My wife’s murderer shot 4-Ten Shots(KKB)

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After investigating about Aliya from Purab and Bulbul Shanaya asked them to leave and then screen shifted towards Aliya she was driving her car and went in an isolated palace, and she knocked the door then a sound came from inside asking “who’s this!”
Aliya: Its me Aliya
A voice came from inside: prove it
Aliya: just shut up and open the door already I am out of my patience ???
One man opened the door and asked her to come inside she went inside and one man took her to the room where someone was already waiting for her
Aliya: What the hell is this Tanu and from where do you got this much big palace suddenly???
The person turns out to be Tanu she smirked?? and said
Tanu; Its mine only but the fact is it is far from Mumbai that’s the only problem ??
Aliya: how cheap this was Tanu…. You are having a great palace and money still you were wishing to kill Bhabhi and marry bhai ??

Tanu: stop your nonsense Aliya you also very well know that why we were doing so?
Aliya: you stop it Tanu because now you are going to be trapped along with me as Bhabhi’s murder case is reopened ???
Tanu: what nonsense !!! ??? is this a joke Aliya ?? how is it possible when Abhi was declared guilty in that case ???
Aliya: sarla aunty freed him with the help of the order of high court and because of her and Raj Bhaiya now this case is reopened ???
Tanu: Is Raj Bhaiya out of mind or what!!! ?? he very well know that if this case got reopened then we all will be trapped damn it ??
Aliya: what’s the fault Raj Bhaiya did he only knows that you were behind all this mess and were trying to kill bhabhi just it but here we are trapped Tanu ?? if this case got reopened then we will be dead for sure if this case reopened then. I am sure Tanu all our black tracks will be traced then those chapters will get reopened which were cleared by us according to us ???
Tanu: you are worried for nothing Aliya I am sure that we will not be trapped as our record is totally cleared and more than that no one knows where am.I and with whom you are meeting ??

Aliya: that is no more a secret Tanu because Shanaya have sent two of her investigation officers behind every one and no one can go out without her permission that’s totally the point of worrying because now we are in danger I can sense so ?????
Tanu: ??? don’t be a scary cat Aliya that’s enough what was our share of work we have done it now nothing have to be worried our records are totally cleared ??? no one can doubt on us now if whatever you said is truth then don’t waste time and go back home as I don’t want them to doubt on my best friend ?? so go back dear
Aliya: from now onwards I will meet you rarely ??
Tanu: relax Aliya and go back I will do something for sure that Shanaya will leave this case on her own ?????(smirked)
Aliya: okay I am going be careful okay ?
Tanu: don’t take tension just go and relax next morning that Shanaya will be out of the mansion as well as case too ????
Aliya hugged her and left the place she was driving towards Mehra Mansion drenched in deep thoughts “what will I do if she found out about bhabhi’s secret which we had hidden I will be dead for sure I am sorry bhabhi I hid it from you” ???

Flashback is shown
Aliya is seated in her bed and talking to someone so tensed to someone when Pragya enters in a rage
Pragya: I never expected this from you Aliya??, you will do this with me I thought you accepted me true heartedly ?
Aliya: why the hell are you creating scene here what I have done ??
Pragya: you hid the truth from me ?
Aliya: about which truth you are talking about ??
Pragya: the truth that Abhishek is in relationship with your so called friend Tanu ??
Aliya?? thought something for sometimes then said
Aliya: ?? But how you came to know

Pragya: From that phone call which Abhi received a while ago he wasn’t there so I answered the call and then what I heard was a shock for me ??
Saying so she sat down on the bed being broken down
Aliya smirked ?? then pretended to be sad
Aliya: ?? I am sorry bhabhi I never wanted you to get hurt so I hid it from you
Pragya: do I am looking happy now ? you are saying like that !!
Saying so she left the room and after sometime when Abhi came back to home he noticed that his room’s lights were off till now so he went to his room and there Pragya was seated on the bed leaning her head over head board and when He opened the door, he asked looking her like that
Abhi: Pragya !! What happened ! Why lights are off today ?? ??
Pragya : what can lights do when your life itself was kept in darkness ?
Abhi sitting beside her: what happened are you angry from me did I do something which I shouldn’t be ??
Pragya: what have you done !! Nothing …. Its all my mistake that I came into your life and tried to bind you in the feeling called love ?
Abhi: what are you blabbering Pragya can’t you talk straight kindly come to the point

Pragya: so you want me to say it directly right !!!
Abhi: yes
Pragya: I am talking about coming in mid of you and that super model Tanu I came in mid of you both, you both were in relationship and still..
Abhi got angry hearing that: ??? have you gone mad damn it what the hell you are blabbering do you have any idea !! You are doubting over me ??
Pragya: I was saying the truth only that’s why you are not at home from past few days as you were with her and that’s the only reason I guess you don’t have time for me ???
Abhi was so hyper over all that, that he was about to raise hand over Pragya and shouted “Pragya ?” and with that loud voice Aliya came out of flashback and stopped her car she was sweating a lot ??? she noticed that she was out of Mehra Mansion itself she wiped off her face and went inside with lots of worries over her face
She was going back directly to her room when she heard a sudden sound which made her worried to the hell she turned to see and got shocked as it was Shanaya who said that
Shanaya: sweat and worries always comes together when a big secret becomes hard to hide ??
Aliya turns: Shanaya you ??

Shanaya: ?? shocked haan !! Miss Mehra ??? that how come I come to know about you going out somewhere ??
Aliya: ? not a rocket science Shanaya I know you have sent some assistant of yours at my back
Shanaya : ??? brother sister both are smart !! Impressive ?? well now when you know that I know everything so better to tell me where the hell is Tanu hidden ?
Aliya : ??? Tanu!! Who Tanu?? I don’t know about any Tanu
Shanaya : so you will not tell so eaisily ?? I am talking about the same Tanu whom you went to meet with?
Aliya: I went to meet Tanya not Tanu and I don’t know where is she ??
Shanaya: hmm so you won’t tell so easily right ??? well I have another methods too but still I am giving time to you for deciding what to do so miss Aliya you have time of 24 hours to decide that whether you will tell Me on your own or shall I have to use my way to ask ??
Saying so Shanaya left the place and Aliya thought “damn I M trapped what to do now ????!”
Then she left to her room and here Shanaya’s room is shown where someone is looking at some files in the room and looking shadow guesses are being made that she is Shanaya and someone is entering the room with baby steps having broken glass bottle in hand it is totally dark in the room and suddenly a pain full cry echoes in the mansion

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