My wife’s murderer shot 3-Ten Shots(KKB)

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Hey I know I am uploading these shots very late but managing two at a time is difficult and to modify the character is too much challenging thats why these shots are taking time so those who are new or those who forgot that which shot is the beginning one here is the link you can read last two from here

Shot 1

Shot 2

and here is the third one
Shot 3
Shanaya was seated in her room in deep thought when she heard a very light sound of click she turned her eye lids in the direction of door as it was on her right side and as the door opened slightly she said “Stop there itself whoever you are” It was her assistant Purab who replied “Mam it’s me” Shanaya leaving the place said “Come in Purab tell me what news have you brought for me” Purab got, Shanaya asked to take a seat and describe in detail whatever happened within a day and Purab started “Mam first of all that Abhishek Mehra I enquired about him and as much as I can I tried to gather information but just got to know few things only” Shanya said “Whatever it is just tell me Purab because in this tricky case a single point can also help us so tell me” Purab repiled “Mam Abhishek Mehra was a well known leading rock star of Mumbai once mumbai use to dance on his songs but suddenly he stopped all that and got disappeared from every where”
Shanaya stressing on word: Everywhere!!

Purab: yes Mam social Media, Media and from everyone’s reach too his sudden change of behaviour lead that and some are saying he left that after his marriage and some are saying he left that for is wife but what was the actual reason anyone doesn’t know
Shanaya moved towards widow and inserting her hands in her pockets : Abhishek Mehra the rock star it means extreme money extreme fame but left that passion great what are the further details continue please
Purab: Mam then there were rumours about his married life too it was that their marriage was a revenge marriage which he done for his only sister Aliya Mehra and some are saying that it was a love marriage which wasn’t acceptable by anyone of the family member leaving his grand mother

shanaya smirked: interesting life yr totally filled with rumours great go ahead Purab
Purab continued: Madam then every thing started going smoothly and Abhishek was turned into a lyricist he use to write romantic songs which everyone in the industry is saying that those were words of his wife and some are saying that he just started his own company in which his wife use to write lyrics and he use to publish those songs and give chance to other new singers total point is that he hid himself behind a cape mam then suddenly this news came out that he murdered his wife which made people to remember him and then that rumour that his marriage is revenge marriage was spreading more speedly thats it mam
Shanaya: hm… nothing much happened with him and did you find out something about his other family memebers

Purab: yes mam Alia mehra sister of Abhishek Mehra she is graduated from Australia and totally spoilt brat you can say but one thing was tacky that one who hate middle class people was best in relation sharing with Mrs Pragya Mehra who was also from a middle class family Then his Dadi thats Mrs. Daljeet Mehra she is a loving lady who doesn’t have any black record and His Uncle No one bothers about his presence in the whole mansion as he is not that much gaining person then his wife and daughter-in-law you can say that they are gold diggers
Shanaya: I knew it this family have some problemetic people then any other info Purab
Purab: yes Mam actually one more person is there
Shanaya: who

Purab: Tanushree aka Tanu Mehta she is best friend of Aliya Mehra and to our interest she was having an affair with Abhishek Mera once too then after this marriage she wasn’t happy so she left the place but still use to stay in contact with Aliya but since that murder has happened she is in her diabled mode
Shanaya stared him
Purab: sorry actually you can say no one has seen her after this murder
Shanya stressing on the word :Tanushree mehta if i am not wrong then she is the super model right
Purab making irritating face; kind off
Shanaya: Okay Purab go and get every single detail of this Tanushree mehta I want it within 24 hours
Purab: sure mam

saying so he left the room and Shanaya closing the room also left the place and went towards Abhi’s room he was looking at some photos when Shanaya said
Shanaya: seems you are busy
Abhi: hmm busy with her
Shanaya closed the door and went to sit with him she took a chair and sat in front of him
Abhi still looking at some pictures : Any thing serious Shanaya?
Shanaya: nothing much but still some questions are there which are needed to be answer immideately

