My Wife’s Murderer final shot, shot 10 (Ten shots) (KKB)

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Nikhil: I don’t know who is that person but we all were just slaves original player is someone else who is still hidden behind the curtain and only Tanu was aware of that person, now she is no more
Shanaya smirked: Your work is done Mr. Nikhil now who so ever it was, its our work to search him or her out and believe me I will never let that person stay calmly
Cops took Nikhil to the prison and then Purab said
Purab: Mam but how will we find out about that person it is too hard now the more close we are getting to solve the case the more far we are finding our self
Shanaya: this time not Purab because this time we know it that the peroson behind all this is from Abishek’s family only by the way Purab How is Abhishek now
Purab being irked: why you are asking about him he is alright don’t worry about him doctor said that he is fine as the bullet just touched his back while he saved both of us
Shanaya: It’s my duty to ask about the person who was injured because of us and more than that who got injured while saving us
Purab: not us madam but you understand he only saved you and stop getting attracted towards him as he is just a person whose case have to be solved by you
Shanaya: Cut the crap Purab don’t assume anything okay
saying so she went from there in rage

Few hours later
Shanaya was working on her laptop so seriously when the light click sound echoed in the room she looked at the direction from where the sound was occoured, It was Purab who was came in
Purab: Mam
Shanaya: come in Purab
Purab: did you saw that file which I have brought for you
Shanaya: Yes Purab and thank you for bringing that as I know now who can be the culprit
Purab: but how
Shanaya who was busy in her laptop suddenly smiled and said with a smirk: Now Pragya will tell everything Purab let her come back
Purab: Pragya!!! but she is dead then how will she
Shanaya: just wait for tomorrow you will get to know for sure
screen freezed on her face

after few hours
Shanaya was stood near the window of her room all lost in thoughts what ever happened in past few hours all the scenario was roaming around her she was remembering how Abhi said to her
Shanaya: Abhi I said stop it!!
Abhi: No Shanaya I will not He snatched my everything from me Shanaya I won’t leave him she was my only world as she was the only one who was loyal to me when even my family wasn’t there for me to support she was there when everyone were in a thought to betray me she was there with me who was the only one I was having as a true relation Shanaya I am all alone now and that also because of this man she must have experienced an unbearable pain for sure he did so much with her I was there who saw her painful death Shanaya my family members just saw her body which was dead but I saw those deep cuts over head and face those lesions it wasn’t easy to look her in that state my whole world was spinning around me Shanaya that oozing blood from her wounds those blue marks over her hand were clearly showing that pain was there, more than the pain of torture she must have shouted in pain also but no one was there to hear she must have cried but no one was there Shanaya and she must have cried continuously must have tried to protest but this man he never let her take a breath”
Flashback ends

Shanaya thinks: which feeling is that which was filled in his eyes first he was all numb didn’t spoke a word against anyone and even accepted the punishment for that crime which he didn’t even committed which kind of person is this, I have seen many love stories and many person in rage whenever something like that happened people lose there temper in that situation but he was all lost I have seen him when he was in jail never ever said anything to anyone just was lost in himself which kind of love is this, in which person lose himself
And the night spent in such thoughts of her

