assault or something like that
Purab: Yes mam but it is obvious that she must have tried to protect herself so must have happened
Shanaya with a serious tone: But here the scenario is showing something else this room is telling a different story exactly as I thought and I guess now I know what is going on and what was happened
she went out closing the room following by Purab, while she was leaving for her room Miltali stopped her in mid
Mitali: did you got something new (with a smirk)
Shanaya: Everything, everyday, I am getting is new so it is obvious that I got something new but why are you feeling curious
Mitali with a stumbling voice: No… wh..why would I get curious there is nothing like that I was just asking

Shanaya inserting her hands in pockets: asking!!( raising her eyebrows) Mrs. Raj take a free advice from me that don’t repeat this ever because doing question answer session and that too on crime scene will get you into trouble as if you continued you will become our next suspect for sure
Mitali gulped her words and immediately left the place without saying any other word and shanaya’s face was zoomed showing a doubting expression through eyes
Few Hours later
Shanaya, Purab and Abhi were having some snacks and were seated in Abhi’s room itself while Purab and Abhi were having some chit chat Shanaya was busy in thinking remembering that room when Abhi noticed the long silence from her
Abhi: Shanaya why are you so silent at least while eating something kindly leave this thinking process of yours

Shanaya smiled: why!! you don’t want that your wife must get justice
Abhi: I want it but not on anyone’s health sake
Purab: Didi is like that only
Abhi: didi!!!
Shanaya: Mr. Purab you are on duty here
Purab: sorry Mam
Abhi: Is he your brother!!
Shanaya: you will get to know what is he but after clearing this all mess well I was thinking about the scenario then the postmortem report
Abhi: What is new in that

Shanaya: Postmortem report stated that she was died because of a powerful strike over forehead so I was thinking that she was having sign of struggle then she was hit by a powerful thing at her head so that it started bleeding but report said that she was died before that strike itself so my main intention was to see what was the exact condition of room but when we opened it I found that it’s look was completely telling something else which means that something was changed there
Abhi: How can you say so

Shanaya: I can say so as I found something there, I found one broken piece of vase there and when I checked it, it was the only piece there rest of them were not and bed was mess up which was clearly showing that the struggle was so hard and then some pieces of bangles were clearly showing that there was something else going on and then if I am not wrong then that powerful thing by which her forehead was striked it was nothing else but was floor tile
Abhi: and how can you say so

Shanaya: I can because one of the tile in the room was cracked but I wonder that how doctor didn’t get to know it as they must have written there that it was a wall or floor but they didn’t
Purab: But Mam how can her forehead get strike to floor as if she was on bed then it is obvious that she can’t
Shanaya:Purab will you give me your sandwich please
Purab: suddenly started asking about sandwich!!! You have another one eat that one I am not going to share it obeying your senior is different thing and being hungry is different I can’t sacrifice my meal for any senior have your own only (said hiding all his sandwiches)
Shanaya in a stern tone: I said give it to me as you are having jam in the bread and mine is with butter

Abhi being confused: this much big officeres and fighting over just a sandwich!!!
Purab with much anger gave one of it to Shanaya and then she took one piece
Purab: will you tell me what are you trying to do with one piece
Shanaya: Wait and watch
she kept one slice on the table and pushed it slightly and the bread fell down facing the side where jam was on floor
Purab making annoyed face: you spoiled one of my bread slice and the floor too
Shanaya: shut up and see when I kept it from the plane side on which side it fell down
Purab: opposite
Shanaya: now see this

she kept the another slice facing the side towards table where jam was spreaded and again pushed it slightly then the bread fell facing the place side towards floor
Shanaya: now tell me on which side it fell down
Purab: on the opposite side this time Jam is saved
Shanaya: exactly
Abhi being confused: but what you are trying to prove with this
Shanaya stood up and while going towards window said
Shanaya: that day like this must have been happened!!
(Flashback with muted scenario and Shanaya’s narration)