Abhi: you can ask anything my life was a open book everytime
Shanaya with a smirk: hmmm.. so Mr. tell me one thing how you marriage was happened
Abhi: It was an arranged marriage
Shanaya: but according to my sources it was revenge marriage
Abhi: tell me the complete sentence please that you got to know that according to some people it was love marriage and for some it was a arrange marriage
Shanaya raising her eyebrow: Smart… well when you know that then kindly tell me only in a sentence and what, How and when everything
Abhi looking at a picture of him and Pragya she was smilingly making him eat his pudding he was remembering how this moment was secretly captured by Aliya just to tease him and as he liked that picture so he made it developed and now it was a part of his album
Abhi caring that picture: It was a arranged marriage I wasn’t happy with that first so use to behave rude with her in public places too so people started raising rumours that our marriage is a revenge marriage then when I started loving her then the anger towards my behaviour was named as I did a love marriage so my family members are not happy with that

Shanya folding her hands: Hmm… then why you left that rock star carrier
Abhi flapping the page to next: I left that because My songs weren’t getting that success so I decided to quit as I never want that people should forget me
Shanaya: then what about that company and being lyricist
Abhi: she was lyricist and as her songs were getting much success so I decided that her credit shouldnt go to anyone else so I started a company from her name only but she said that she doesnt want to handle it her only time is for me so I took over the charge of it
Shanaya: you are good at answering now a last question and that is about Tanushree Mehta
Abhi: That all was rumour I was never be a part of that don’t know how that happen but seriously it was a bad time because Pragya left me for that reason for some days and it was a great misunderstanding which was later on
Shanya mocking at him: How
Abhi: Tanu herself made it clear

Shanaya: hmm… Thanks Mr. Abhishek now carry on your meeting with her
Abhi: hmm..
Shanaya was going when turned : Abhishek
Abhi: what else
Shanaya : she was cute what if her beauty killed her just think about that
saying so she left the place leaving a confused Abhi behind
It was about 12 in the night when Bulbul and Purab both entered in Shanaya’s room
Shanaya: What is the latest news Bulbul
Bulbul: Oh mam my neighbour’s pet dog is lost by god they are calling me since morning what to do saying that Bulbul kindly search out our dog please and then one of my aunt she lost her ring and now she want that I must find it out
Shanaya in a calm tone: I didn’t asked about your silly matters Bulbul I was asking about the case

Purab with a smirk: what else you can expect from these kind of girls
Bulbul: Purab have you ever seen a flying man??
Purab: how can a man fly!!!
Bulbul: okay today you will see because if next time you said anything about me i swear I will kick you so hard that you will cross atlantica being in flight mode
Purab: you know what !! go to hell
Bulbul: you know what!! I will drag you there and leaving you behind I will return back
Purab: Hell with you!!! It will be better if i start to worship demon lord rather than coming with you
Shanaya yelled: Oh please cut the crap both of you otherwise just leave from here
Bulbul: sorry mam
Purab: sorry

Shanaya: I asked something from you right Bulbul
Bulbul: Aliya and Tanu are still in touch and the shocking news is that both are hanging out too but hidingly at some isolated places and at the murder night also Aliya was gone to celebrate something with Tanu and when we investigated this from her so she said that it was one of her friend’s success party
Shanaya taking a deep breath: Aliya Mehra a totally spoilt personality she hates middle class and poor people if one of them even touched her she will prefer to take a bath she was so close to her Bhabhi which was also from a middle class family then on her death the most weeping person it was also only her then the one who informed about Pragya’s death that person was only Aliya why everything and everywhere is done by Alia only why she was only present around Pragya when she was killed The link is not getting match

Purab: which link mam
Shanaya: her personality and her behaviour both are separate things both are like north and south
Bulbul: One thing more Mam Aliya went somewhere just now hiding herself in a veil when we were coming here
Shanaya: this character is really something else she is pretending to be someone else and she is something else
Bulbul being confused : hein is she suffering from split personality disorder
Purab: shut up Bulbul

Shanaya thought something for sometime and then said
Shanaya: Bulbul and Purab do one thing tomorrow morning report at police station where this FIR was lodged for Pragya’s Murder and ask them for the post mortem report showing that court order to them
Bulbul: sure mam

Purab: okay mam
Shanaya: now leave
both left the place and then leaning herself slightly on the table resting both the hands on table said “Not only Alia but here everyone is suffering from split personality disorder but no more as this is the time for action” screen freezes on her determinant face

Precap: Richa is in her cabin and someone is moving towards her holding a broken glass bottle

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