After few days In Mehra Mansion
Everyone were having their breakfast, few faces were sad and few were effect less as usual and the faces which were sad were of Raj, Dadi and Dasi rest of them were behaving as if nothing has happened but their expressions got changed when they saw someone entering to the mansion and everyone’s faces turned into blue as if they have seen a ghost Abhi’s eyes were filled with tears looking at the person he wasn’t able to belive who was in front of him… and when Dadi called him he came back into senses and saw that the person was really in front of him he didn’t thought anything else just went and hugged the person it was none other than Pragya he hugged her with full emotions and tears welled up in her eyes too
Abhi: You are alive but how !!! (cupping her face a smile with tears) Oh leave it doesn’t matters you are alive that matters must be they have mistaken you are dead right!! and you escaped from that morgue room right!!!! (looking as if he got everything whih was lost and nothing is left to get he hugged her back again)
All the family members also joined them
Dadi: Pragya you are alive or you are someone else who is in the face of Pragya just tell me (with a bit serious tone)
Abhi being excited: what are you saying dadi!!! of course she is Pragya see that’s why she came back to me na
Mitali: she is not Pragya she is con for sure who came here with the face of Pragya
Pragya: why are you having doubt over me Bhabhi I am Pragya
Miltali: It is impossible Pragya can’t be alive
Tai ji: we have seen her dead body and did the final rituals too
Pragya: I was escaped
Tai ji: Impossible we have checked on our self she was died
Pragya with a smirk: why are you questioning me when I said that I am Pragya then I am understand
Miltali with a rage: This is impossible Pragya can’t be alive we Had make sure that she is died
Pragya: you were sure that I am dead but how
Tai ji: she was our daughter-in-law we know very well about her
Dadi: why you both are getting angry over her !!! it happens sometime that we misunderstand someone is dead when they are alive
Pragya with a smirk: A person gets angry to such an extent when their planning is spoilt Dadi
Mitali: what do you think that I am getting angry because I have failed in my plan
Pragya: I never said so but you are saying it yourself
Taiji: You are mad our plan can never be failed
Dadi: about which plan you are talking Mitali
Taiji realising what they just blabbered
Tai ji: wo.. wo.. nothing mummy ji we just blabbered
Pragya: you said the truth Bhabhi and Tai ji because in anger people either harm someone or blabber the truth
Abhi being shocked: Bhabhi!!! Tai ji!! you did it!!
Pragya: Purab come in
Purab: yes mam

Abhi being confused: what is going on here and Pragya why is he calling Mam to you
Pragya: okay let me clear confusions here
she forward her hand towards her face and very next moment Abhi was shattered as it was Shanaya who used Mask of Pragya’s face
Shanaya: Purab arrest them and I am sorry Mr Abhishek I will tell you everything but it’s time to listen the reason behind all of those incidents (turned to Mitali) now spill everything Mrs. Raj Mehra
Mitali sensing that there is no other option left said everything
Mitali: Pragya was becoming trouble for us specially for me that’s why I did that everyone were concerned for her everytime everyone were just having one name in thier mind which was Pragya once I was the one who was special in this home but from the moment she came I just became a normal person
Tai ji : not even she I also, My son was the one who was very responsible in the mansion working day and night to ful fill every responsibilty even when Abhi left working and was tensed for the loans my son was the one helped him but no one noticed that
Mitali: this was the reason I hired Tanu to create misunderstandings in mid of them but every plan was getting failed because Abhi always managed to clear her misunderstandings so I thought to hire someone who can do more than that, so I just changed my plan and rather than making their lives hell I decided to do fraud in their comapny so I hired Nikhil for that and he was doing everything perfectly but then came a twist in a tale Dadi made her will
Taiji: and wrote everything in the name of the hier of Abhishek who so ever it will be whether it will be a daughter or son this whole property will belong to them only
Mitali: No share for our kids or Raj she always discriminated in mid of Raj and Abhi
Dadi: i did that because everything is made by Abhi only and Raj’s property will be of your kids Mitali none of us have right on that
MItali: still… it was your right to distribute equally so that’s why I asked Tanu to kill her child when she was pregnant but every attempt got failed as Abhi was there everytime and winning with the time she gave birth to a baby too I asked her to kill that baby but that Idiot Tanu, emotions of motherhood ran through her nerves and she being an idiot lady saved that girl and gave it to one orphanage and Pragya got immersed in pain of losing a child and everyone was feeling emotional towards her pain it was not acceptable by anyone of us neither of maa ji nor by me so we decided to play our final card
Tai ji: we put a myth in her mind that Abhi’s life is under threat and said that one of the family member is planning to kill him for that will and his property
Mitali: we called Vijay a serial killer and asked him to threat Pragya on the name of Abhi and she got trapped in our trap after that whatever happened you know it very well Vijay came to threat her but that idiot beside threating her tried to rape her too and this got worst
Tai ji: case was solved our every problem was solved just one thing was left and that was the file in which that will was, she hide it somewhere and we must have find it out but my stupid son get him bailed and the case got reopened and our every hope got buried
Shanaya: well planned ladies but you did one mistake know what Mitali!!! you came that day to ask me that Whether I found anything or not, this led me to doubt over you as your face was showing an unkown worry and calmness too in that situation of tension and that doubt turned into believe when I finally got that file which was leading to everyone’s death when ALiya told about Tanu you was the only one showing ignoring expressions and as she told you gestured someone who was out of police station to go and that person went and killed Tanu then you threatened Nikhil as he was aware of that file but luckily he escaped from there and then you tried to kill ALiya by sending a person in police uniform but your hired person did one mistake he tried to give threat to me which is next to impossible so he got caught and then told everything to me and your smartness is something to be saluted because you never shown him your face too whenever you met him your face was covered but he told me that two ladies are behind that I was wondering who could they be so to confirm only one way was left and that was returning of Pragya so I asked one of my friend, to tell about the ways and then I got to know about silicon Masks which looks exactly like a human face and sent him Pragya’s photograph and the mask was with me and my every doubt turned into reality and the case is solved now I am sorry Abhishek I never wanted to hurt you but it was necessary
Abhi was all shattered after knowing the truth and loss of words too then he said to Shanaya “Thank you Shanaya” She smiled and said “Not so soon Abhishek one more work is left to do meet me at evening You will get a surprise” she gave one address to him and went from there taking culprits with her here Dadi tried to console Abhi in return he said “Dadi wealth is true enemy of everyone and in my case it was really true” Dadi hugged him tightly and screen shifted towards Shanaya she was driving back to police station and flashes of past moments were getting into her mind how Abhi came and hugged her imagining Pragya