After you left room someone entered the room and argued with Pragya for something and when she restricted the person who was there got in raged and tried to molest her, Pragya must have tried to save herself and was rushing here and there in the room just to stay far from the reach of person (Pragya is shown trying to escape from the person running here and there pushing that person aside) then while this she must have fell on bed in process of saving herself and the person got the advantage of doing whatever he wanted to do and for sure he was trying to rape her (Pragya is shown struggling with the person to save herself from the person) while the process she must have scratched him for sure then the person must have fell down from the alter side of bed where the vase was kept (Pragya pushes him aside and the person fell on floor by which the vase fell down and broke) and she must have composed herself without wasting time and the person who was there also did so and when she was trying to escape from bed she fell down and as she was seated facing him when she was about to run the person must have tired to drag her again and while that process they were again on bed (the person is shown dragging Pragya back to bed while she is protesting)

and while doing so Mrs. Mehra just fell down from the edge of bed and as she got so sudden she didnt got time to save herself from getting strike to the floor while generally due to presence of mind we use to escape from injuries but as her full concentration was on saving herself from that person she never thought anything else and that lead her to the state of semiconciousness she rushed towards the door to escape from there (Pragya is shown managing herself rushing from there towards the door to get out from room) but she failed as the person who was there stirked her head with something powerful and everything black out (pragya was running out and the person hit her hard on her head that she immediately fell down) and as that sudden strike lead her to death and the person who there he tried to arrange everything as it was before like early he composed Pragya’s clothes as if nothing was happened he made Pragya sit over a chair carefully and then left the room escaping from everyone’s eye.

Flashack ends

And according to me this must have took about half an hour
Purab: But Aliya said she entered just after 10 minutes Abhi left
Shanaya: Purab sometimes it happenes that during celebrations we think that not much time is spent but actually the time have been very far from what we are thinking this also happened there ALiya entered the room after about half an hour and then what was happened it is well known
Abhi with a heavy voice: How can you say that and how you can prove it
Shanaya: Abhishek if I tell you then you will get shock that many pages in this case have remained closed and when I found that so I just started my investigation from begining and that’s why I went in that room and after looking at the report it was necessary to do so
Abhi: That’s good at least now something good will happen after a long time hope you will find about her last gift for me too
saying so he went from there and Shanaya nodded her head in disbelief as when he went Purab said “Again gone in emotional mode” she was busy in smiling when suddenly she received a phone call and expression went bit irritated

Shanaya: what!!! how is this possible I mean…. Okay, Okay we are coming there
Purab: what happened?
Shanaya: nothing special it was Rajendra he said that the whole palace is stinking a bad and unhygenic smell is spreaded inside the palace and it is difficult to stay inside
Purab: oh
Shanaya: you leave that and tell me did you got any traces of Tanu
Purab: No mam our officeres are on duty on every check post but even a glance is not available of her in these past six days
Shanaya: don’t know whether the got merged into sky or earth absorbed her but if it is also have done then i swear that I will drag her back for answering my questions but for now let’s go and see what happend to Rajendra
Purab nodded and they both headed towards the palace
After some time
Shanaya and Purab reached palace and Rajendra was at door it self

Shanaya: what happened suddenly
Rajendra: Don’t know mam the palace is stinking as if something is rotten inside
Shanaya: lets go and see
Purab: yes
they work gloves and mask and entered in the palace it was smelling like hell
Shanaya: damn it what is this now Rajendra, Purab go and check what’s the matter and from where this smell is coming
Both nodded and went from there so did Shanaya but nothing was to be found then Purab was infront of a door which was locked and smell was coming more from that side but to their surprise door was locked and looking as if it was locked since long time as it was very heavy as well as rusted too he immediately went from there as it was very hard to stand there screen shifted towards Shanaya
Shanaya: Rajendra did you find anything
Ranjendra: No mam

Purab came there running: mam there is one room there which is locked but smell is coming more from that side only
Shanaya: locked!! lets see
all the three went to see in that direction and when Shanaya saw that door was actually locked and it was too hard to stand in front of that door so Shanaya used her last option and that was breaking the lock she took out her pistol and shot on the lock as it was old so it broke down and then Purab opened the door and the scenario was totally shocking there
Shanaya: what happened Purab

Purab: see your self mam
Shanaya went inside and got shocked to see as it was Tanu whose body was there
Shanaya : How is this possible !!(being shocked)
Purab: she is murdured !!!
Rajendra: But that day also this room was locked to how her dead body came inside the room ???

screen freezed on them
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