My wife’s murderer shot 2-Ten Shots(KKB)

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hey yo back with this after long those who missed first shot can read it here the link i am giving

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**********now back to the story******************************

My wife’s murderer part 2
The scene begins from Shanaya saying “Abhishek or shall I say murderer you are bailed from here but you all will be house arrest until this case gets solved”
Saying this she went out and Abhi was looking at her that how casually she was hitting the weak point of feelings for everyone
Commissioner: don’t mind her words because the more she is harsh the more she can solve these kinds of tricky cases the good thing is she brought your bailing orders too so you will be out from here let’s see whether the accusations are true or your truthfulness is true.
He answered me in such a sweet manner and then asked me to leave as soon I am going to bailed out and It happened also but no one was there to receive me only two persons were there one was my mother in law and second one was my brother Raj Bhaiya who did all this to take me out from the jail as I went out he just pulled me into the bone crushing hug and asked
Raj: Abhi…!!! Brother what all this happened?
I was taken aback remembering all in front of my eyes as everything was still like it’s a matter of yesterday she was in front of my eyes when I closed them and at the next moment that dead face of her was in front of my eyes I just opened them and breaking the hug said to him “don’t know Bhaiya seems god needed her badly” saying so I went to Maa her maa who was now maa because my own family doesn’t believed me but she did she believed me and now I was out of that dark prison only because of her efforts I went to her she cupped my face as she poured all her concern and love on it her words were the more effecting, I was broken into pieces and her words assembled me the recovery was still left which I guess was to be done when I will be able to find out those things which she was wanting to share with me and who was the person who killed her so brutally without even leaving a mark she said to me
Sarla: I lost my only daughter but you are still there for and I promise you I won’t let my son suffer for the deed which he never did
I was feeling overwhelmed with her words she kept her hand on my head and I was melting down into tears she wiped them off and asked me to be strong as now we three have to give justice to her soul my family members never believed me to such extent which she did I asked her “Maa why do you believe me blindly what if I had killed her on my own” she smiled and Raj Bhaiya protecting her said “Abhi, Pragya is your soul and no one can kill their own soul mark my words I said soul it means she is still alive in you and now forgetting all that you have to be strong and have to help Shanaya in solving this case because I myself feeling that something is fishy in this all sequences” he was continuing when that lady again came there I don’t know how on perfect timing she use to be on place but whatever it is her words always have logic in them and this time also she spoke
Shanaya: Mr. Raj whether anything is fishy or not we will see it later but one thing is clear that everything is complete mess Mr. Abhishek someone is eyeing upon us so whatever I will say just listen it without giving any reaction (she said facing her back towards Abhi and pretending that she is talking with her assistants
Abhi; Ok sure
Shanaya said something to them which was muted and three of them agreed with her statement then turning towards them in rude manner she said
Shanaya: if this boring family drama is end then shall we move?
We all headed towards the Mehra Mansion and soon we reached there she examined the whole mansion while seating in the jeep itself and putting her shades off said
Shanaya: the more the shining white painted mansion more of dark world inside (said with a smirk)
Abhi: what do you mean
Shanaya: wait for the right time to know Mr. till then live shutting your mouth
Raj: Shanaya shall we leave
Shanaya: sure, Raj lets go and travel in this messy world
We all went inside the Mansion, Raj Bhaiya and I were ahead maa was coming following us along with Shanaya she was telling her something may be her next strategy as we went in Dadi was seated there in the main hall along with Aliya and looking me that time both turned into red shade of anger and disgust Dadi was bit emotional too looking at me after a long interval but then changed herself into the same who was hating me Aliya looking at me rushed to me
Aliya yelled: how dare you stepped into this house?
Raj: I brought him back Aliya it is his house he will live here and we will live with him
Aliya: if it is then let me tell you Bhaiya I can’t live with a murderer