At evening
Abhi reached at the address where Shanaya called him it was an orphanage he entered and found Shanaya seated on a bench and looking at some kids playing
Abhi: Shanaya why you called me here what happened!!!
Shanaya getting back into senses: Oh Abhishek you came !!! well I called you as someone is here to meet you
Abhi: to meet me!!!
Shanaya nodded in yes: Wait here
she went and came back with a baby girl whose age was approximately two years and Abhi didn’t wasted time to think that it was his daughter
Shanaya smiled and said to the child: Aayat see here Papa is
and handed over the girl to him Abhi was totally lost in her as those small hands were spreaded gesturing to take her and cute big eyes with bubbly cheeks he whsipered her name again “Aayat”
Shanaya: This name is given by some kids here as they thought that she is wished by someone and we found her so easily as Tanu was coming here time to time to look after her well being and those papers help us to reach here
Abhi with tears: Thank you so much Shanaya I will never forget this thank you so much
Shanaya smilingly: It is my duty Abhishek just stay happy now
Abhi nodded and again whispered her name “Aayat my Aayat our Aayat” Shanaya moved from there and Abhi felt a hand over his shoulder he was imagining as Pragya was infront of him and she is resting her head over his shoulder and BG plays
Badle raaste jharne aur nadi, (Roads, falls and river may change their course)
Badle deep ki tim tim (Radiance of lamps may change)
Chhede zindagi dhun koi nayi, (Life may initiate a new tune)
Badle barkha ki rim jhim (Raindrops may hum a different note)
Badlengi rituyen adaa (Seasons will change their style)
Par main rahoongi sada (But, I will remain forever)
Usi tarah teri bahon mein bahen daalke (In your embrace, like always..)
Har lamha Har pal (Each moment each second )
He smiled and make Aayat swing in his arms in return she smiled and then screen shifted towards Shanaya she was standing far from him looking him happily and unknownly she was smiling looking at him


Shanaya was feeling something was that feeling right, she was getting attracted towards Abhi was that attraction right??? Do one story ended without getting started ?? it is to be answered by you, let’s see your different opinion what you guys think and will return with SOF soon till then bye bye

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