Shanaya who came from back: sometimes more aggressiveness leads to a criminal mind your behavior can make you suspect Miss Aliya Mehra
Aliya in full rage: now who the hell is she? And how dare you related me to the criminals do you think I am a criminal!!
Shanaya: I am Shanaya senior investigation officer crime branch
Dadi: so, what are you doing here and that also with him
Shanaya with a smirk: investigating Pragya Mehra murder case
Aliya yelled: but that file is closed and what do you want to prove taking this criminal out who killed my only friend
Shanaya smiled: Miss Aliya Mehra the thing which is closed can be open too, either by hook or by crook so I am doing and rest if you ask me what I want to prove taking this criminal out then let me tell you one thing now this is my case and who is criminal who is not I will justify it then what is to be proved and what is proved that is also completely my decision and now I don’t want to give any further clarification did you got that
Aliya: fine then I don’t want to live with him I will leave from here just now
Sarla came: you can not
Aliya: and may I ask why is it so
Sarla: until my son proved innocent no one can leave this house Shanaya had made you all hostage you all are prisoned within your mansion and until this case gets solved you all will be here
Shanaya: thank you Sarla ji now I think you get to know the reason
Aliya: what the hell now we are hostages this is totally crap damn it how can you do so (she yelled at her full voice)
Shanaya with a smirk: Mr. your sister shouts a lot are you sure her mental state is good just get it checked once
Aliya: I am perfectly fine
Shanaya: then cut the crap and listen to me more of aggressiveness will lead to suspect you more and if you want to stay out of that then do as I say otherwise it will get proved that you are the only one who killed her because after he left the room you was the only one who entered in it so it will become easy for me to prove that you are the only one who is murderer (in a very serious tone)
Aliya was stood numb as she knew that what she was saying was true she was the one who went in his room just after 10 minutes he left from there
Shanaya: listen carefully everyone you had to be in this house until I permit you to go out and if anyone wants to go then my assistant Bulbul will be with you and then Purab and Ronnie will keep an eye on every movement of yours that’s it now without wasting a minute get back to your rooms now
She said in a stern tone and everyone getting scared went back to their room Shanaya turned to Sarla
Shanaya: Sarla ji you may also leave Abhi you please cooperate Raj take care and do as I said okay because culprit is inside the house only
Saying so she left the room and Raj giving an assuring smile to Abhi left the place he went to his room and there as he opened the room his memories started to get fresh n up he moved ahead and looked at the picture which was kept on his side table he took it in his hands and a smile formed on his face remembering something from past
Flash back
Abhi made all the mess in the room and hidden all the books which Pragya used to read and she is getting mad on him
Pragya: this is the new way of troubling me Abhi take some decency and give my books back to me
Abhi making her more irritated: I will not give it to you as you are becoming book worm having this much books sometimes reference some time novels is it necessary to be with books every time
Pragya: you always use to get busy with music did I said anything to you no right!! Then why the hell are you troubling me like this
Abhi: because I can’t live with a worm
Pragya: did you just called me worm
Abhi: I think so
Pragya: Abhi this is too much
Abhi: I don’t know abou too much three much magarmachh
Pragya: ugh you are such a …
Abhi: I am handsome I know that very well thank you so much
Pragya in anger: if you keep behaving like this na I am sure I will kill you and then make myself hang
Abhi laughed: then also I will trouble you as that time we both will be a ghost even death can’t make you escape from me
Pragya smiled helplessly: you can’t change
Abhi nodded in no like a kid she laughed and pulled his cheeks
Flashback ends
A lone tear escapes from his eye and he kept the picture back BG plays
Jaan banke koi jaan le jaata hai (Someone becomes your life and takes your life)
Ho gayi kya khatta (What wrong have I done)
Milke tanhai ka dard de jaata hai (You get the pain of isolation after meeting them)
Ho gayi kya khatta (What wrong have I done)
Dil joh chahe kar na sake (I’m not able to do what my heart wants)
Chah ke bhi mar na sake (I’m not able to die even when I want to)
Dil na lagate toh acha tha (It would’ve been better if you didn’t love me)
Na tadpate toh acha tha (It would’ve been better if you didn’t torment me)
Ab dil ko kya samjhana (Now there’s nothing to explain to the heart)
Humko deewana kar gaye (you made me crazy)

to be continued…

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